BlowYo Stroker Renewer Powder 2oz

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  • Renewer powder to restore the lifelike feel of your BlowYo super strokers
  • Non-toxic formula helps extend the life of your super strokers
  • Apply after cleaning and drying to keep your toys soft, supple and just like new

Keep your BlowYo super stroker in tip-top condition with this easy-to-use renewer powder. The soft, supple material of your BlowYo toy will stay as good as new when it has a post-clean dusting of this powder after every use. Open, sprinkle, job done!

First you wash your stroker with warm soapy water and an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Leave it to dry naturally, then sprinkle a light dusting of BlowYo Renewer Powder on it until a thin layer forms. Then you can just pop your BlowYo in its storage case somewhere nice and dry, and keep it safe, soft and supple till next time.

Ingredients: 100% cornstarch

  • Essential Info

    • Pharmacy drug type: Powder

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