1. What is a Fleshlight and How Do You Use One?

    What is a Fleshlight and how do I use one?

    Gone are the days when your only option for male solo play being your choice of the right hand or the left. These days, we have Fleshlight.

    Fleshlight is the world's best-known brand of male masturbator, and it's easy to see why they've garnered so much positive attention. With thrillingly detailed textures, discreet cases and an ever-growing plethora of designs to choose from, Fleshlight is an ol' reliable just waiting to boost up your playtime.

    Dive into our Fleshlight guide to learn more about Fleshlights, how to use one and how to keep then clean. Soon you'll be ready to rumpy-pumpy with a new Fleshlight of your very own.



    What is a Fleshlight?

    So what is a Fleshlight anyway? A Fleshlight is a male masturbator – that is, a penetrable toy for penile pleasure that's been crafted from super lifelike material.

    Most Fleshlights come in a sturdy case that resembles a flashlight to keep them safe between play sessions, and there are loads to choose from, including ones moulded from the bodies of porn stars. Talk about fantasy fulfilment!

    People use Fleshlights for loads of reasons. The most obvious reason is that they feel fantastic: the wide array of internal textures and tight canals feel different to masturbating manually, and variety is the super-satisfying spice of life.

    Some couples use Fleshlights for intensified foreplay or a no-fuss additional person to their session. Still others use them for stamina training, which in turn helps them last long during sex with another person.

    Which is the best Fleshlight?

    The best Fleshlight for you will depend entirely on what you're looking for.

    Fleshlights come in a truly staggering variety of shapes, from vaginas and butts to blow job-mimicking mouths and neutral designs that don't look like a body part at all. Each Fleshlight brims with a deep canal lined with tempting texture, so you're certain to find one that suit you.

    If you have a favourite adult performer, the best Fleshlight for you might be a Fleshlight made from their intimate parts. Here are just a few of our recommendations based on other factors you may be looking for.

    The Best Fleshlight for Beginners: Fleshlight Flight Pilot

    By far the most popular Fleshlight we sell is the Flight Pilot.

    With a neutral entrance, sleek black case, and lifelike material lined with an ultra-bumpy canal, this Fleshlight is also a bit more affordable than those modelled from adult performers, so it's a brilliant investment for first-time users.

    It's also a bit shorter and lighter than standard Fleshlight cases, but has all the usual great Fleshlight features, including adjustable suction with the end cap and a discreet design that keeps your toy safe between uses.

    The Best Fleshlight for Stamina Training: Fleshlight Pure STU

    Unsurprisingly, the best Fleshlight for stamina training is one of their Staminua Training Units or STUs.

    The Fleshlight Pure STU has a neutral entrance and a consistent, repetitive texture that makes it perfect for edging and stamina training. The best way to use it is to thrust until you're close to ejaculation then stop, waiting for the edge to recede until you continue playing.

    By doing stamina training regularly, you'll become more attuned to your body and more able to control when you orgasm, which is a real benefit when you're having fun with a partner.

    The Best Couple's Fleshlight: Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Vantage

    Clear, compact and chock-full of texture, there is no better option for couples than the Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Vantage.

    The see-through case and material heightens excitement for you both when your partner pumps it on your length, and its short length means it's a fantastic accompaniment to oral sex and foreplay.

    The Best Travel Fleshlight: Fleshlight Go Jolt

    Short and sturdy, with a completely neutral case and canal entry, the Fleshlight Go Jolt has been designed as an ideal travel companion.

    Its tight, ribbed canal adds intensity to solo sessions anywhere, anytime.

    The Most Realistic Fleshlights: Mia Malkova, Riley Reid Butt, Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

    If finding the most realistic Fleshlight is your goal, look no further than Mia Malkova's Lvl Up, Riley Reid's Euphoria and the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust.

    Sporting a vagina entry, a butt entry, and a blow job-emulating canal, these three toys have been reviewed by our customers as feeling just like the real thing, so choose your favourite and dive in.

    Or just check out what our experts Sammi and Jess have to say.

    How to use a Fleshlight

    As we advised earlier, how you'll use your Fleshlight depends entirely on what you've purchased it for and how you'd like to use it. For example, anyone undergoing stamina training with their Fleshlight will use it to play for as long as they possibly without climaxing.

    For general tips, check out Annabelle's advice below.

    The best thing you can do to enjoy your Fleshlight experience is to play with plenty of water-based lubricant. Be sure to avoid silicone-based lubricant, as the silicone will degrade your Fleshlight's lifelike material.

    We also highly recommend warming your Fleshlight before use – it will make the silky-smooth material feel even more like real skin. You can buy specially designed Fleshlight warmers to do this, or you can submerge your Fleshlight in warm water for five or ten minutes before you get started.

    Lastly, here's a tip no one should be without: the base of most Fleshlights can be twisted to adjust the suction level inside the canal. Keep it screwed tightly for ultra-powerful suction, or twist to adjust for a pleasurable suck that'll last as long as you need it to.

    How to clean a Fleshlight

    Although it doesn't sound like much fun, cleaning your Fleshlight is imperative to keeping it in good condition so you can enjoy it for a long time. Luckily, Fleshlights are made to be as easy to clean as they possibly can be.

    First, you'll need to dismantle the Fleshlight by unscrewing the cap and base, then removing the sleeve from the case. These parts will require different levels of cleaning; the case can be simply rinsed and wiped clean with warm water, but the sleeve requires extra care and attention.

    Rinse the sleeve through with warm (not hot) water, taking care to flush any fluids out of all the internal texture's nooks and crannies. You can even turn your Fleshlight inside out to make this part easier.

    Once the rinse is complete, spritz your Fleshlight sleeve with sex toy cleaner. You should not use regular soap on a Fleshlight, as it will degrade the material – stick to specialty cleaners like Fleshlight sex toy cleaner and Lovehoney sex toy cleaner.

    Once your Fleshlight is clean, it needs to be fully dried. We recommend drying it with a microfibre cloth or leaving it in a warm, dry location like an airing cupboard until it's fully dry. You shouldn't return it to the case until it's dried.

    After cleaning your Fleshlight, it may not feel as smooth and pleasurable as it did originally. The sensual lifelike feel of your Fleshlight can be restored with a dusting of renewer powder.

    Our sexpert Jess walks you through the whole process in the video below.

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