• How To Buy Sexy Underwear For Men

    For years, it's been the way of the world that ladies have had a huge range of different bedroom lingerie and clothing to tease and titillate their lovers, whilst the gents have had to make do with a trusty pair of black boxers or designer briefs. Hardly fair, is it?

    But the times, they are a-changing. Seductive lingerie for men has recently rocketed in popularity everywhere - just take a look at our Underwear for Men section, and you'll find a whole world of thongs, boxers, briefs, and much more, designed to add a touch of sensual flair to any gent's evening attire.

    So if you're planning to treat your partner (and yourself) to some manties, we've come up with some top tips to help you choose the perfect pair to keep him feeling sexy, happy, and confident in (and out) of the bedroom.

    Why Should I Buy Men’s Lingerie?

    LHM Male Stripper Kit

    There are several reasons that your man could enjoy you adding a little lace or mesh to his boudoir ensemble:

    • Having a special outfit for the bedroom could boost his sexual confidence, which will make the whole evening even more enjoyable for both of you.

    • Sensual fabrics, like satin, microfiber, or lace, add an extra playful thrill that you just don't get with cotton supermarket underpants.

    • He may have thought about wearing something a little different, but could be too embarrassed to bring it up with you.

    Just as lingerie can help women feel powerful and desirable, seducing your lover in a sexy pair of boxers or wearing a revealing thong on underneath your clothes can be a great turn-on for a man.

    How Can I Persuade Him to Dress Up?

    If you're concerned that your partner may not be up for wearing men's lingerie, the most important thing to do is talk to them about it.

    Explain how much you'd like to see them in your chosen underwear, and reassure them about how good they'd look, as their main concern is most likely to be that they might look silly rather than sexy.

    You can also offer to return the favor and wear an outfit of their choice to set their mind at ease (a winner for you both!).

    Don't forget, they may need a little time to come round to the idea, and if they really aren't comfortable, don't force them - it's important that you're both enjoying yourselves, after all.

    How Do I Choose?

    Our Recommendations

    1. 1. Best for Newbies: LHM Stripe Mesh Boxer Shorts

      LHM Stripe Mesh Boxer Shorts

      Sheer enough to seduce, but still leaving a little to the imagination, the alternating mesh and microfibre stripes of these boxers are perfect for men who may be intimidated by the more out-there styles.

      With their tailored central pouch, and soft, stretchy material, they're comfortable enough for all-day wear, plus the opaque waistband means they're super-discreet under clothes.

      "I am not going to lie, I cannot keep my eyes (or hands) off him when he's wearing these boxers and they definitely lived up to our expectations." - NatandTom

    2. 2. Best for Roleplay: LHM Tuxedo Thong for Men

      Roleplay can be a great way to introduce your man to the idea of sexy bedroom underwear, as it gives you the opportunity to have a little fun with the concept without feeling silly.

      Perfect for playing out espionage, waiter, or butler fantasies, or just to add a special touch to those big occasions, this comfy tuxedo thong is a great way to spice up your routine.

      "His bum looked great. He was surprised that it didn't feel uncomfortable. For something I thought he would put on and take off quite quickly he seemed to be quite happy..." - jr78

    3. 3. Best for All Day: LHM Microfiber & Mesh Boxers

      If you think that your partner would enjoy the thrill of wearing their sexy new undies out and about, then the super-soft and stretchy microfiber of these boxers is perfect.

      Tailored darting to the front gives a flattering and supportive pouch to make the most of your partner's member, whilst an opaque and supremely soft microfiber waistband gives a discreet finish.

      "Really fantastic pair of pants. You could wear them every day. You will look amazing in them and your partner won't be able to keep their hands of [sic] its contents." - Goatboy Hicks

    4. 4. Best for Lingerie Lovers: Malebasics Men's Red Lace Boyshorts

      Malebasics Men's Red Lace Boyshorts

      For men who like the look and sensations of wearing women's lingerie, these sheer lacy boyshorts in vibrantly sexy red are sure to please.

      Cut in a similar shape to trunks but much shorter in the leg to flaunt your man's tush, these striking pants take the classic women's boyshort shape and adapt it to fit the male physique.

      "The pouch enhances your bulge while cushioning your manhood and I can't describe how soft and comfortable these are " - HornyOwl

    5. 5. Best for a Touch of Kink: Male Power Jouster Pouch Thong

      Male Power Jouster Pouch Thong

      If you and your partner like to dabble in bondage or power-play, then the sleek wet look fabric and metal studs of this posing thong are a great way to amp up your playtime.

      The fabric is stretchy and supportive with a high-shine finish, making it much more comfortable to wear than rubber, leather or PVC.

      " She could not keep her hands off. It does show off your package really well. We will be looking for more like it. " - northeast2foru

    6. 6. Best for Going All Out: Male Power Scandal Lace Micro Garter Short (£18.99)

      Male Power Scandal Lace Micro Garter Short

      For something even more adventurous, try a touch of gender-crossing role play with Male Power's lacy garter shorts.

      With a silky mesh pouch and thong back, these revealing shorts feature floral lace straps around the waist and legs to create the look of a suspender belt and stockings.

      " They are sooo sexy! The garters round my thighs makes it look as if I'm wearing transparent stockings." - john69

    We always want you and your partner to be totally happy with the underwear you choose, so if there are any problems at all with your final selection, don't forget that our no questions asked returns policy gives you a year to return or exchange your gift for any reason.

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