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      1. TENGA Flip Orb Orange Crash Strong Male Masturbator

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    1. Customer Reviews

      TENGA Flip Orb Orange Crash Strong Male Masturbator 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. TENGA Flip Orb Orange Crash Strong Male Masturbator
      2. TENGA Flip Orb Orange Crash Strong Male Masturbator


    1. Amazing toy

      Reviewed: May 24, 2020 by Hoid1236, a Gay Going Steady Male

      Both my partner and I are new to TENGA products but the Flip Orb was a great introduction.

      The feel is amazingly tight and 'form-hugging'. One to two points to consider, you need the cap/stand bit that goes at the end to keep the two halves from splitting during use. Another is that I am on the larger size and this product tends to push against you quite a bit and you just need to keep a good grip on it during use to keep it from popping open. One final tiny tiny point is that if you are on the larger side you'll need to use more lube than you think to make it work, however, this means that if you're very aggressive the lube and anything else in there will tend to seep through the sides where it opens.

      The pressure plates on the sides are a great way to vary pressure and feel even more, they work great if you rotate the whole thing while changing the pressure I found.

      The fact that this product opens down the middle allows for easy application of all of it when using lube which heightens everything even more.

      However! For these tiny features and niggles this is an amazing product and its feel is spectacular. This has led to some of our most intense orgasms. I would recommend this to anyone either newbies to the TENGA game or seasoned pros.

      PS - As a level up I would recommend running the TENGA Flip Orb under some hot water before use as it makes it feel even more real and intense.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The tight feel, the design, the internal nodules.
      Opens if you're on the big side, can leak slightly but these are foibles.
      Bottom line
      Certainly recommend, an amazing product and only tiny negatives overall.
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    1. My favourite toy

      Reviewed: May 11, 2020 by standupguy

      I've been a fan of TENGA masturbators for a while, but this one is definitely my favourite. I started out with TENGA Flip Hole Black, then white, then red then silver. I tried a white Flip Hole zero. Then tried the black flip orb strong orange (this one) and loved it. Then tried the white with orange - not so much.

      Whether you like it more or less than the others probably depends on your own preferences/issues. Here are mine:

      I'm a bit bigger, but I get it in (with some massive stretching of the container) and consequently it won't last that long and will leak. The Flip Holes used to break fairly quickly. I have a hard time cumming and the black Flip Hole and this black with orange strong textured solves that problem. When I used the Flip Hole, if I used the black I came easier, but had to immediately shut down on orgasm and didn't enjoy the orgasm. With the white Flip Hole I could keep going and enjoy a long orgasm, but it took me forever (if at all) to get there. This one (the flip orb - black/orange strong is a happy compromise. Quick to get off and easy to control the orgasm itself so it gets stretched out a bit.

      If you're larger you definitely need to be well lubed to get it in. If you use the white and orange it will be tough to keep it in, it kinda constantly rejects you. Must be more material where the head of the penis penetrates. This black/orange strong doesn't have that problem.

      So, bottom line, if you're bigger and less sensitive (but very sensitive when you cum) this black TENGA Flip Orb strong (orange) is one I would really recommend. The major con is that it starts leaking. I have tried putting a sock over it which helps. Also, I find the buttons a bit of hype. I tend to constantly spin the orb slowly on my cock to vary the feel and to reduce the suction which gets quite high (and I extract momentarily), but the buttons don't do much.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Liked the suction and the feeling.
      Leaked too much after a couple of uses.
      Bottom line
      Intense feeling, quicker to make you cum, but not durable.
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