1. THRUST Pro Xtra Vibrating Deep Impact Male Masturbator Kit 24.6oz

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      Prepare your peen for the meteoric satisfaction of Deep Impact, a 4 piece sex toy kit worth $89.99. A squishy male masturbator with vaginal and anal openings is chief pleasure provider, assisted by a 10 function double bullet and adjustable cock ring.

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    1. Product Description

      Prepare your peen for the meteoric satisfaction of Deep Impact, a 4 piece sex toy kit worth $89.99. A squishy male masturbator with vaginal and anal openings is chief pleasure provider, assisted by a 10 function double bullet and adjustable cock ring.

      Both her entrances are a super tight 0.25 inches but stretch to envelop your member as you plunge into a ribbed texture tailor-made to maximise your pleasure.

      Your kit comes with a powerful 10 function double bullet vibrator, which slots into the base of your male masturbator for vibe-tastic additional thrills.

      Your kit also features a lasso-style silicone cock ring that adjusts to fit you – use it to potentially increase your staying power and amp up your orgasms. Plus, it includes renewer powder to keep your toy feeling fresh.

      To keep feeling the best of Deep Impact, be sure to coat the lips, canal, and your shaft with water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • 4 piece kit featuring a ribbed male masturbator plus 10 function wired double bullet vibrator, fully adjustable lasso cock ring and renewer powder
      • Worth $89.99 – you save $30 on the combined products
      • Ribbed stroker with vaginal and anal openings made from supple real-feel TPE stimulates the penis with every thrust
      • Adjustable silicone cock ring included to boost your pleasure
      • Has two cavities for the wired bullets to slot into
      • Includes renewer powder for easy upkeep and long term loving
    1. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 2 x AAA
      • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
    2. How it measures up

      • Canal diameter: 0.25 inches
      • Internal Length: 6.5 inches
      • Opening: Vagina & Ass
    3. How it feels

      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: TPE
      • Texture: Textured

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    1. THRUST Pro Xtra Vibrating Deep Impact Kit

      Prepare your peen for the meteoric satisfaction of Deep Impact, a 4 piece sex toy kit worth £73.99. A squishy male masturbator with vaginal and anal openings is chief pleasure provider, assisted by a 10 function double bullet and adjustable cock ring.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      THRUST Pro Xtra Vibrating Deep Impact Male Masturbator Kit 24.6oz 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. THRUST Pro Xtra Vibrating Deep Impact Male Masturbator Kit 24.6oz
      2. THRUST Pro Xtra Vibrating Deep Impact Male Masturbator Kit 24.6oz

        You save:
        $6.00 (10%)

    1. Very good kit but a few things missing

      Reviewed: June 17, 2019 by Looker, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This kit has most of what you need and everything in it is very good quality.

      The vagina and ass toy is made of a nice and soft material that feels great. Both holes go into the same ribbed tunnel that is nice and stimulating. The tunnel is open-ended but long enough for most people that you won't be popping out of the end, but when you come there is a good chance it will leak out so it's best to have a paper towel on hand for that. This does, however, make it easy to clean as it can be flushed out with water from the tap. Overall it is a very good stroker and would be worth buying on its own.

      The vibrators are a great addition to the toy. I was surprised by how strong they are as it is two AAA batteries power in two motors. They are easy to put in the back of the toy and have simple controls. They add great stimulation as the vibrations propagate through the entire toy and can even be felt in your balls when balls deep in the toy.

      The adjustable cock ring is just that, there's nothing special about it but it does its job well. The maintenance powder is also nothing special. It does its job keeping the toy feeling nice and will increase its lifetime.

      Overall the kit is very good and all the contents are top quality. It is a shame however that there is no lubricant or storage bag as both are sort of necessary for use. And for that, I'll have to subtract a point from its score.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Everything included.
      No lube or storage bag.
      Bottom line
      9/10 very easy to recommend.
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    1. Good Messy Fun

      Reviewed: May 27, 2019 by NaughtyPip, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Lucky to be chosen to give this THRUST Pro Xtra Vibrating Deep Impact Kit a review, was kinda excited to give her a go. As usual, she arrived in plain packaging and my first thought was ‘this is heavy!’

      Got the package opened up and everything looked pretty good. You get the realistic vagina and anus, dual bullet vibe, cock ring and cornflower toy dust. The vulva looks very pretty, sort of small but pleasing, the ass is just a small hole. So in go the bullets, the instructions suggest you might need lube but they popped in easily (you do need batteries, they aren’t included).

      Lube is definitely needed before use, and requires a bit of fingering to spread it about was nice to do though. I was expecting a tighter fit but the soft, squishy material is very stretchy. The internal ridges are pleasantly noticeable but this gets good once you get the twin vibe going. There are quite a few patterns to chose from and they’re easy to select even with slippery fingers. I found that with just the right one a shallow thrust was perfect to build to the finish.

      Rather disappointed by the ass hole though as it just connects the same tunnel, it would have been nice if it had a different feel but it did take a bit of work to insert.

      Tried missionary but it didn’t really work as you need to hold on, but I did find placing her on a table, just the right height, worked brilliantly!

      Word of caution, it gets messy as ‘everything’ squirts out the other end. It’s also fairly difficult to clean as it won’t turn inside out.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The look, feel and the buzzy bullets.
      Hard to clean.
      Bottom line
      It’s good fun but not for everyday.
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    1. Double the fun

      Reviewed: May 27, 2019 by solidius, a Straight Married Male

      The packing is easy to access and the box is inoffencive. Instructions included.

      The first thing I noticed was the weight of the toy. It has a good weight to the point you need two hands. It has to be placed down, it felt too much to hold with one hand.

      You start off by inserting the two vibrating bullets into the back of the toy. Some lube as per instructions helps gets these in place. This connects to the control a longer bullet that is a one-button press to cycle the modes. The one button is a great idea and backlit, it's easy to access. I guess the wires trailing from the toy add to the above.

      The toy has two openings - anus and vagina, and there is an exit hole in the rear, I presume for air to exit and aid cleanup. Included with the toy are an adjustable cock ring and a small bottle of renewer powder for the toy.

      The cock ring is also decent enough but I didn't need it for this one. As first mentioned, I was unsure the best way to position this at first for use unlike other strokers or male masturbators. Flat on the bed seemed to be the wrong angle and I felt like I couldn't enter the toy correctly and seemed like I was stabbing the toy from above.

      I then decided to position it between the mattress and the bed frame. This did work really well to hold the toy hands-free but for me lost some of the visual pleasure of seeing what I was doing. Considering the design is anatomically correct I felt like I was missing out.

      In some respects, the above could work well if you had your partner or some porn in front of you for extra pleasure as it felt like I was making love to the bed rather than the toy much to my amusement.

      Overall, I think propped on a pillow on the bed may have been better for the knees and to still be able to have visual stimulation. (But only thought of this after.)

      I persisted on the floor with the toy wedged in the mattress and the first thing I really liked was the vibration. This felt great actually really good, I think owing to the fact the two bullets are either side underneath the toy they really can be felt. There are a vast array of speeds, I almost lost concentration trying them all!

      Having two openings is a delight and a real turn on to be able to go between the two as most toys are one or the other this was exciting. The anus opening feeling more restrictive as expected. I would say I am maybe only slightly above the UK penis size. But for me, the inside of the toy didn't feel as tight or maybe the ribbed pattern on this model was not for me in either hole. The length was spot on and I can't complain about that aspect but it didn't make me want to cum as much as other male masturbators I have used in the past.

      I would love maybe a warming rod that runs underneath and central as this could bring a great dimension to this toy. In fact, self-warming is missing from most male toys I feel. Warming in the sink is a chore prior to use. When will we get a self-warming maybe even self-lubricating toy? Please make one, LH.

      But I think for me personally I found it a bit of an awkward toy to use and maybe having a bit more bulk to the toy so it was raised up would have worked better. I see no reason this couldn't be used well for an MFF roleplay but to use it needs to be positioned well.

      Overall, this is a great toy and one I will use a lot more but feel it needs more internally in both tightness and sensations. It currently feels underwhelming for me.

      Vibrations are fantastic and this is where the toy stood out and the dual bullets worked well. Maybe remote bullets next time would be welcomed to avoid wires that can kill the mood.

      This is a great package which comes with what you need to have fun and maintain the toy for future use. But for me, it was an in between from being a stroker that's easy to hold and the larger semi-sex-doll toys that have more to hold onto and manage.

      If you don't own any stroker or sleeve this would be a great start but also could be used for couples play to have that third person roleplay.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Vibrations were excellent.
      Inside sensation and feel.
      Bottom line
      Great and well built but needs to be tighter for better sensation.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes