1. Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil 100ml

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      1. Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil 100ml

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    1. Product Description

      As seen in Glamour! Intensify the pleasure and sensations of your partner's erogenous zones with this all-natural oil. Apply freely to your partner's body and activate the oil with gentle blowing...

      Available in four sensuous scents to bring you and your partner to an incredible climax.

      Aphrodisiac Chocolate

      Raspberry Feeling

      Exotic Fruits

      Strawberries & Champagne

      Key Features:

      • Ingredients: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavour (Aroma), Sodium Saccharin, D&C Red 33, (CI 17200), FD&C Blue 1 (CI 42090).
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      Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil 100ml 2 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil 100ml
      2. Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil 100ml


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    1. Burning Love

      Reviewed: August 31, 2011 by Kasumi, a Straight Engaged Female

      I couldn't wait to receive the Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil as it sounded absolutely perfect for me and my partner.

      When I opened the package I was greeted with an attractive black cardboard cylinder decorated with a Shunga-style picture of an oriental couple sharing an intimate moment. Inside the tube is a lovely glass bottle decorated with the same image. The bottle is a very appealing design and features a cork-like stopper with the blue liquid inside. It really does look like a bottle of mystical love potion! The information leaflet inside the tube is simply a generic description of all Shunga products rather than being dedicated to this particular oil, which is a shame really as the rest of the packaging is so good.

      I couldn't wait to taste Shunga's interpretation of "exotic fruits" so I pulled the stopper from the bottle and dabbed a little oil on my finger to taste. Wow! It was... erm... different. Neither me or my partner found the taste to be a particularly pleasant experience. We felt deflated and disappointed but we were determined to give the product the chance to redeem itself.

      Application of the oil can be a bit of a nightmare. The bottle, while gorgeous, is not the best tool for pouring and this coupled with the heavy consistency of the oil makes applying small amounts very awkward. The safest technique is to apply a small amount to your finger first then apply to the body but this is not exactly a practical solution. The oil being very thick and sticky also makes it difficult to spread on the skin.

      The Shunga being on your skin doesn't really do much at all - no sensations, just a gooey mess. When you blow on it, though, it changes into a completely different animal! When your partner blows on or licks the oil it gives a REALLY warm sensation which I'm sure could be too much for some people. If you have ultra sensitive nipples or genitals then watch out!

      The oil definitely tastes much better once heated up on the skin and while it still isn't the nicest thing we have ever tasted it becomes pleasant enough to enjoy the experience.

      We were worried that the heavily dyed oil would stain our bedding yet despite being careful we still managed to get some on the sheets! We needn't have worried, though - the blue stain came out during a normal 30-degree wash without any issues.

      The Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil is not suitable for a quick fumble. It is sticky, slow and sensual. The warming sensation and the fact that it needs to be licked off is all that the Shunga oil has to offer but what else do you really need? If you are looking for an intimate warming oil in attractive packaging and are not bothered by the price then this product is for you.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Packaging. Warm sensations.
      Price. Difficult to pour.
      Bottom line
      Beautiful product but not the most practical.
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    1. Recommendation: Avoid

      Reviewed: September 12, 2011 by Chimera, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I bought this item for my anniversary with my boyfriend. The flavour of 'Champagne and Strawberries' seemed highly appropriate, and I couldn't wait to surprise him with it!

      When it arrived I couldn't help but give it a quick inspection (it was several weeks before I would see my boyfriend, and I was excited!) It was packaged in a really good quality black tube, with an oriental styling to it. I noticed the sticker on the top said "Sparkling Strawberry Wine" rather than "Champagne and Strawberries." Whilst I imagine the flavours pretty much equate, I was a bit disappointed as I felt "Sparkling Strawberry Wine" lacked some of the romance of the flavour advertised.

      So anniversary time, and there it was wrapped up amongst the goodies lying on a box in the bed. My boyfriend's face lit up when he saw it a) because it really does make a gorgeous present, you cannot fault the packaging or the quality that seems to ooze from it b) because he's obsessed with massages, and here was a massage oil designed for intimate areas and c) because he quite likes the odd (or not so odd...) blow/hand job. After finishing present opening this was the first thing he wanted to play with.

      So on to the bed it came. For the first time I pulled off the lid and looked inside. It contained a gorgeous corked glass bottle containing a pretty pink liquid and a leaflet of information from Shunga. The information gave some details on the history of the company and listed their other products in both English and French. There were no instructions, although there are some on the tube it came in (essentially: apply, rub, blow on, lick).

      So I tried to open it. Now whilst appealing to a strong man to help you may make some people feel pretty sexy and attractive, it wasn't particularly how I felt when I had to ask my partner to remove the cork for me. I'm not particularly weak either, normally the one that opens things for other people, in fact. So if you don't have much strength in your hands, beware of that.

      Anyway it was opened, and I poured a little in to the palm of my hand. "Luxurious" was the word that sprang to mind. As in boudoir, slow, sultry sexiness. This is a thick, oozing liquid that felt glamorous as it glooped into my hand. I tasted a little on my finger, and I would say they got the flavour spot on and it was decidedly palatable. I rubbed it quickly between my hands and started to massage my partner's erogenous zones. I rubbed through his pubic hair and up his foreskin, and on to the head itself. Everywhere I've seen has advertised this as safe to use in such a way. I was surprised that such a thick, sensuous liquid felt gritty under my touch, but I ignored that and continued about my massage.

      This product sells itself as an aphrodisiac oil that intensifies pleasure and sensations. It does this, completely. My partner remarked almost instantly about how sensitive it made him feel. And when I blew on it? The wave of heat that spread across his tender areas certainly seemed to please. I was pretty happy with my purchase at that point, certainly worth the money in my mind!

      I really enjoyed my time using the oil with my boyfriend. Once we'd finished I did find that my hands still felt rather gritty, but to be honest I just thought a wet wipe and that was that sorted.

      The next day I heard my partner yelp. He'd found little scratches on his foreskin that hurt whenever his penis was pulled. As you can imagine, this didn't please me particularly and also made me feel really guilty. We both concluded that there was an exceptionally high probability that this was caused by the aphrodisiac oil.

      I think the grittiness damaged the sensitive skin of those areas, and thus would really not recommend it for use anywhere delicate. I have since given his back a quick massage with it (figuring it was tougher skin, and probably could do with exfoliation) It was nice enough, although because of the high viscosity of this oil I can see a lot being used for little being achieved. The intensity of the heat was far less than when used on his more sensitive areas. It also left him feeling sticky (even after I had licked it off) so the wet wipes came out again.

      The heat is a nice aspect to this oil, but I would never buy it again due to the fact I would be far too nervous to ever use it for its original purpose and there are far better general massage oils out there (try Earthly Body out, perhaps.)

      Main points:

      1) Flavour is misleading: 'Sparkling Strawberry Wine' not 'Champagne and Strawberries'.

      2) Very gritty.

      3) Tastes nice.

      4) Scratched my partner's penis.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Tasted lovely.
      Too abrasive.
      Bottom line
      If you have delicate skin, it's probably not for you.
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