1. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couple's Rechargeable Vibrator with Suction Stimulator

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      1. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couple's Rechargeable Vibrator with Suction Stimulator

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    1. Product Description

      A couple's vibrator with a difference, this smooth operator slips seamlessly between you, effortlessly enhancing erotic adventures. While pressure waves stimulate the clitoris, strong vibrations and pleasurable patterns add sweet sensations to your play.

      Made for hands-free clitoral, G-spot and penis stimulation, the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples adds a new dimension to your sex life, turning up satisfaction to knee-trembling levels.

      While the suction stimulator caresses the clitoris with waves of negative pressure, scintillating vibrations are sent straight to her G-spot, and can be felt along his shaft with every thrust.

      Enjoy suction and vibration at the same time, or separately, and don't forget to take your new toy for a dip – it's totally waterproof.

      Slick some water-based lube around the rim of the stimulator and over the shaft to supercharge your Satisfyer's powers.

      Key Features:

      • Couple's vibrator with pressure wave clitoral stimulation for wear during sex
      • Suction stimulator stimulates clitoris with pressure wave technology
      • Vibrating section is inserted in the vagina for G-spot stimulation
      • 11 levels of intensity and 10 vibration patterns
      • Vibration and suction can be enjoyed together or separately

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    1. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Rechargeable Vibrator with Suction Stimulator

      A couple's vibrator with a difference, this smooth operator slips seamlessly between you, effortlessly flattering erotic adventures. While pressure waves arouse the clitoris, strong vibrations and pleasurable patterns add sweet sensations to your play.

    1. Customer Reviews

      Satisfyer Pro 4 Couple's Rechargeable Vibrator with Suction Stimulator 3 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couple's Rechargeable Vibrator with Suction Stimulator
      2. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couple's Rechargeable Vibrator with Suction Stimulator


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    1. The perfect partner

      Reviewed: November 4, 2018 by Just One More Lezbian, a Gay Single Female

      This toy can climax you slowly and divinely. The vibration is very good.

      I have tried to use it with a dildo and found it pinched me, I may be used the wrong angle.

      You can position and leave it, grind against it or teas yourself with it. I suppose your anatomy is different as would the experiences be.

      I tend to use this solo or my female play partners, I have yet to use it with the very nice Desire strapless. I think it would be mind-blowing if that is used combined in a female sub. This is my go-to toy for satisfaction.

      I only wish it had a remote control I could use with it. Nonetheless, this is a very good oral stimulator, I am a per queen and still find this intense 6 months after purchase. You do not get numb as you would after a long session with a powerful vibe.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It does the job every time.
      Really want this to be remote control or app assisted!
      Bottom line
      Bloody fantastic! Good stuff!
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    1. Great couples toy

      Reviewed: February 4, 2018 by LittleNickiKitty, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Me and my partner love experimenting with new toys and finding ways that make us both feel good at the same time and on seeing this product for review we decided it would be great for us to try.

      This product screams luxury I think it's quite elegant and I love the white and rose gold colours on it. The Satisfyer Pro 4 is manufactured from a silky smooth silicone which feels lovely on the skin. I have to say I am impressed by the product's aesthetics itself I think it's very feminine and luxurious.

      Like most new toys they often need a good charge before you can play but I was surprised at how long this actually took to charge up which is a bit annoying when you're eager to see what the product does! However, in around two hours I was able to turn it on and have a look at it properly. The leaflet does say it can take up to eight hours for its first charge. This toy also has an LED feature that tells you when it's fully charged too (LED stays on instead of blinking) so I liked this.

      I love the magnetic charging feature it is one of the first toys I have that has a magnetic charger and I have to say it's so much easier and just gives you that extra reassurance that it is 100% waterproof.

      I've tried this product with my partner and during solo play. This product is easy to insert with water-based lube but is slightly difficult to get it to stay right where you want it.

      This product does feel really really good once you can find that perfect setting and vibration intensity so it does need a bit of playing around with especially getting used to the controls too.

      I found that once I got the product to sit where I wanted it, it felt pleasurable, not intense or from where I could climax from it alone but just simply a nice feeling. This was then removed very quickly as soon as you then bring your partner into this or a dildo as it just shifted fairly easily of my clitoris and it didn't really have a good suction that I thought it would. However, the G-spot simulator felt great regardless with my partner or during solo play it's just a super shame I couldn't get the clitoral part to stay put!

      This product is quite loud when using both the clitoral stimulation and g-spot feature turned on. This wasn't a problem for us but if you want a quiet toy then I wouldn't really say this is the one.

      The Satisfyer Pro 4 is very easy to clean as it is 100% waterproof there is no worries about getting any electronics inside ruined. The clitoral stimulator is also very easy to clean with a q-tip and some Lovehoney fresh cleaner and warm water.

      Overall, I think this product is really great I am slightly disappointed with the suction feature as it didn't stay put when it's knocked around during sex but the G-spot stimulation was enough for me to still think this product is worthwhile. I love how luxurious it is and I love how easy it is to charge and clean. It makes a great couple's toy much better than a cock ring we would say as it felt more pleasurable for the both of us.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Such a beautiful product!
      The clitoral suction feature didn't stay put for long.
      Bottom line
      Good alternative to a cock ring if looking for something for couples play.
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    1. Not really a couples toy

      Reviewed: February 18, 2018 by Mr Pheebs, a Straight Single Male

      As already stated, the build and appearance of this toy is quality, soft, sleek, sexy.

      The suction element has multiple settings of power. It's not overly noisy and it fits really well anatomically but still has to be held in place during intercourse. I can't wait until someone designs a toy like this that doesn’t have to be held manually!

      Suctions are fast but buzzy. Vibrations are wasp-fast and buzzy and we got the feeling that the vibrations were added as an addition with no real fore or afterthought. We would have liked to have seen more flexibility in vibration controls.

      For her this toy was never going to cause orgasms. It’s just the wrong sensation and the vibrating element doesn't really add to the mix. We tried before going into full sex. She said it felt nice for her but was never going to push her beyond that. Even after 15 minutes. In fact after 15 minutes it went from 8-10 to 4-10.

      We used this toy several times during penetrative sex. I can report that it does enhance her orgasm as it does provide clitoral stimulation, but doesn’t do much for me. The vibrations are very localised (maybe because they’re so fast and buzzy), so can only be felt where it touches me. It didn’t add vibrations to my penis to further stimulate her.

      It would make more sense to use my finger to stimulate her clit (she often cums hard with this) or use a clitoral suction toy without insert (she comes multiple times, fast when we use this) than to use this toy.

      The shape of the insert is prong-like from all angles and I did catch on it a couple of times.

      The thought of impaling yourself on a toy (through the skin of the penis, not through a selected orifice before people start feeling frisky) has quite a sobering effect.

      She's not sure she would think to use this toy again. I'm not convinced I will either.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Design, build, quality fitted her well.
      Too buzzy, no solo orgasm for her, did little for him.
      Bottom line
      Can be used to enhance, but isn't an orgasm causer.
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