1. Berman Center Isis Beginner Pelvic Exerciser

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      1. Berman Center Isis Beginner Pelvic Exerciser

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    1. Product Description

      The Isis is a seamless, smooth pelvic exerciser made of hygenically superior lucite, designed for absolute beginners for pelvic muscle exercises. Perfect for the woman who wants to strengthen her pc muscles.

      How do I use it?

      Insert the Isis gradually over time and use according to your comfort levels. Insert the Isis as far as comfortable and squeeze your vaginal muscles around it. Start by using it lying down, and eventually try to use your muscles to hold it while standing up. Use with a good lube for best results.

      Developed by reknowned sexologist Dr Laura Berman of Berman Center...

      "The Berman Center Intimate Accessories Collection are designed by women for women to give you and your partner exactly what you need to optimize your sex life. I, along with my team of clinicians, have worked with thousands of women through the years and we've listened to what they want and need."

      "Use the intimate Accessories alone or share with your partner. We have included instructions and diagrams to show you how to use these products in ways that have been the most successful for other women. We hope you and your partner enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them."

      6 inches in length, 3 inches in circumference at its widest.

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      1. Berman Center Isis Beginner Pelvic Exerciser
      2. Berman Center Isis Beginner Pelvic Exerciser


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    1. For the woman who doesn't like balls...

      Reviewed: November 9, 2007 by mcbirdie, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I do, of course, mean women who don't like Ben Wa balls. I am a big fan of Kegel exercises and I use Love Eggs or another type of ball pretty regularly to make sure that I'm keeping up good muscle control. I was quite intrigued when I saw this type of exerciser and figured it was worth a tryout.

      I'm very glad I did, as it is different enough from how the balls function to make me feel that I'm getting a different sort of workout and is enjoyable in its own right. Unlike the balls, you can't insert this and go about your business (not unless you have a completely unique vaginal canal, anyway) so you have to set aside time for it. That is actually one of the great things about it--sometimes I can put in a set of Love Eggs and pretty much forget that they're there. If you have fairly good muscle tone to start with, or if you're just naturally smaller, your body can hold them in without you doing the work--which rather defeats the purpose of the whole endeavor.

      This, on the other hand, requires you to think about it. Following their slightly brief instructions, I used this with a dab of lube while I was lying in bed. And using that time to read a bit of erotica ensured that I was motivated to remember to squeeze around the exerciser at regular intervals. Which...really is arousing and pleasurable. It's like masturbating in slow motion, which I'm sure there are plenty of women who will enjoy. But unlike just straight masturbating, this also has the benefit of increasing your muscle strength, which your partner will enjoy--a definite bonus.

      While this says it is for strict beginners and I am not, I found that there was still plenty of use in it for me. While holding it in and squeezing it while I was lying down is simple for me, I still found that I struggled to hold it in while standing for any great length of time. So if you've been doing your Kegels already, don't fear that this is going to be too easy for you--it will still give you a good workout.

      The exerciser itself is really lovely. Translucent with a hint of pinkish grey, and it comes in a gorgeous transparent lavender mesh bag. You can easily leave this out without anyone realizing what they're looking at. Throw in the discreet, woman-centric packaging and I really couldn't be more pleased with this product. I know I'll be looking at the next in the same range when I'm ready to move up to a weighted version.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Fabulous quality, gorgeous look, and a really useful exerciser. Gives a nice change from using balls for your kegels.
      The instructions might be a bit thin for women who have never used any sort of product like this before.
      Bottom line
      Well worth the price--considering that it is pleasurable enough to use it as a stand-alone dildo, as well as being a great exerciser, I can't think of any reason why a woman wouldn't want to have one of these.
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