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    On your own or with a partner, a vibrator makes it so much easier to reach orgasm. Browse our collection of best-selling sex toys for women and read customer reviews to help you pick the best women's vibrator. Not sure which sex toy to choose? Read our How to Choose the Perfect Vibrator guide for more tips on how to pick the best sex toy for you.

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    Discover the vibrators that have been teasing and pleasing Lovehoney customers...

      • Lovehoney Power Play 10 Function Silicone Rabbit Vibrator
      • Lovehoney Power Play 10 Function Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

      • Average Review 9/10
      • 259 reviews
      • I got this as part of a monthly subscription from LH, I've had many sex toys but never a rabbit! I was really missing out! I'm so glad I have this! You can really personalise the settings to what gets you off best and it's so easy to use! I will definitely be bringing this out for my partner to… Read full review
      • Our Price $49.99
      • Happy Rabbit Mini Ears Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
      • Happy Rabbit Mini Ears Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      • Average Review 9/10
      • 8 reviews
      • I am completely in love with this little rabbit! The overall look of the toy is so cute! I love the colour, the material and the grip at the back makes it easy to hold in the best position. The rabbit is completely waterproof so can be used in the shower or bath, bonus! 3 speeds and 9… Read full review
      • Our Price $49.99
      • Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Male Masturbator Wand Attachment
      • Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Male Masturbator Wand Attachment

      • Average Review 8/10
      • 70 reviews
      • This is definitely one of my favourite wand attachments. It is relatively snug but I’m able to put the whole head through and move it up and down for varying sensations. It’s basically a go stress relief whenever you need it. Needs to be combined with a full-size wand. This is the second one… Read full review
      • Our Price $24.99
      • Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator
      • Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator

      • Average Review 9/10
      • 1370 reviews
      • Oldie but a goodie. This has always hit the right spot, very well designed and easy to clean! Different speeds make all the difference and teamed up with some lubricant and it’s away you go! Could be a little quieter but overall an excellent buy! I definitely recommend this product.
      • Our Price $39.99

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    Common questions about vibrators

    1. What is a vibrator?

      A vibrator is a sex toy that has an internal motor that makes the toy vibrate. Some vibrators are powered by batteries while some can be plugged into a power socket.
      Traditionally, vibrators were designed for stimulation of the clitoris. These days, however, vibrators come in all shapes, sizes and designs.
      Some, like rabbit vibrators, stimulate more than one erogenous zone at the same time, while others can be operated via remote control, such as pantie vibrators.
      You can also get prostate vibrators for men, and couples vibrators designed to stimulate both partners at the same time.

    2. When was the vibrator invented?

      In the nineteenth century, doctors would often manually stimulate women to the point of climax to cure their ‘hysteria’ - which was a catch-all term to describe a number of ailments.
      To make this a little easier on the doctors’ arms, vibrators were invented. But early vibrators weren't like the small toys that are available today – they were very large medical appliances often mounted on tables!

    3. What are vibrators made out of?

      Fast forward to the present day, and vibrators are now made from materials such as silicone, plastic or PVC. Anything you put inside your body should be made from a body-safe material - all products for sale on the Lovehoney website are body-safe.
      Skin-safe rubber and PVC are usually used for rabbit vibrators and finger vibes as the vibrations travel through the rabbit ears or any nubs and nodules to give a pleasurable tingly feeling.
      ABS plastic and smooth-coated plastic vibrators are ideal for firm, precise stimulation of the clitoris or G-spot.
      Silicone is a premium material which feels silky-smooth to the touch. Silicone is not compatible with silicone lubricant, so make sure you only use your silicone vibrator with water-based lube.

    4. Which vibrator should I buy?

      This depends on what you want your vibrator to do, how much you want to spend and what special features and functions you want your vibrating sex toy to have.
      For example, if you want a G-spot vibrator there’s a huge range of sex toys available, from rabbit vibrators designed for dual (and sometimes even triple) stimulation to luxury silicone vibrators.
      If you want strong vibrations, choose an extra powerful vibrator such as the Lovehoney Deluxe Massage Wand Vibrator, which is perfect for couples play, deep-tissue massage and intense stimulation.
      If discretion is more important to you than powerful vibrations, have a look at our extra quiet vibrators section, where you’ll find whisper quiet sex toys for discreet play.
      Size is something to consider too - if you’re looking for a small, portable vibe you can take with you on your travels, a bullet vibrator is perfect. Small vibrators are also non-intimidating for beginners and couples play.
      At the other end of the scale, you can buy girthy vibrators shaped like a real penis and made from real-feel material that include lifelike features such as veins and balls.
      Some vibrators require batteries, but others are USB rechargeable and mains-powered. Mains-powered vibrators are very powerful, but you need a power source to use them, and they are never waterproof.
      USB rechargeable vibrators are often more expensive than battery-powered sex toys, but they’re usually much quieter.
      If you want a waterproof vibrator that you can take in the shower or bath, check the ‘Specifics’ section of a product page, where it will tell you if it’s submersible or not.
      You can use our Vibrator Finder to help you decide which vibrating sex toy to buy.

    5. Why do people use vibrators?

      A vibrator can help you discover new erogenous zones and sensations, fast-track your orgasm, and help you get to know your body and how you like to be touched.
      Specially designed vibrators can help you find and stimulate your internal pleasure zones like the G-spot or prostate, which can sometimes be tricky to locate with just your fingers or a penis.
      Couples vibrators are great if you love the intimacy of sex and foreplay but need some help achieving orgasm.
      We sell small bullet vibrators that can be incorporated into sex easily, as well as vibrating cock rings and wearable couples vibrators that can be worn during vaginal penetration.

    6. Do I need to use lube with my vibrator?

      Yes! Lubricant makes everything much smoother and more enjoyable, mimicking the body’s natural fluids and reducing friction. Lube also aids insertion, which is especially important if you’re using an anal vibrator.
      Make sure your lube is compatible with your vibrator, and never use silicone lube with a silicone vibrator.

    7. Want to know more about vibrators?

      Our expert customer care team are available 24/7, 7 days a week to answer your queries. All our advisors are trained sexual happiness experts, so you can ask them absolutely anything about vibrators.
      You can contact us via phone, live chat or email.

    8. Read Vibrator reviews by Lovehoney customers

      There are over 30,000 vibrators reviews on the Lovehoney website , all from our customers.
      Each product page clearly shows how many reviews that particular vibrator has received and what star rating people have given it out of 5.
      Read the reviews to help you find the right vibrator for you - and don’t forget to submit your own vibrator review once you’ve tried out your new toy!