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  1. Vibrators

    On your own or with a partner, a vibrator makes it so much easier to reach orgasm. Browse our collection of best-selling sex toys for women and read customer reviews to help you pick the best women's vibrator. Not sure which sex toy to choose? Read our How to Choose the Perfect Vibrator guide for more tips on how to pick the best sex toy for you.

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    Common questions about Vibrators

    1. How does a vibrator work?

      Vibrators are a kind of sex toy that are used to stimulate sensitive areas of the body. They contain a motor that, when switched on, generates vibrations that excite nerve endings for pleasurable massages, or to induce an orgasm.

      Vibrators come in all different shapes and sizes, depending on which part of the body it’s designed to work on. Lots have different functions so you can easily find the kind of stimulation that works best for you.

      With so many to choose from, we’ve created this Vibrator Finder app to help you find the perfect vibrator for you.

    2. How to use a vibrator during sex

      For many couples, adding a vibrator to sex means giving one or both partners a little extra stimulation, which can be just enough help close that orgasm gap.

      Smaller vibrators, such as bullet vibrators, are great to use during intercourse, as they give precise vibrations and don’t get in the way. Just turn them on and hold them against clitorises, nipples, perineums, and other sensitive spots for added fun.

      Alternatively, vibrating cock rings sit around the base of his penis, meaning the vibrations are held in place, hands-free, against both of your bodies during penetrative sex.

    3. Can you put a vibrator in your luggage?

      Whether you can travel with any sex toys on international flights depends entirely on the country you’re visiting, so do check the laws around owning and importing vibrators before you fly.

      If the country you’re visiting is A-OK with adult toys, there are some things to remember before popping your favorite vibe into your luggage.

      The easiest way to travel with a vibrator is to put it in your hold luggage, but if you only have a carry-on, try to choose a vibrator with a travel lock to stop it accidentally going off mid-flight.

      You’ll also need to remove any batteries from your vibe before heading through security (if it isn’t rechargeable). In fact, it’s probably easiest to buy your fresh batteries at the airport or at your destination.

      And remember, if airport staff find your sex toy: they’ve seen it all before!

    4. Can you use a vibrator when pregnant?

      Knowing what sexual activity you can engage in when you’re pregnant isn’t always easy, but unless your doctor has specifically advised you to abstain completely, using a vibe should be perfectly safe for you and your baby.

      If you’re concerned, though, it’s always best to check with a medical professional.

    5. Vibrators for long-distance relationships

      Couples who don’t live together may like to use a sex toy with a long-distance remote control to keep that intimacy going, even when they’re not physically together.

      Using a new technology known as ‘teledildonics’, these vibrators are controlled using a smartphone app, meaning you can play together from practically anywhere in the world.

    6. Controlling a vibrator with your phone

      Some vibrators are compatible with smartphone apps that allow you to control the vibrations from huge distances away.

      If you and your partner want to share the pleasure of playing together, check out these app-controlled vibrators from We-Vibe.

    7. Need more vibrator advice?

      We have many Guides about Vibrators, as well as 24-hour Customer Care to answer any questions you have.