Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone Spray 0.1 fl. oz

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  • Effective pheromone spray designed to stimulate male interest
  • Fresh unobtrusive scent won't ruin your favorite perfume or aftershave
  • Small 3ml bottle is easy to carry with you wherever you go
  • One spritz is all you need to have men dropping to their knees
  • Disclaimer: Might not make men drop to their knees
  • Results may vary

This pheromone spray by Mojo Pro contains natural human pheromones to help create a scent designed to attract men. Simply spritz on your skin and let nature do the work for you as the irresistible smell gets the attention of every man who passes by.

Spray directly onto your neck, wrists or behind the knees and let the pheromones work their magic. Combining a fresh fragrance with the hidden secrets of mother nature, this pheromone spray is the perfect size for keeping with you on a night out.

Results may vary.

  • Essential Info

    • Pharmacy Function: Pheromone
    • Pharmacy drug type: Spray

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