1. Zemalia Interactive Rechargeable Thrusting Male Masturbator

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      1. Zemalia Interactive Rechargeable Thrusting Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      If you've been looking for even more realism in your male masturbators, this is the toy for you. Zemalia's interactive Valerie responds to your thrusts by speeding up or slowing down, plus she comes with six moaning modes for your auditory delight.

      It's ergonomic and easy to hold, and if you're hoping for stamina training or more control over your pleasure, you can select from 5 speeds and 5 patterns of peen-stroking pleasure. Plus, you can dive in up to 5 inches deep.

      Valerie is USB rechargeable and discreet, making it easy to take with you on overseas erotic adventures.

      For the slickest sensations, use with a generous splash of water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Realistic intelligent male masturbator that responds to your body for ultra-satisfying play
      • Internal length of 5 inches comfortably envelops most penis sizes
      • Thrusting mode offers 5 thrilling speeds and 5 teasing patterns
      • Moaning mode delivers 6 sensational soundscapes to enhance your session
      • Pressure sensing mode responds to your thrusts, speeding up and slowing down depending on how hard you thrust
      • Enjoy up to 2 hours of pleasure on every 4 hour charge

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    1. Zemalia Interactive Rechargeable Thrusting Male Masturbator

      If you've been looking for even more realism in your male masturbators, this is the toy for you. Zemalia's interactive Valerie responds to your thrusts by speeding up or slowing down, plus she comes with 6 moaning modes for your auditory delight.

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      Zemalia Interactive Rechargeable Thrusting Male Masturbator 6 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Zemalia Interactive Rechargeable Thrusting Male Masturbator
      2. Zemalia Interactive Rechargeable Thrusting Male Masturbator


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    1. Perfect toy for a long, hands-free play session

      Reviewed: September 24, 2019 by maximum turnip, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I have always wanted a hands-free masturbator but always thought of them as super large contraptions. So I was surprised to see one in such a small package and couldn't wait to try it out. I was expecting the worst after seeing the two bad reviews, but having used it a lot over the last few weeks I am very happy with it. There are a few things they could have improved, but overall it works great and you can just lay down and let the toy do all the work, which is bliss!

      I found sandwiching the toy between a couple of cushions and then hugging the cushions to hold it in place worked really well and allows the toy to bounce up and down freely. Also lying on my side with the toy laid on the bed or on my back, with the toy held between my legs feels amazing. You can also just insert the tip of your penis, which almost feels like a blow job on the slower mode, helped in part by the strong suction. Doing it this way, without trusting or manually holding the toy and moving it up and down, it does take a while to climax though, so if you are after a quick session, then this toy might not be the best toy for you. I much prefer a slow build-up and a longer session as I find it gives me much stronger orgasms, so this toy is perfect in my eyes. Watching porn while allowing this toy to masturbate you is just awesome and so much better than manually using a masturbator. I love it!

      The toy itself feels really well built and has a good solid heft to it. Very sturdy case with no flexing at all. It feels like it's been built to last. The battery is a Lithium battery, which is a lot better than the usual cheaper Nimh batteries used in toys in this price range, so no worries about it degrading over time. The sleeve is a nice and soft TPE that feels similar to a Fleshlight and is filled with tiny, soft nubs for stimulation.

      Here's a couple of tips to get the best out of it. The TPE rubber sleeve doesn't have an air release hole at the end like most masturbators, which means you need to slowly enter the toy all the way to push out the air before turning it on. Make sure all the air is removed and you are fully inserted into the sleeve or it will feel like it's too tight to enter. Once inside it'll slide up and down freely and creates a strong suction effect. Secondly, make sure to use a generous amount of water-based lube. The more the better. I also found a thicker lube, like Lovehoney's water-based anal lube, works really well in this toy and doesn't dry out too fast like thinner lubes. Thirdly, starting off on a slower speed and then moving up to faster speeds as you get closer to climaxing works amazingly well. If you just start off on the fastest speed you kind of get used to it, so changing modes often really helps to add to the sensation.

      The toy is not perfect and could have been improved by adding in a vibration function. I think this would have been a great feature to turn on if you wanted to climax faster. The opening could have also been a little longer to accommodate larger people. Other than that I can't think of much else I'd change as the toy does what it is supposed to and does it very well.

      A couple of warnings before buying: This toy is fairly loud, so not ideal if you live with other people and don't want them to know. It does seem to quieten down with a duvet over the top of it and you could probably drown it out with music, but it's not the best toy for a night time play session! I can't really fault the toy for this though, as this is to be expected for any toy with a small motor. I didn't find it to be too loud to be of putting though and if you use the interactive moaning feature, you don't hear the motor anyway.

      Speaking of the interactive moaning feature, don't worry about accidentally turning this on as you need to press the button for a few seconds for it to activate, so it would be very hard to accidentally turn it on. You can also plug in earphones, which is a great addition.

      It's quite a small opening, in both girth and length. I'm 6.5 inches and average girth and the toy was fine for me as the TPE sleeve is set back by an inch or so, but I'd say if you were any longer or very girthy, then this toy will be too tight.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Well built, compact, powerful motor, amazingly intense orgasms and it's hands-free!
      A tad loud and would have been even better if it had a vibration feature.
      Bottom line
      Letting the toy stroke you to an intense orgasm feels so good!
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    1. Trust in the thrust

      Reviewed: October 6, 2019 by PussnBoots, a Straight Married Male

      Any product that claims to make masturbation better is certainly worth a closer look. This male masturbator from Zemalia has been designed to take a male masturbator sex toy to another level with its unique thrusting feature.

      The unit itself is nicely packaged and certainly seems to fit into the “luxury” toy market. First impressions suggest a high-end, quality item with a weighty, solid feel. The product is larger than I expected but that’s because the sleeve inside has to move up and down to provide the thrusting.

      The TPE sleeve is fairly standard and is easily removed for cleaning. Initially I struggled to get the sleeve back inside the unit but then I realised it comes with a handy little stick to poke it into place. And it does the job really well.

      The thrusting motions are actually really good. I was a little skeptical at first but I have to say it’s a genuinely nice feature. It does feel strange at first but once you find the speed/pattern that works for you, then the thrusting is pretty great!

      You’ll probably have to experiment with various ways to position the unit. Yes, you could just hold it in position but it moves about a fair bit and you find yourself almost wrestling with it to hold it still. If you are using it in bed you might want to use the pillows or duvet to somehow weigh it down. This approach might also help muffle the sound which is quite loud and not the sexiest sound for such a device.

      The moaning feature didn’t really do it for me personally but I’m sure people with a better imagination than me will enjoy it. If you really needed some audio encouragement I’m sure you could find something more stimulating on the internet but it works well enough on the unit.

      Make sure you have a large bedside cabinet to store this product because it is pretty big. It looks fairly discreet though and you would only know it was a masturbator if you removed the cap at the end to reveal the inner sleeve.

      At twice the cost of a Fleshlight, this male masturbator is an expensive item that relies on the thrusting motion as it’s unique feature. It’s a nice feature but it’s not an earth-shattering, life-changing feature and I think its appeal will vary from one user to another. I enjoyed the thrusting and it certainly adds a new dimension to things. However, like most men, I reckon I could wield a regular, non-thrusting masturbator pretty well myself but I do realise that this mechanised thrusting can provide some nice new sensations.

      Overall, this is a great product. It’s not cheap but then it offers something that most regular masturbators do not and it is made to a high standard using quality materials. As for it’s longevity, well that remains to be seen. Hopefully the motor will keep working for a long time otherwise the unique thrusting feature will be completely lost.

      If you are a fan of male masturbators and you fancy something a little different then this product is worth some consideration. It does exactly what it claims to do and that will no doubt appeal to a lot of men. So if you’ve ever been using a male masturbator and you wished it could thrust all on its own, then this Zemalia Interactive Rechargeable Thrusting Male Masturbator is the product for you.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Strong thrusting motion and a well-made, quality feel.
      A bit noisy and the moaning feature is unnecessary.
      Bottom line
      A well-made item that delivers good thrusting motion with a range of speeds/patterns.
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    1. Biggest anti-climax ever

      Reviewed: August 23, 2019 by Honey_Badger, a Straight Single Male

      I purchased this toy recently based on the images and description which made it look and sound great, but in reality it turned out to be quite disappointing.

      The toy arrived quickly in plain packaging as is the norm for all Lovehoney products. When I opened the package the box and toy itself did look quite nice; the toy consists of a sleeve inside a Fleshlight style case and three buttons are located near the top of the case (more on these later).

      First thing I did was to charge the toy, which takes 4 hours for a full charge and you get two hrs of use after that. Once charged I decided to experiment with the buttons to see what each does. The bottom button turns the toy on by pressing it for 2 seconds. The top button activates the toys thrusting mechanism, which moves the sleeve back and forth within the case and the middle button activates the moan function. I thought the moan function was ridiculous; you can cycle through 6 pre-recorded moans but each one sounds the same and all sound very fake. I decided to overlook this because what intrigued me most about this toy was the claim that it has a pressure sensor which reacts to how fast or slow you go when using it, but this turned out to be untrue as this feature does not seem to exist. The thrusting mechanism is also quite loud perhaps too loud for my liking.

      After I knew what each of the buttons did next step was to see how the toy actually felt. I put some lube on myself as well as the inside sleeve of the toy and started to use it like any other stroker for a couple of minutes. I did not feel any great sensation while doing this, so I decided to activate the thrusting mechanism and began to cycle through the different patterns. This feature did not really do anything for me, so I switched it off and went back to using it as a stroker. I did eventually orgasm, but it took me a lot longer compared to other toys I have used. In the end this toy was a complete anti-climax for me unfortunately and I do not see myself using it again.

      This toy is not cheap either, but it just goes to show that not all expensive toys are good. I would not recommend.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      The packaging and overall design.
      Thrusting mechanism too loud, moaning mode sounds ridiculous, sensations are not great.
      Bottom line
      Disappointing, too expensive.
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    1. Different

      Reviewed: December 25, 2019 by Bryant, a Straight Single Male

      Most different toy ever tried before. Nice hands free but noisy and upset. Didn’t even come with the sleeve in the picture.

      Plus I’ve looked at this device on other websites and they show it is meant to come with two different sleeves, and I hope I can find sleeve to buy because after two uses edge of the sleeve is starting to break and tear.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Hands-free and so many thrusting styles.
      Noisy and didn’t come with the same sleeve in the picture.
      Bottom line
      I don’t recommend.
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    1. Designed to be disappointing

      Reviewed: August 26, 2019 by XOXOX, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Lovehoney kindly sent me this for free so I could test it out and - I have to say, I'm glad I didn't pay for what is a very odd toy.

      There's some good ideas here that just don't seem to have been executed well.

      First, the device looks nice enough, but it is stupidly large - especially when you realise the sleeve takes up less than half the length!

      After charging I turned it on - all well and good... and then it just goes down hill from there. The multiple 'female' voices all sound the same - very fake and they all sound as if someone was trying to strangle a dolphin. The earphone jack on the bottom is a smart idea, but you can't seem to control the volume of the moans, so you are liable to go deaf.

      I'm also not sure what the point of using earphones is - if you're trying to be quiet you will fail the moment you turn on the actual motor for this toy - it is incredibly loud!

      The sleeve itself is actually quite nice and the thrusting element does seem to grip and massage your penis quite well, but I can't see how this toy is interactive - if you try to thrust, the motor just seems to go into spasms as though it is about to blow up.

      It's a shame because I really feel like this toy had some good ideas, but that they got lost in translation somewhere. For the price there are a lot of better toys out there.

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      The sleeve.
      The loud noises of the motor and the 'female' voices.
      Bottom line
      Wasted potential.
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