1. Optimum Power Vibrating Blow Job Super Stroker

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      1. Optimum Power Vibrating Blow Job Super Stroker

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    1. Product Description

      With a soft, inviting Fleshlight-style mouth entrance leading to a velvety-feel shaft that delivers a powerful stroking action along its length, this is the best blow job you'll get this year - and it never says "no".

      The intensity of the strokes can be controlled by the attached handset.

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      Optimum Power Vibrating Blow Job Super Stroker 4 2 out of 5 stars 2 out of 5

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      1. Optimum Power Vibrating Blow Job Super Stroker
      2. Optimum Power Vibrating Blow Job Super Stroker


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    1. The Stroker

      Reviewed: January 27, 2006 by rccooke

      Great toy except the stroking shaft wears out very very quickly also it would be nice if there were a variable speed

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
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    1. Power Super Stoker

      Reviewed: March 9, 2007 by The King Of Dongs

      First time adult toy user here. The toy looks great and the concept is great. I had to extend the entrance slightly to fit. However, this was the only way i could fit in the item. The second problem is the motor jams when you go all the way in since it can not roll all the way down or up.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The soft mouth entrance the design
      I could not fit into the toy so had to extend the entrance. The motor jams and bead cannot go up or down when you have fully entered the toy
      Bottom line
      Its ok.
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    1. A really good idea gone horribly, horribly wrong.

      Reviewed: November 16, 2007 by Coowbooy

      This device looks delightful, a relatively tame size, convenient controller, sumptuous cyberskin lips which feel quite authentic to the touch. The whole thing appears compact and inviting, sure to please you think, until you try to use it. The idea is that you insert yourself and allow the stroking mechanism to run a circle of beads up and down your manhood in a masturbative motion.

      Unfortunately, an average to below average sized penis cannot even get through the mouth without instantly tearing the cyberskin apart on the first insertion, including the tiny nodules inside which all just break away instantly. You also cannot insert very far, not only because the inner tube is very short, but also because the cyberskin compresses too much for you to even reach the end of the tube anyway.

      It says on this website that the device has vibrations, and I quote: "Vibration: Multiple speeds". This is not true, the device does not vibrate. At all. And I don't mean mine was broken, I mean it does not actually have a vibrator unit within it. I assume they just write that on every product because they assume we are too stupid to actually tell the difference.

      Lastly, the stroking mechanism. Just from observing it you can tell it has all the power of a wind-up toy, it has that pathetic, weak-sounding whirry motor noise that you'd expect to hear from a plastic marching robot powered by a watch battery. But power isn't the real problem here, no, it's the actual design of the toy itself.

      Within the translucent purple chassy you have two more layers, the cyberskin inner tube in which you insert yourself, and a large, thick, virtually solid hard-plastic tube which holds it in place. This tube in itself is thinner than the girth of the average penis, and makes a full insertion completely impossible.

      Also, it is worthy pointing out that this plastic tubes also completely blocks the transmission of any and all sensations from the stroking mechanism to your penis. The spring-taught beads which move up and down inside the chassy are actually stroking this solid plastic tube, not your penis.

      Yes, you read that right. The toy strokes itself, there is a wall of solid white plastic between you and the massaging effects of those beads. Even if you had the most sensitive penis in the world, you could not physically humanly feel a single thing through that tube. Oh, but it doesn't stop there.

      Remember I said the beads were held by a spring? This is to make them elasicated, so they can wrap around your penis (or in reality, the solid, lifeless plastic tube) tightly as they slide up and down. Unfortunately, the geniuses who designed this contraption decided to make the ring of beads way too large.

      So on the one I had, the generously large ring formed a perfect loop around the stupid thick plastic tube that was around my penis, without making contact with any portion of it. This also means that the spring which links the two halves of the loop together has the adverse effect, allowing the ring even more give, just in case at any point there was any actual friction, the spring now diffuses it.

      This cannot be a problem with just the one I had, because I would assume all the componants for the device are factory-standard in all models, they would obviously all turn out the same way. The bead ring is bigger than the tube it surrounds, there is no physical way it can actually work.

      I said earlier that this toy pretty much strokes itself, well I take that back. It actually strokes thin air, around a solid plastic tube that transmits no sensation, around a ridiculously narrow, extremely breakable cyberskin insertable, around a partially inserted, extremely frustrated penis covered in peices of pink foam. All wrapped up in a wonderfully non-vibrating little chassy.

      You *literally* can't even use this for humping. If you have made the grand mistake of ordering this, cancel it quickly, or if already delivered, write to them telling them everything I just told you, and they should give you a refund as they did me.

      Either way, this is nothing but a monumental waste of time, money, and credibility for the company that was foolish enough to actually release this piece of trash and pass it off as a sex toy. I only wish someone had written a review like this one for me to read before I did go and waste all that time. Thus, I hope this helps deter someone else from the same mistake

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      The feel of the cyberskin.
      Everything else.
      Bottom line
      It's like someone found a way to turn sexual frustration into a solid, tangible object, then actually made it worse during the manufacturing process.
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