1. Doc Johnson Textured 1 Extra Inch Penis Extender with Ball Loop

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      1. Doc Johnson Textured 1 Extra Inch Penis Extender with Ball Loop

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    1. Product Description

      This intensely textured penis extender gives you the opportunity to thrill your partner like never before. A stretchy sleeve with an inch-thick bulbous head and super-soft protruding nubs delivers delicious sensations, and heightens penetrative pleasure.

      The stretchy sleeve is comfortable to wear and has a handy over-the-balls loop for a secure fit.

      Use with plenty of water-based lube inside and out for the most heightened sensations.

      Key Features:

      • A stretchy penis extension sleeve offers an inch extra in length
      • Bulbous head and sleeve add extra girth
      • Soft pleasure nubs line the length of the extender for supreme stimulation for your partner
      • The stretchy ball loop keeps the toy in place for care-free fun during play
      • Clear material for added visual stimulation during wear

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      Doc Johnson Textured 1 Extra Inch Penis Extender with Ball Loop 1 2 out of 5 stars 2 out of 5

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      1. Doc Johnson Textured 1 Extra Inch Penis Extender with Ball Loop
      2. Doc Johnson Textured 1 Extra Inch Penis Extender with Ball Loop


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    1. Doc Johnson Textured 1 Inch Penis Extender with Ball Loop (Clear)

      Reviewed: October 7, 2017 by Milf+Dilf, a Straight Married Male

      With being out of the tester game for a while, due to some life struggles, we were delighted to hear that we had been chosen to test the Doc Johnson Textured 1 Inch Penis Extender with Ball Loop (Clear), so thanks, Leanne and Lovehoney.

      Having tried a couple of other extenders in the past, we had been rather underwhelmed and thought that extenders were a great idea on paper, but not very practical in real life. With hubby being a bit above average on the girth front, previous extenders with Hubby inside became extremely thick (one measured 8.5 inches around with Hubby in, Wifey's words 'Not going to fit' and it didn't). However, the pics for this looked a lot less intimidating and the added ticklers gave us a sense of intrigue.

      Once the package arrived, in the usual discreet manner, Hubby, like the child that he is, sneaked up the stairs to have a little peek at our new bedtime buddy. With little ones around we would have to pick out time to use but the initial report was a resounding plus. Hubby remarked that the head was very bulbous and was firm yet squidgy. The body of the extender was also very stretchy and not overly thick, so when stretched over his cock would add a little girth but not too much. The ticklers were soft yet very flexible and this was something we were both excited about.

      So after a couple of tiresome days, we finally got to road test the item for real. After a little fumble around to get Hubby standing to attention and a little lube applied, he was ready to go in! The extender is so stretchy we found you could almost turn it completely inside out and place Hubby's cock head right into the tip before rolling back down his shaft. Once in place, the ball loop was put on and we were ready for action. The first reaction Hubby had was that not being very long internally once the ball loop was on it squeezed his cock back on itself and he worried this would make him lose his erection, thankfully it didn't. With a dollop of lube all over insertion was imminent.

      The actual experience wasn't great for either, to be honest, but a few tweaks here and there might make this a great toy for both. Once fed into to Wifey right to the base she loved the extra length and added fullness, however, once Hubby began thrusting the ticklers were too much for Wifey, which she commented that they felt like lightly scraping her pussy walls. A big let down on the tickler front for us as we were both excited by this aspect, but others may enjoy this sensation. Like true troopers tho we kept going and as wifey got nearer to orgasm she said it wasn't as uncomfortable as it was at the start, and she managed to cum. A telltale sign was when Hubby took off the extender to finish himself off and entered Wifey, she exclaimed 'much better!'

      To summarise, this was a well-built toy, and for someone who likes ticklers internally (which is a totally different sensation than on the clit) then this may be a great toy for you. Had it been smooth Wifey would have loved it, had it been a couple of inches longer internally Hubby would have been more approving. Maybe Hubby can re-engineer it and remove the ticklers for a second attempt, but in its current state will probably just collect dust in our collection.

      In the end not for us, but that's not to say not for others.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      Well made, just not to our taste.
      Ticklers not the sensation Wifey likes, it turns out.
      Bottom line
      Not for us but read through and decide if it's for you.
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