1. BASICS Anal Play Butt Plug Kit (4 Piece)

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars5 reviews

      Not sure which kind of anal toy is right for you? This 4-piece kit from BASICS enables you to try the 3 main types of butt plug shape to see which one you like the best, and an easy-to-use anal douche for getting prepped and ready for your first time.


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      1. BASICS Anal Play Butt Plug Kit (4 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Not sure which kind of anal toy is right for you? This 4-piece kit from BASICS enables you to try the 3 main types of butt plug shape to see which one you like the best, and an easy-to-use anal douche for getting prepped and ready for your first time.

      All three toys feature an insertable length of 4 inches, and a maximum girth of 3.25 inches.

      The anal douche nozzle measures 2.5 inches in insertable length, 0.5 inches in circumference, and the bulb holds 225ml of water.

      Don't forget to always use a good quality water-based anal lube for all anal exploration.

      Key Features:

      • 4-piece anal toy kit for versatile butt fun
      • Contains a BASICS butt plug, anal bead plug, prostate massager and anal douche
      • All 3 toys are tapered and smooth for easy insertion
      • Flared suction cup bases enable hands-free play and prevent over insertion
      • A perfect set for beginners thanks to non-intimidating sizes
    1. How it measures up

      • Base diameter: 2 inches
      • Base type: Flared with Suction
      • Circumference: 3.25 inches
      • Insertable Length: 4 inches
      • Length: 4.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Flexible
      • Material: PVC
      • Waterproof: Submersible

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    1. BASICS Anal Play Butt Plug Kit (4 Piece)

      Not sure which kind of anal toy is right for you? This 4-piece kit from BASICS enables you to try the 3 main types of butt plug shape to see which one you like the best, and an easy-to-use anal douche for getting prepped and ready for your first time.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      BASICS Anal Play Butt Plug Kit (4 Piece) 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. BASICS Anal Play Butt Plug Kit (4 Piece)
      2. BASICS Anal Play Butt Plug Kit (4 Piece)


    1. Great

      Reviewed: May 14, 2019 by LittleMonkey, a Straight Married Male

      I bought this for my wife and I ended up using it.

      Has everything you need to get started minus the lube, which I also purchased along side this (pjur lube and relaxing spray, both of which are a must).

      I had never had anything up my butt before, my wife said if you want to shove something up my butt let me shove something up yours so stubbornly I said yes and ended up enjoying it. It gave me a new feeling I had not experienced before and allowed me to explore it comfortably with my wife. It has introduced a new and exciting element to our sex life which we are enjoying together.

      Guys don't knock it until you try it, I always associated it with something that gay men do and to enjoy it you must be gay. But as a happily married straight man, I can say that's not true.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Good for beginners. Has multiple options. Suitable for men and women.
      Bottom line
      Don't knock it until you try it!
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    1. Great for beginners

      Reviewed: November 4, 2018 by 69ellie1992, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I was very excited to get this anal set to test as new to anal play. It came well packaged in the discreet brown box. I found this set very good and would recommend to anyone wanting to try anal play.

      I was very nervous to use the anal douche as never used one before but I like the idea of being clean before play so this is great. Would recommend before use to lube the tip to make it easier to insert. It was a strange sensation at first but by the time finished I felt a lot cleaner. I would recommend waiting a little while before doing anything. I would recommend a douche before any type of anal play as is a lot cleaner and would highly recommend this product.

      The slimline but plug it is made from PVC and is easy to lube up and use, it's perfect for a beginner and feels really nice when inside, especially when you grip around it was your muscles. The only problem I found is if you use to much lube or don’t grip tightly that it will sometimes come out. Other than that, it is really good, great for a beginner before moving onto something a bit bigger.

      The beaded butt plug I found great. It was not too big so made inserting easier as I'd not done a lot of anal play before. The beads start off small then get bigger which isn't intimidating. Myself and my partner really enjoyed this together and also solo play. Just remember to use plenty of lube.

      We saved the curved butt plug to last to try as I was a bit put off with the shape but I found it to be comfortable to use. It took a few tries to get in but didn’t do a lot for me. In personal opinion this would be better for men with it being curved.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Slim and easy to use.
      Bottom line
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Bottoms up

      Reviewed: October 13, 2018 by TandG, a Straight Married Male

      This box of exciting bum fun toys is just what any curious anal lovers must own.

      The products are of a great feel and quality. Make sure you own some good lube, Lovehoney do an awesome range.

      The arrival of the box came as a nice surprise. None of the toys or the douche appeared daunting or scary. Small compact items that were well secured in an appealing designed box.

      It was a great box full of awesome beginner toys. The douche I can’t really comment on as I’ve got to put my hands up and say I haven’t actually used this part of the box.

      The remaining actual anal toys though have each had a use. The basic plug is an enjoyable little plug which doesn’t stretch you but lets you know you’ve inserted something.

      The basic small beads are a little to close together and more like a ribbed plug. They’d be more enjoyable being slightly more spread out and a little longer in length.

      The basic curved plug was a very delightful item. I hope to buy a larger vibration version of this to enjoy at some stage as this one was my favourite part of the box.

      A great beginners kit, especially if you love or are interested in starting out in some anal fun.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The basic curved plug.
      The ribbed beads.
      Bottom line
      An awesome starter box for the anal adventurer.
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    1. First ever buy

      Reviewed: September 23, 2019 by redlover84, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This is the first Lovehoney product my partner and I have bought. We are pretty vanilla but were interested in anal play so we thought this would be the perfect place to start.

      When we opened up the box we were surprised by the sizes of the products, the plugs were smaller than expected which is okay considering we are new to this but it soon left us wanting more. The three different shapes give a good variety and we were excited to try them all. The douche is easy to use and holds a lot of water, however, takes some getting used to if you've never used one before.

      Overall I think this kit is a good intro to anal play and has confirmed our suspicions that this is an area we would like to explore more.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Silky smooth feel, three different shapes.
      Bottom line
      Good for beginners.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Ifs, not butts

      Reviewed: October 4, 2018 by In it together!, a Straight Married Male

      Though my wife and I have been experimenting with anal sex for many years, it's only recently that we've realised how intense that the experience can be with the inclusion of some exciting toys. We've sampled a few previously and they added a real sense of intensity and intimacy into our lives and so we were thrilled by the idea of trying out this Anal Play Discovery Butt Plug Set.

      To begin, the toys look fantastic and are very appealing. The pink and purple shades complement the shapes of the plugs which makes you all the more eager to sample them. And so sample them we did! I will go through the respective items in the set individually.

      The Douche: Neither of us had used a douche before and so this was intriguing to try out. Having followed the clear instructions on the box, I went to work. It was straightforward to suck in the water, and once the lube was applied, the insertion was simple due to the slim nature of the device. Seconds later there was a great internal flushing sensation. This seemed to work appropriately though oddly I felt a little more unclean afterwards. My wife was also worried that the suction afterwards could lead to the spread of germs and difficulties cleaning the device. I'm not convinced that either of us will use this in future.

      Prostate massager: This was the item that I was particularly excited about sampling and once a helping of lube had been applied I found a comfortable position and gradually eased in the plug. It was a comfortable size, though once fully inserted I felt that I would enjoy a thicker, longer massager. I spent time manoeuvring the plug around but found it difficult to truly connect with the prostate. Controlling the direction of the curve was not easy due to having the suction cup at its base. I would personally have found it more beneficial to have a finger loop at the bottom that I could use to direct the toy to more pleasurable areas. My wife also tried to find ways of assisting; though in the end, neither of us could help me find the heavenly illusive prostate massage that I am desperate to experience.

      Standard butt plug: I found this to be very pleasurable on insertion, more so than the prostate massager. However, once inside and in place, I found common issues arising with the previous toy. Again, I wanted more control and manoeuvrability and was craving a hoop rather than a suction pad. What I really desired with this was some vibrations. While it was in, I ended up placing our magic wand against the base to heighten my pleasure; it worked to an extent but it would be amazing if those vibrations were inside. I actually felt that the internal sensations were very similar to the prostate massager and I would struggle to tell them apart once inserted.

      The Anal Beads: Both of us found that the varying width of this butt plug was incredibly satisfying, particularly while teasing in and out during sex; though again both of us agreed that the intensity would have increased if there was more control, with a finger loop at the base. There was a slightly enhanced awareness of the sensations inside with this plug leading to pleasurable climaxes. Of the three toys in the set, this will be the one that we will go back to regularly.

      And so to conclude, I felt that this set would truly benefit from a bit more variety. It would be enhanced incredibly if there was a further additional element to each toy: vibrations, finger loops, length, width. The toys aren't particularly big, therefore I feel that solely having suction cups at their base limits their possibilities. If the plugs were much larger and thicker then the suction cups could be beneficial but I struggled to find a way of using this feature while experimenting. I believe that the sizes are appropriate for beginners and there is a lot of fun to be had with this set; but maybe newbies would like to experience a wider range of sensations in order to find what they truly desire in anal toys. Based solely on this set, some butt plug experimenters may feel that anal play is not for them.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Great appearance. Well made. Appropriate size for beginners.
      Could have been more variety within the set. Toys too small to benefit from suction.
      Bottom line
      A good set for beginners that could have been immense!
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