1. Adam & Eve Cheeky Vibrating Panties

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      1. Adam & Eve Cheeky Vibrating Panties

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    1. Product Description

      A pair of sexy panties with a discreet vibrating secret. The pretty and petite bullet slips into the stunning lace panties to give intense clitoral stimulation with 3 sumptuous speeds. Remove for pinpoint stimulation or keep your secret to yourself.

      Let the luxurious lace hug your curves and keep your clandestine bullet nestles against your clitoris as you cycle through 3 intense speeds of vibration.

      Tuck the vibrator into the small pouch at the front of the panties to ensure the toy doesn't move and stays exactly where you want it to during use. Or, take it out and use for pinpoint stimulation on your sweetest spots.

      Key Features:

      • Lace panties with discreet removable vibrating bullet
      • Sexy, stretchy floral-patterned lace
      • Lined inner pocket holds vibrating bullet
      • Powerful bullet vibrator buzzes with 3 modes of intensity
      • Easy push button control
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      Adam & Eve Cheeky Vibrating Panties 2 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Adam & Eve Cheeky Vibrating Panties
      2. Adam & Eve Cheeky Vibrating Panties


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    1. Cheeky Fun for Discreet Play - Just Double Check the Fit

      Reviewed: March 30, 2018 by Ms.HideAway

      Let's start off with first impressions, these panties will arrive in a branded box that when opened will include a plastic casing with these panties sealed in a plastic baggie and the bullet vibe in a separate plastic baggie secure in the packaging.

      The packaging explains that the batteries are included (bonus). But you will need to unscrew the cap to remove a plastic circle to get the bullet to power on.

      The bullet is a nice smooth plastic with a push-button control. It has three speeds controlled by pressing down on the button. Once you cycle through each speed you can power off the bullet in the same fashion.

      The bullet is a buzzing type, lighter vibrations but can definitely be felt each speed is a bit higher pitched and faster speed. This is a fairly quiet bullet vibrator but it is not silent. I was wearing this under jeans a while the person who was talking to me across the room did not seem to hear it I could and if you were next to me you would hear it. For public play, I would focus on a place that is a bit louder such as a restaurant, bar or nightclub vs. a movie theater or whatnot.

      The bullet slides easily into a open top pocket in the crotch of the panties to be held in your lady bits while these are on. It is snug in there and does not look like it would fall out easily unless the panty was really loose on you or your were hanging upside down!

      The panty itself is just like the product photo a true deep black with a pretty lace pattern. It is soft but feels a bit meh vs. some laces that offer more stretch and feel a bit softer in the hand. After washing these in cold water they did soften up a bit.

      Next, the fit. I am a US Size 10/12 so I am on the higher range of the "one size fits most" 2-12 that it reads on the packaging. These did stretch over my hips and backside with no issue, I loved how the back rides up and exposes the majority of your butt cheeks when on. This cheeky style is a favourite of mine. Standing still these are dead sexy and look great.

      But the side of this panty would not say on my body without rolling over at the top when I moved about. I am not sure if that is because I am at the high end of the size range or because the fabric just isn't that great but these would fit a size 6- small 10 much better in my observation.

      The other fit "issue" was once I got these lined up on my body with the waistband and backside align (low rise in front, just sat right above my butt crack in back) the bullet was literally placed was too far back to even stimulate my clit. It was pretty much up my taint, if you follow me.

      So I tried playing around to get it more up on my clit area for the desired effect and that resulted in some serious camel toe with lace completely up my outer labia and some exposed butt crack.

      So while one size fits "most" on this item if your clit sits high and front and you are a US size 12 like me I can not recommend this item. If you are in the mid-range of the sizing I think this is a really lovely cheeky panty with a fun bullet.

      Keep in mind you have to push the button to change the settings or turn of this bullet which means reaching into the panties, I found that super easy to do by inserting the bullet with the button at the opening/top and could still keep the panties on. You would just want to be wearing the right type of attire to have access if you are playing in public. This bullet can be used with other toys or alone which makes this set a nice value.

      I noticed these panties do come in a plus size, so if you are outside the regular size range it is great the manufacturer has that option but falling in the middle I was a bit disappointed in the fit on me.

      If you are the right size I can recommend this set as a lovely new way to play, with a great sexy cheeky pair of panties and a nice bullet that can be used in other ways too.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Nice little bullet. Cheeky panties are a sexy look.
      The fit and bullet placement when wearing on my body.
      Bottom line
      Check the size and go for some fun play!
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    1. Love the concept but poor design

      Reviewed: May 4, 2018 by Matt!, a Straight Going Steady Male

      The quality of the product was seriously lacking for me there was no wow factor and I would say it felt of lower quality than the Lovehoney basic range. The reason I say this is because the mini vibrator included had a coating that had started to flake off, it was also very loud.

      The lace pants themselves also didn't look or feel amazing on the hand, however, when worn they seemed comfortable to wear however the next problem is the pocket for the vibrator is closer to your ass then your clit so all the vibrations are just in the wrong place.

      Overall I would say I was disappointed in this product and even for a budget/basic product it doesn't meet its purpose.

    2. Overall Rating:
      2 out of 10 stars
      Powerful vibrations.
      Pocket in the wrong place, poor quality of manufacture.
      Bottom line
      Disappointing experience.
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