1. Midnight Curfew Princess Costume Bralette and G-String Set

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      1. Midnight Curfew Princess Costume Bralette and G-String Set

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    1. Product Description

      Capture your lover's undivided attention when you enter the room in this skimpy bralette, strappy G-string and matching garter. This barely there version of the ball dress you've always dreamed of will have both of you hurrying home long before midnight.

      Slip on a pair of sky-high heels (glass slippers optional) and perfect your best curtsy.

      Key Features:

      • Fantasy fairytale princess lingerie set with lace bralette, strappy G-string and garter
      • G-string features sheer lace for a teasing glimpse of your intimate area
      • Elasticized straps to the G-string flatter your back and hips
      • Bra top features sheer triangle cups with boob-framing straps and lace collar
      • Bralette ties at the back for easy adjustment
      • Lace garter provides a playful finishing touch
      • Perfect for role play fun and burlesque

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Midnight Curfew Princess Costume Bralette and G-String Set 4 2 out of 5 stars 2 out of 5

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      1. Midnight Curfew Princess Costume Bralette and G-String Set
      2. Midnight Curfew Princess Costume Bralette and G-String Set

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    1. Fairy Godmothers weren't feeling it

      Reviewed: March 9, 2018 by disneylovers

      Thank you, Lovehoney for sending this in exchanges for an honest review! Arrived discreetly and on time as always!

      In the image, this looks amazing, everything fits perfectly and oddly her arm is across one of the bra cups which leads me to the biggest dislike of the product, a giant label that is sewn into the middle of the cup. For £29.99 I would not expect this, the placement and size should be much better, as being lace, the label shows through. While you could argue that it could just be cut off, it feels like a big let down that something this expensive, overlooked something that ruins the look of the bra.

      The fit of the cups is pretty decent, but in no way supportive and if your breasts are a bit on the larger side, you may find them spilling out of the sides of the bra.

      The chocker piece looks nice but feels like they designed and modelled it for a giraffe as there is so much slacker that it crumples up on itself.

      Moving onto the G-string, this fits pretty well and apart from needing a masters degree to get into it, its one of the best things about this set. Being a bit curvier than the model in the picture did not cause any issues with the fit and it was very comfortable to wear.

      The garter is a nice added little bonus, there aren't any downsides to it and it does complete the set very well.

      In general, all the materials used are very soft and comfortable to wear, the quality of the stitching is great and feels like it will last a long time.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Soft materials, fits well and looks great.
      Chocker did not fit well and the label sewn into the bra.
      Bottom line
      Comfortable but far too expensive.
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    1. Not fit for a princess

      Reviewed: March 13, 2018 by NatandTom, a Straight Single Female

      It has been a while since I’ve dressed up as something other than a maid, student or nurse so I was eager to try something fresh and different to get some creativity back into our bedroom. I spotted this princess set up for testing recently and despite the previous reviews not being so positive, I liked the way it looked on the model and the colour looked beautiful so I decided to volunteer in the hopes of trying it out for myself.

      Arriving in a sleek cardboard pouch featuring a front and back shot of the outfit on a gorgeous model, the presentation was pleasant and first impressions were good. The three-piece set was protected inside by some plastic wrapping to keep it extra secure. I think this packaging is nice enough to be given as a gift as is, providing the rest of this review doesn’t put you off the idea of buying the set in the first place.

      Upon removing the set from the pouch, I immediately noticed a couple of things. The first was that the colour was more neon than I had expected it to be based on the shots on the website and box, and the second thing was the ridiculously large tags that had been placed on the bra and thong. Mapale should have either made them smaller and less obvious or found better placements for them as I needed to remove them before I could do anything else.

      I examined each piece of the set carefully and I couldn’t find any bad stitching or flaws but I can’t say I was completely won over in the quality department as that would be a lie. I own a ton of lingerie and it’s not often that I come across brands that let me down with the feel of their materials so I was disappointed to note that the lace used in this set felt itchy, uncomfortable and blatantly cheap. If I had ordered this set for myself, I wouldn’t be pleased that I had spent almost £30 on it.

      The thong was what I was most concerned about in terms of fit as this is typically the part of a set that I struggle with most. I received the small size in this costume and I wear a size four on my bottom half which is just below the given size range and the main reason behind my struggle. I was pleasantly surprised when I fought my way through the straps and pulled it on to discover that it fit perfectly. It stayed put, held up well and was not completely uncomfortable to wear.

      Next, I pulled on the accompanying garter and prayed that it would fit me as I loved the way it looked but sadly, it wasn’t right for me. I have a 15” thigh circumference and it felt/looked loose. It didn’t fall off but it wouldn’t stay in the right position which was disappointing. I had to wear it as high up on my thigh as it could possibly go in order for it to stay in place but this doesn’t look right and ends up throwing the whole aesthetic off balance. I think the garter is better suited to someone who has 17-18” inch thighs.

      Finally I tried on the bra and my initial thoughts were that it might just save this outfit and turn this review around, but I was proved wrong a few seconds later. I’ll share the positive features first which were the tie straps, as they can be adjusted as much as required, and the fact that the triangle cups can be slid across the strings to sit as desired. I opted to have mine closer together so that it wouldn’t emphasise my lack of chest, but people with a cleavage could opt to have the cups further apart if they wanted.

      There’s no bust support and I don’t think this was designed with small or large sizes in mind. It appears to be focused towards a few specific sizes in the B/C cup range. It also appears to have been designed with long-necked ladies in mind as this looked absolutely ridiculous on me. One of the main features of this set that caught my attention was the gorgeous lace collar in the front and this was the area that disappointed me the most.

      Mapale must have created this set with unrealistic figures or giraffes in mind as I don’t know anyone who has that much space between their neck and chest. It sat loose and unattractively across the bust, which does not have the desired effect at all. Unflattering is one word I’d use to describe the way that it looked and I’m not sure that it would actually sit properly on anyone who tried it on. Now that I’ve thought about it, even the model is covering part of the collar with her arm in each product photo, which makes me think it may not have even looked good on her.

      Overall, I’m sad to say that even though I went into this review with an open mind, I can’t help but agree with the previous posters. If it had been made with higher-quality lace, a shorter neck piece and a smaller garter then I think this outfit could have been great. It’s very sexy and does look good when put together but for me, the best part was the thong and that’s something I usually consider to be an afterthought. This was not a fairytale ending for me and I don’t think this set is fit for a princess at all.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      Adjustable ties on the bra, the thong fit well and the idea behind the set.
      Length of the collar, quality of the material, and fit of the garter.
      Bottom line
      I loved the idea of dressing as a princess but this outfit was not suitable.
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    1. Not fit for a princess

      Reviewed: March 6, 2018 by Skitty, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was very kindly sent this item to test and review – thank you, Lovehoney! As is always the case with items from Lovehoney, it arrived in discreet packaging and by a tracked delivery service so I knew when to expect my parcel.

      I had to try hard to keep an open mind with this item because I’d seen the first review which wasn’t exactly a glowing recommendation, so I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw the garment. I personally didn’t agree with the judgement that it was a garish colour so was relieved that at first glance everything seemed good!

      Everything’s pretty neat and well-made – no loose stitching or anything like that, but it does have huge labels stitched into both the knickers and the bra. With some careful snipping, I found it possible to take the label out of the knickers, which is lucky because they really wouldn’t be wearable without taking it out. The bra, however, was a different matter because it’s been stitched into the bra cup with stitching that keeps the bra together so you can’t remove that, and if you just cut the label, it leaves a noticeable chunk left inside the bra that you can’t get to because it’s on the inside of the lace so it’s totally inaccessible but still very visible because the lace is see-through. So that’s a pretty big slap in the face for a £29.99 item – I can’t believe it was made like this without anyone thinking “wait, that’s going to be pretty annoying and totally ruin the look of the whole outfit”. So I’ll say right now that if stuff like this bugs you, this is going to drive you crazy and you’ll need to open the bra cup out and sew it back together to get rid of it and who really wants to do that. Basically this is really not stuff you should be having to think about with an item of this price, it really cheapens the look and personally I would find it a complete deal-breaker. There is absolutely no way I would buy this item.

      So, let’s move onto other important stuff like sizing if my label gripes haven’t put you off! I got this in size L which is a UK 10-12. I’m a more pear-shaped size 10 and a 34C, and found that the bra cups are an okay fit – not at all supportive, but that’s what you expect with a lace cup tie fastening bra really. I wouldn’t say that it has much room for bigger breasts, but at the same time the sides under the armpits look baggy, so it’s not a very flattering fit. The choker part of it isn’t adjustable and I also find that this gapes as well and just doesn’t sit properly. It’s passable if you’re so set on being Cinder- ahem – Midnight Curfew Princess – that you don’t really care what it looks like, but that’s not exactly a great review of anything.

      The thong is another oddity about this set because the two higher straps that are mainly decorative and sit above the hips or on the waist are really elasticated, so they do sit really nicely and don’t dig in, but the lowest strap, the one that is properly functional and sits on the hip, isn’t stretchy at all. I find it slightly noticeable when I wear it but it doesn’t go quite as far as digging in, but I think the sizing is a bit smaller than I’d expected and it probably isn’t going to be comfortable on a size 12. I like the design of the knickers and they would be awesome if the main strap was the same material as the other straps – it would be pretty and comfortable.

      Until this set I’d never worn a garter that didn’t dig in, but this one is really generous sizing. The elastic is stretchy, and it sits in the right place and stays there, so that’s pretty awesome but obviously not enough to save this set at all.

      In terms of what my partners have thought about it on me, it’s a bit of a mixed bag with one being so blinded by the skimpiness of it that the flaws don’t stand out or he just didn’t care, and the other telling me that it looks like a bargain bin outfit and gasping when I told him the price. To be honest, I think that’s thoroughly fair – there is absolutely no way that this warrants a £29.99 price tag. It’s a nice idea but badly executed. I’m sorry to say it but this is definitely closer to post-midnight rags than magical princess lingerie.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      Nice design in theory, kind of pretty, garter fits.
      Label sewn into bra, small sizing on thong, baggy choker on bra.
      Bottom line
      Way too expensive for what it is.
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    1. Don't know about Ballgown, more like rags

      Reviewed: January 17, 2018 by Katie_S, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I was so excited when I came across these sexy princess costumes. As a huge Disney fan, I thought at last, a piece of lingerie which combines both my pleasures. I ordered both this one and the Belle costume, however, when I opened the box this morning I couldn't have been more disappointed!

      I ordered the size 6 as I'm fairly petite, with a 32B cleavage. When undoing the packaging I was expecting a beautiful light blue, but instead was greeted by a luminous highlighter blue, not classy at all. I then put on the bralette and discovered this costume only fits if you are very tall with a cleavage bigger than a 32B. Where I am not tall enough, the point where the cute lacey choker meets the middle of the bralette sags horribly. It does not fit flush across the skin like depicted in the picture. It also has a giant label in one of the boobs, which is incredibly uncomfortable and not aesthetically appealing. Could they not have found a more discreet place to put it, or at least somewhere you could easily cut it out? I never bothered to try on the G-string as the top half fitted so horribly I knew I would be sending it back.

      Such a shame, it looks like a real sexy and classy piece of lingerie, but unfortunately, depsite the small size, I'm still not tall enough or have big enough boobs to wear it.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      Too big. Uncomfortable material. Not true to sizing.
      Bottom line
      Not worth the money.
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