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  1. Dildos

    Buy dildos discreetly online from Lovehoney. Discover the biggest range of the best dildos, from small dildos for beginners to large dildos and realistic dildos for an authentic, totally fulfilling experience. Try a glass dildo or metal dildo for exciting temperature play, or add a new dimension to your play with a harness dildo. Need help or advice? Speak to Lovehoney Customer Care 24/7.

    Common questions about Dildos

    1. How to choose a dildo

      Because dildos come in all shapes and sizes and styles, there’s plenty to think about when trying to find the right dildo for you. Big or small? Slim or thick? Realistic or not?
      The choice can be overwhelming, which is why we created this Dildo Finder app to help you choose.
      The app lets you select the style, length and girth you want, how much you want to pay, and you can also look for dildos with additional features such as a suction cup or balls.
      Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, take a look at each product page for a more detailed description and for key features such as what material the dildo is made from.

    2. How much are dildos?

      Dildos range in price from around $10 for a small, beginner-friendly dong to over $300 for a large stainless steel wand.
      The price you pay largely depends on the material the dildo is made from and of course its size.

    3. How to use a dildo in the shower

      For hands-free dildo fun in the shower, your toy will need a suction cup base.
      Attach the suction cup to the shower tiles at a position and height that’s right for you, back onto it and ride away. If the shower head ends up providing extra stimulation then life just gets better!
      Alternatively, if your shower overhangs a bath, try attaching the dildo to the side of the tub and lower yourself onto it and ease into your rhythm.

    4. How to make a dildo

      Can’t find quite the right dildo for you? You can make one that’s an exact replica of your or your partner’s penis using a Clone-A-Willy kit.
      The kits contains everything you need for to craft your own dildo, including full instructions and all the necessary materials. They even come in fun colours such a neon purple and hot pink.

    5. Need more dildo advice?

      We have many Guides about Dildos, as well as 24-hour Customer Care to answer any questions you have.