Shunga Dragon Virility Cream 2 fl. oz

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  • Delay cream made from natural extracts and herbs, designed to heighten virility and prolong pleasure
  • Fast acting – simply massage a little into the shaft just before sex
  • Easy to use, travel-friendly squeeze bottle for fun on the go

In order to honor your partner with all your might while enhancing your pleasure, Shunga has created this Dragon Virility Cream. Made from all-natural extracts and herbs, it can help men unleash the full power and energy of their manhood.

Massage a little of the virility cream into the shaft to create a warm yet cooling sensation that can help delay ejaculation while simultaneously enhancing female pleasure.

Results may vary.

  • Essential Info

    • Pharmacy Features: Fast-Acting
    • Pharmacy Function: Delay
    • Volume: 60 ml
    • Pharmacy drug type: Cream

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