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  1. How to Use a Fleshlight

    The Fleshlight male sex toy is a portable, concealable, sturdy male masturbation device. The patented gel insert, made from Real Feel Super Skin, gives a feeling that is amazingly lifelike.

    It's tempting to grab your Fleshlight and just go at it, but a few moments of preparation can help you achieve a much more satisfying orgasm.

    Follow our tips for using your Fleshlight and you'll be enjoying knee-trembling ejaculation before you can say "Fast forward to the money shot!"

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    How to Use a Fleshlight

    1. Take the gel insert out of the plastic case and place it in a sink of hot tap water or just run it under the hot tap for a minute.

    2. Warm the gel insert to the desired temperature.

    3. Lightly shake the excess water off and put the insert back in the Fleshlight case.

    4. Lubricate yourself, the orifice entry and internal canal of the insert. It can be exciting just to insert your lubed fingers inside the Fleshlight canal. We recommend using a water-based lubricant like Durex Play Feel Lube.

    5. Penetrate the Fleshlight and start enjoying yourself!

    Fleshlight Sex Tips

    There are are variety of positions and methods that you can have fun trying with your Fleshlight.

    On your back
    Lie on your back and move the Fleshlight up and down the length of your penis. Try teasing the head of your penis with the Fleshlight opening before penetrating the full length of your shaft.

    On your front
    Position the Fleshlight under a pillow and penetrate as you would in the missionary position with a partner. Use your hands and forearms to support the weight of your upper body as your thrust.

    Get your hands on the Fleshlight Shower Mount for hands free pleasure during bathtime. You can also secure the Fleshlight in place by wedging it between the mattress and base of your bed, or under your sofa cushions. Penetrate the Fleshlight on your knees in a hands-free style.

    The Shoe Method
    The "shoe method" is a style of hands-free Fleshlighting. Stick the narrow end of the Fleshlight into a shoe, on a flat surface, and then penetrate as you would with a partner in the missionary position.

    Get Some Suction
    Most people like to leave the small end cap on during use, as this creates a suction on the back stroke. Use your hand to restrict airflow at the bottom of the device to increase sensation.

    Need more help?

    You can Contact Customer Care, who will be able to help you find the right Fleshlight. You can email, telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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