1. Vixen Tie-Bright Johnny VixSkin Realistic Dildo 7 Inch

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      1. Vixen Tie-Bright Johnny VixSkin Realistic Dildo 7 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Forget the scarlet macaw – we bring you the scarlet ma cock, aka Johnny, a bright and colorful dildo from Vixen Creations. Johnny is 7 inches of ultra satisfying, realistic-shaped cock with balls, in a tie-dye colorway to heighten visual pleasure.

      Vixen's unique dildo design features a solid core coated in pliable VixSkin silicone so it feels just like a real penis, for super fulfilling sensation against your skin and in your favourite opening.

      Plus, Johnny has a flat base, making him perfect to pair with a harness for hands-free fun.

      To get the most from your dildo, always slather it with a generous coating of water-based lube before play.

      Key Features:

      • Realistically-shaped 7.5 inch silicone dildo with balls for thrilling internal pleasure
      • Solid inner core with soft outer feels just like a real penis
      • Perfect for those who love brightly colored sex toys
      • Made from 100% non-porous platinum silicone for hypoallergenic play
      • Non-slip flat base is harness compatible
      • Suitable for vaginal and anal insertion

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    1. Vixen Tie-Bright Johnny VixSkin Realistic Dildo 7 Inch

      Forget the scarlet macaw – we bring you the scarlet ma cock, aka Johnny, a bright and colourful dildo from Vixen Creations. Johnny is 7 inches of ultra satisfying, realistic-shaped cock with balls, in a tie-dye colourway to heighten visual pleasure.

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      Vixen Tie-Bright Johnny VixSkin Realistic Dildo 7 Inch 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Vixen Tie-Bright Johnny VixSkin Realistic Dildo 7 Inch
      2. Vixen Tie-Bright Johnny VixSkin Realistic Dildo 7 Inch


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    1. Just like the real thing

      Reviewed: October 18, 2019 by MJ76, a Straight Going Steady Male

      After trying cheaper realistic dildos I decided to splurge and try one of the Vixen VixSkin dildo's I'd had in my wishlist for a while.

      My partner and I took the toy out if its box and after giving it a little squeeze we knew it was money well spent. The size was a little daunting at first, but my OH said that once inserted she would not want any other size.

      The softness was perfect as we have had problems with other dildos that cause discomfort when inserted deep as they feel too stiff. The texture is amazing and seems to hold lube well, which is great as some others need constant reapplying.

      The only negative thing (and it is a minor thing) is that every little piece of fluff or hair will stick to the toy, similar to a Fleshlight toy. But as long as you give it a good rinse and store it well you'll be fine and it will always be ready for action!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Amazing texture and just the right firmness.
      Bottom line
      Amazing dildo, if you buy just one, buy this!
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    1. My Desert Island Dick

      Reviewed: May 3, 2019 by Spoonerism, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      Vixen Vixskin dildos are my Pokemon of the sex toy world, I've just gotta collect them all!

      Johnny is my fourth Vixskin - I also own the forever-hyped Mustang, Buck (discontinued on Lovehoney) and the beefy Maverick.

      I had always overlooked the flesh-toned models with balls as I find them a little unsettling in the "uncanny valley" kind of way, but when Lovehoney started stocking Johnny in the beautiful Tie-Bright colourway (the same as my Maverick) I changed my tune and into my basket it went!

      Unlike my other three Vixskins which come in a clear tube for storage, Johnny comes in a basic clear, square plastic clamshell. Very minimal and not very glamorous which is a little underwhelming given the luxury price tag of these toys. However, it does serve its purpose in protecting the toy in storage (prior experience taught me that Vixskin toys are best stored standing upright or the base can warp or the dildo can lose its shape).

      Out of the box, those who are not familiar with the material may be a little put off by the slightly sticky surface of Vixskin. While the toy is 100% high-grade silicone, you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise at first touch. And oh my gods does it attract every little bit of stray fluff and pet hair! But it is the realistic texture and squishiness which sets it apart from your run-of-the-mill silicone dick.

      Vixskin dildos feature a firm inner core surrounded by a luxurious cushiony soft outer layer designed to emulate the feeling of a real erection. It's extremely moreish! The Johnny also has an extra large very firm base which helps keep it upright. The balls have the same amount of squish to them as the shaft which I find kind of cute, haha.

      Johnny has a pronounced curved shaft and a realistic glans complete with a few veins and foreskin wrinkles which I find very attractive. Size and appearance wise (aside from the colour scheme!) Johnny is very similar to my partner's penis. It is a large dildo, but not as intimidating as the Maverick which has a cartoonishly proportioned head.

      Following a lot of rigorous testing(!) I have concluded that the Johnny is now my favourite out of my Vixskin collection - and to think I had discounted it just because of the balls! Knowing what I do now, I should have bought a flesh-coloured one years ago, however, I am even happier that I own a Tie-Bright one.

      Johnny's curve feels a lot less extreme than it looks as the material is slightly floppy so it loses a little bit of its shape in any position other than when it is sat upright. The coronal ridge is slightly less pronounced than it is on the other three models I have tried which makes it just that bit easier to take if I'm not completely warmed up while still delivering some gentle sensation.

      The head (as I have found with other large Vixskins) is softer/squishier than the rest of the shaft which makes it easier to take, however, if you like really firm G-spot pressure, this and the flopping issue will make that difficult to achieve. If that is the sort of stimulation I was in the mood for, then I would simply pick a firmer toy from my collection. Personally though, I like to use realistic dildos how I like a real penis which is with deep, fast, hard thrusts or riding on top with reckless abandon!

      Vixskin's softness makes it perfect for this as I find it doesn't hurt my cervix even when it makes direct contact. Using it like this + Johnny's substantial girth and the little bit of G-spot action I get from the coronal ridge = a very happy girl!

      Vixskin toys are super easy to clean and can even be boiled to completely sterilise (which I recommend doing before using for the first time).

      Overall, I am completely thrilled with this purchase - I know the price is steep (this was a birthday treat with some vouchers) but I genuinely believe this material is worth the hype and it will last a lifetime. If you only own one silicone dildo, make it a Vixskin.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The colours. Perfect length and girth. Sexy realistic details on the head and shaft.
      A bit floppy so not the best G-spotter.
      Bottom line
      Basically everything I could possibly want from a realistic dildo!
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