1. Kinklab Electro-Whip NeonWand Flogger Attachment

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      1. Kinklab Electro-Whip NeonWand Flogger Attachment

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    1. Product Description

      Upgrade your Kinklab E-Stim NeonWand with this brand new attachment. Unlike the glass attachments which come with your wand, this silicone rubber flogger likes it rough! Add it to your wand to deliver widespread spanks with added electrical zaps.

      A set of 8 x 12 inch fronds flex and wrap around your subs butt and thighs for maximum contact, while transmitting your choice of electrical current for extra punishment.

      Remember: E-Stim toys should only ever be used below the waist and NEVER across the chest, face or head.

      This attachment is only compatible with the Kinklab NeonWand. Sold separately.

      Key Features:

      • Kinklab flogger electro-attachment for versatile e-stim play
      • 8 x highly conductive silicone rubber fronds offer widespread effective stimulation
      • Combines spanking and e-stim for a rare erotic treat
      • Only compatible with the Kinklab NeonWand
      • Always read the safety instructions completely before use
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      1. Kinklab Electro-Whip NeonWand Flogger Attachment
      2. Kinklab Electro-Whip NeonWand Flogger Attachment


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    1. Whip Crack? More like Whip Crackle

      Reviewed: October 17, 2017 by Shadow Collector

      So, you’ve bought yourself a Kinklab NeonWand Electrosex Violet Wand, loved it and decided that you’d like to upgrade your collection with a few more attachments? Well, if you’re after something a bit beyond the ‘entry level’ then look no further! The Kinklab Electro-Whip NeonWand Flogger Attachment takes your Violet Wand and adds a whole new dimension of intensity!

      I’ll admit that the packaging did not inspire confidence in me when I first saw the product (nudity on things like that always seem a bit cheap to me), but as soon as it was out of the box that was a distant memory, and far from a make-or-break factor.

      The attachment itself is incredibly sturdy and well made, consisting of eight silicone tails that attach to a tapered metal base. It attaches to the Kinklab Violet Wand incredibly easily when inserted and in the entire time it was in use showed no sign of coming loose, despite a creative range of soft and hard motions being tested out.

      The sensation that it gives during play is incredibly varied based on the intensity you set the wand to at the knob. You can achieve anything from the mildest tickling to a tear-jerking shock with no more effort than it takes to turn a dial. Not only that, but the nature of flogger designs lend themselves perfectly to flexible play, and combining this with E-Stim only accentuates this asset. You can go for anything from a light brush to a stinging thwack, and both the sensation of impact and the electrical current will change completely dependent on how you choose to wield the attachment. I have never in my life felt such a range of sensations from a sex toy than I did from this little flogger.

      Don’t let its relatively unassuming appearance fool you, wielded by a sadist it packs more of a punch than Muhammad Ali in a fury. How bad, you ask? At one point, it singed my arm hair. No joke. That’s the level of intensity we’re talking about at its highest levels.

      Not only does it feel fantastic, but nothing has nearly as satisfying a sound to it as the audible crackle of a violet wand. The sounds it makes alone can be a huge turn-on and a psychological psyche-out all in one!

      Cleaning it is as easy as you can get, both the silicone strips and the metal base are non-porous and lend themselves to cleaning wipes or soapy water perfectly. This should go without saying, but just make sure it’s completely dry before you attempt to use it again. Electricity and water don’t make for a pleasant combination.

      I’d recommend the Kinklab NeonWand Flogger to any new/middling E-Stim enthusiast looking to kick their collection up a notch. It’s a versatile, well made implement that can elicit any number of responses dependant on how you choose to use it. I cannot sing its praises loud enough, and cannot imagine anyone who liked their NeonWand not adoring this brilliant upgrade.

      We’ve covered packaging, cleaning, use and sensations. Now I will leave you with one small piece of parting advice; if you have conductive body piercings, take them out before you start playing. Just trust me on this one: I like pain and all, but that is not the way to go about it!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Broad range of intense sensations.
      Packaging is a little tacky.
      Bottom line
      Just get it, guys. You know you want to!
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