1. We-Vibe Gala Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Vibrator

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      1. We-Vibe Gala Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Want all-engulfing pleasure? Gala's long, smooth tips with twin motors surround your sweetest spot for intense, all-encompassing stimulation. Feel We-Vibe's signature range of vibrations, or explore the limitless possibilities via the app.

      The beautifully designed external vibrator is crafted for intense clitoral stimulation thanks to its powerful pleasure tips which each house a motor.

      The silken silicone feels incredibly soft to the touch and glides over your external hotspots with blissful ease.

      Explore the 10 vibration levels through the easy 3 button interface, or connect with the We-connect app to customize your own vibes.

      Waterproof and chargeable via USB, this toy is great for on-the-go playtime anywhere in the world.

      We-Vibe® has partnered with tech company Feel Technology and uses the Feel Performer app to enable interactive sessions between performers and their fans. This is the same innovative technology used with Kiirroo products.

      All Bluetooth® enabled We-Vibe products are compatible with this interactive platform.

      Key Features:

      • Rumbly, whisper-quiet clitoral vibrator for intense external satisfaction
      • Twin pleasure tips have separate motors for all-engulfing stimulation
      • User-friendly 3 button interface with multiple vibration patterns and intensities
      • Use with the free We-Connect™ app to explore limitless combinations and control from anywhere
      • 100% waterproof for aquatic adventures and easy cleaning
      • USB rechargeable, Gala lasts for up to 2 hours of play on a single charge

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    1. We-Vibe Gala USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      Want all-engulfing pleasure? Gala's long, soft tips with twin motors surround your sweetest spot for intense, all-encompassing stimulation. Feel We-Vibe's signature variety of vibrations, or explore the limitless possibilities via the app.

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      We-Vibe Gala Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Vibrator 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. We-Vibe Gala Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Vibrator
      2. We-Vibe Gala Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Vibrator


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    1. Quite powerful and orgasmic

      Reviewed: May 2, 2018 by jodielawsonx, a Straight Engaged Female

      As always, Lovehoney was spot on with their super fast delivery. And in plain packaging - Mr Postman won't know what's inside my box of naughty goodies!

      I could ramble on and on about this nifty little toy, will try to keep this review on the shorter side (could write a book).

      This toy came in lovely packaging, very well made and did not take long to charge. Love the colour, feel and sturdiness of this toy. Not to forget you never need to buy batteries and a handy satin storage bag.

      Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty, I recommend some lube before you get started, makes the whole experience a lot smoother, the main part of the gala which looks like your classic rabbit ears are super powerful and glide over your clitoris perfectly. You can control the vibrations yourself manually or via the app, whatever is easier for you, I tend to stick with the app - when you hit that sweet spot and don't want to remove the toy to change the power, you get me, girls?! Now down the big O, yes it was a very big one, this made me squirt, Amazing. I shall be using Gala in the shower next time as she is waterproof!

      The app is easy to understand and download via your app store you need to sync your toy to this to activate it and is simple to connect to your other half , they need the app too so just remember to set this up before hand. there is tutorials online if you are unsure but I am sure you won't need too , its self explanatory.

      FANTASTIC for couples and even more if your partner works away, They can control the speed it has ten different settings to go through , no doubt you partner goes to the fastest like mine lol.

      To sum it up , top quality toy , worth every penny , super quite and gives an explosive ending!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Vibrations. The added app for couple play and the big O.
      The charger is a big fiddly, don't touch it once charging!
      Bottom line
      This is the toy is super powerful and fun for couples or solo!
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    1. Rumbly

      Reviewed: December 10, 2017 by Lorah13, a Straight Married Female

      I’m very grateful to have been given the chance to test and review the We-Vibe Gala. I own a couple of other we vibe toys and love how rumbly they are so I had high expectations for the Gala and I wasn’t entirely let down.

      It comes neatly packaged in a tasteful box, which might I add shows a picture of the toy coloured in a purple/pink ombre effect and even though I knew the toy inside was not this colour I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed as the ombre effect would be stunning. Anyway, the toy comes with a charging cable, instruction manual and storage bag. Unfortunately, the charging method for the Gala is magnetic which forever pains me as it’s so easy to knock off accidentally. Charging fully for the first time didn’t take as long as I thought it would and a full charge should last for 2 hours.

      Being a fan of clitoral stimulation I’ve tried my fair share of clit stim toys but I’d never tried one shaped like the Gala before. The Gala is like the classic pebble shape except it splits into two prongs at the tip. As is expected of We-Vibe the Gala is covered in the softest smoothest silicone that feels so luxurious to touch. Its flat design makes it easy to use as part of a couple but the shape also fits snuggly in the hand making it easy and comfortable to use.

      There is a motor in each prong and the vibrations are so rumbly however I found that the first couple although rumbly were very weak; much too weak to do anything for me and as such I found myself cranking it up quite high from the offset. There are 10 different intensities and pattern settings although there isn’t much between the last couple of speeds. The controls are on the top of the toy and are simply three buttons, + for on and increasing speed, - for off and decreasing speed and a middle control button for changing through patterns and also for connecting to the app. The buttons are well placed and are raised enough to make them easy to find.

      The We-Vibe Gala connects to the We-Vibe app which I love. I already had the app set up for use with my We-Vibe 4 so found connecting the Gala easy enough. Simply click pair we vibe on the app and hold in the control button for a couple of seconds until it buzzes twice then you should see the screen saying connecting and after a few seconds you should have success and be able to control the toy from your phone. The thing I love about the app is that not only can you create your own vibration patterns but you can also control both motors independently. You can of course also hand over the reigns to your partner which makes things exciting. Also, it works long distance so if your partner has the app you can pass control to your ‘lover’ when they request it and then they can control the toy from their phone wherever they may be in the world, it really is cool and perfect for people in long distance relationships.

      I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the Gala. The shape doesn’t entirely work well for me as the prongs are just too thick to fit snugly around my clitoris where I need them and it can take me quite a while to get comfortable with it and also like I said before, the lower settings are much too weak and do nothing. However, when I do find a good position, usually with one prong actually on my clitoris, and I crank up the vibrations I absolutely love how deep and rumbly the vibrations are and the orgasms I then achieve are the long, intense types that I just ride out like a wave and it is glorious. Cleaning is also a doddle as the toy is completely waterproof which is also a huge plus.

      Unfortunately, the frustration of taking so long to find a good position with this toy means I probably won’t reach for it as often I would others even though the orgasm I end up with is great it’s just a lot of effort to get there. I think a toy such as the We-Vibe Wish would be better suited to my personal needs as it’s a complete pebble shape rather than pronged and I will probably avoid the pronged clit stim vibes in the future. That being said it still is a good toy and I would still recommend it as although it didn’t work with my anatomy perfectly it may well be perfect for yours so don’t hesitate to give it a go, the rumbly vibes won’t disappoint.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The deep rumbly vibrations and soft, smooth silicone
      Prongs too thick for me
      Bottom line
      Great vibrations from a well made toy
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    1. There's Better Sex Toys Out There

      Reviewed: December 13, 2017 by Couple looking to spice things up, a Straight Married Female

      I first came (excuse the pun) across the We-Vibe brand when I was in need of a new bullet vibe. There was no doubt We-Vibe's Tango was highly rated and in fact still is now but in the sex toy market there's away room for something bigger and better, right? We-Vibe obviously think so as they've released the Gala.

      Complete with not one but two pinpoint pleasure producing tips, each with a separate motor, surely the Gala was a clit contender toy of the year. Thanks to Lovehoney's generosity I was about to find out. Talk about Christmas coming early.

      Arriving in a sophisticated, sleek and beautifully illustrated box there's not an ounce of sleaze or sniff of pornographer. This way of doing packaging certainly puts you at ease. Inside the box you'll find a user manual, charging cable and a storage bag.

      Getting my hands on the We-Vibe Gala I couldn't help but think Lovehoney's happy Rabbit ears and We-vibe's Wish had hooked up, did the the deed and the Gala was the result. Can sex toy have babies? I don't know, but check out the similarities for yourself.

      Neither rabbit ears or a pebble shape are completely original for clitoral toys but what I wasn't expecting was a deep indentation at the back of this one. Basically it looks like it's been in an accident, run over perhaps. I'm sure it actually hasn't as the toy is flawless so it must be intentional. The rather odd shape certainly makes it comfortable to hold anyway. It's pink girly colour and body-safe, super smooth silicone are to be applauded in my opinion.

      If you've read the product description you'll know this toy is app compatible. I already have the We-Vibe app on my iPhone 6 Plus, so linking this new toy couldn't have been simpler. Anybody familiar with a smart phone should find downloading the app a very simple task.

      The app is great! Downloading it opens up a wide range of new possibilities as you can tailor a speed,intensity and pattern to your personal liking. I have always found it works reliably, which might not sound a big deal, but honestly it is a relief as who wants their toy to give up the ghost mid play?! Erm nobody.

      Ah, onto charging then to make sure the battery won't be responsible for play time being cut short. The charger is a USB/magnetic affair and for me this is the biggest let down with this toy. The USB end, I doubt anybody living in the modern world would struggle to find a suitable port. But the magnets, well, any movement and you'll go back ready to use your toy only to be disappointed. The magnets just don't seem that strong so it really must be charged somewhere it isn't going to be disturbed, easier said than done!

      Once I did get it fully charged I discovered the Gala doesn't fail to provide a wonderful rumbly vibration that I like, I want, I need. I'll be honest there's simply not the jaw dropping, immediate, intense power that you get with Tango. Somewhat a power queen I wasn't jumping for joy, however, a couple of pressing on the plus button later and my interest was soon pipped as I could now feel more va-va-voom.

      In use though I was a little frustrated to discover the ears/pleasure points are rather stiff. Manipulating them to fit around the clitoris isn't a walk in the park. It's actually easier to position just one on top of your clitoris which to me defeats the whole point of having TWO pleasure tips!

      Now do you remember that indentation I mentioned earlier? Well it seems if you place this against your pubic bone, pleasure tips towards your toes it's a perfect fit. The curved back is perfectly sculpted to aid precise clitoral stimulation. As long as you don't get too over excited you can be hands free meaning there's no pesty traveling vibrations into ones fingertips.

      Something else to do a Yabadabadoo for is that this toy is quiet - no I mean seriously quiet. Nothing more than a little buzzing sound even on the higher setting. Even on full throttle it could be over shadowed by a mouse. So, if you can forgive the pesky charger, stiff ears and are looking for a quiet toy read on.

      Cleaning couldn't be simpler. Being 100% waterproof really is fabulous as you don't have to be careful of liquids whilst using or maintaining the toy. Lube it up to your heart's content. Just remember not to use a silicone based one as it could deface the toy. I'd also recommend investing in good sex toy cleaner such as Lovehoney's own brand.

      To sum up. If you have a need for an app compatible toy and favour softer, gentler vibrations I'd suggest investing in a We-Vibe Wish. If you need power but aren't bothered about the app save a few pennies and opt to buy a We-vibe Tango instead. This toy has a lot of positives but I just couldn't get along with the 'ears' as they're meant to be used and I don't think I'll be alone.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Amazing quality, quiet, looks good.
      Pesky charger, pleasure points too stiff.
      Bottom line
      I personally wouldn't recommend.
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