Doc Johnson Natural Anal Lubricant Tub 4.5 fl oz

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  • Long-lasting, extra-thick oil-based anal lubricant for slick anal play
  • Ergonomic tub with pump nozzle makes application super-easy
  • Soothing antibacterial ingredients
  • 127ml tub - a little goes a long way

Experience anal pleasure to the max with this long-lasting oil-based lube specially formulated for use during anal sex. Apply liberally before and during play to enjoy the lube's thick viscosity and antibacterial numbing properties.

The anus doesn't self-lubricate, so a generous amount of lube is recommended for the most enhanced, slippery and comfortable sensations. Doc Johnson's oil-based anal sex lube comes in a handy pump-dispenser, letting you apply as much as needed with no wastage.

  • Essential Info

    • Bottle type: Pump
    • Lubricant Type: Anal , Oil-based
    • Volume: 127 ml

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