1. Crowned Jewels Farringdon Double Ended Aluminium Dildo (S Curve)

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      1. Crowned Jewels Farringdon Double Ended Aluminium Dildo (S Curve)

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    1. Product Description

      Double up on sensory thrills with Crowned Jewels' twin-ended dildo, whose firm S-shaped body allows for a pick-and-mix approach to G and P-spot pleasure. Lustrous titanium-enriched aluminum makes for an exquisite play surface that can be warmed or cooled before use.

      Slender and tapered for easy insertion, build your thrills with the smooth side then switch to the beaded end and propel to climax. Shaped into a subtle S, the dildo is designed to grind into sensitive internal hot spots for extra pleasure when twisting or thrusting.

      Whatever side you choose to use, maximize the dildo's smooth sensations by slicking it with water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Double-ended aluminum dildo with S-curve
      • Smooth tapered end and undulating end for varied sensations
      • Cast from lustrous titanium-enriched aluminum
      • Curved to angle into G or P spots for intense pleasure
      • Temperature-responsive toy can be cooled or warmed

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    1. Crowned Jewels Farringdon Double Ended Aluminium Dildo (S Curve)

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      Double up on sensory thrills with Crowned Jewels' twin-ended dildo, the firm S-shaped body allows for a pick-&-mix approach to G and P-spot stumulation. Titanium-enriched aluminium makes for an exquisite play surface that can be warmed or cooled.

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      1. Crowned Jewels Farringdon Double Ended Aluminium Dildo (S Curve)
      2. Crowned Jewels Farringdon Double Ended Aluminium Dildo (S Curve)


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    1. Petite perfection

      Reviewed: March 24, 2016 by Lovebirds_x

      As a fan of glass dildos, I’ve been curious as to what an aluminium dildo would feel like. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try this one out in exchange for a review. Thank you so much, Lovehoney!

      My first impression on this toy was quite simply that it is incredibly beautiful. It’s more like a sculpture than a dildo. The packaging is pretty yet minimalistic, which allows your focus to be drawn to the toy itself. The included storage bag is a bit on the thin side. It’s worth keeping the box for storage to give the toy more protection (which is fine as the box is both small and discreet).

      The main thing I was wondering was how would an aluminium dildo differ from a glass dildo. They certainly have a lot of similarities: they’re both silky smooth, completely rigid and suitable for use with any lube (although slick enough to use without). There were a couple of things that stood out to me.

      Weight: despite having all the solid feel of a glass toy, this toy is super lightweight. This is the main thing that sets aluminium apart from glass to me. The lighter weight is great for longer sessions where the weight of a glass toy would tire your arms, or indeed for those who cannot use heavier toys. Aluminium is a great alternative to steel for those who want a metal toy but can’t cope with/don’t enjoy the weight involved.

      The lightweight also makes this toy feel very small during use. With glass toys I’ve found you can get a feeling of fullness from the weight of the toy, even if the length/girth are small on paper. With aluminium, you don’t get this. This is great for people who want a petite toy, but not so great for those who want a little more substance.

      Temperature response: temperature play is a big thing with glass toys. With aluminium this reaches a new level. I’ve found this dildo responds to changes in temperate a lot more quickly than glass toys of similar size, so if you want a toy that will heat up/cool down quickly this is great.

      I also noticed it can go both far hotter and far colder than a glass toy, which means you can be a bit more extreme in your temperature play. The material seems to prefer staying warm rather than cold, so if warm is your preference you’ll really enjoy this toy. However, it’s a good idea to check the temperature against your skin before inserting it so you don’t burn yourself as it can heat up/cool down more than what you expect.

      During use the sleekness and temperature of the toy are what really stand out. Each end of the dildo provides completely different sensations. It’s like having two toys in one.

      The beaded end is great for texture fans, because it’s so tapered and the beads are so pronounced I actually thought this felt better anally than vaginally. You’ve essentially got a lovely length of four aluminium anal beads on this end. The first three beads don’t feel any bigger than a finger when inserted while the fourth provides a satisfying if sudden increase in girth. This end doesn’t fare so well as a g-spot/p-spot toy, but does provide excellent stimulation to the anus/vaginal opening.

      The smooth end is great for g-spot stimulation, the slightly bulbous head and gentle curve mean it hits the spot every time and despite the lack of weight, the solid aluminium still provides a firm pressure. The taper on the head makes for easy insertion, which again makes this this amazing for comfortable anal play. It can seek out and stimulate the p-spot as effectively as the g-spot, although with this end I have to say it feels just as good vaginally as it does anally.

      Whichever end you use, the other end functions as a comfortable handle. I prefer inserting the smooth end and using the beaded end as a handle, partly because the beaded end lacks any real g-spot stimulation and partly because the beads provide a better grip when everything is lubed up.

      Overall, I really like this toy. The petite size is great for days where you don’t want to be stretched and you just want some solid but comfortable G-spot stimulation. I would see this working well for people who are new to penetration, whether anal or vaginal, as the small size and tapered shape both lend themselves to easy and comfortable insertion. It would also be great for those who are wary of using a glass toy for fear of it breaking (which it won’t, but it’s understandable to worry) but who still want to experience a firmer material or temperature play.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great visual appeal, lightweight, petite, easy and comfortable to use, solid G-spot/P-spot stimulation.
      Nothing, although for some the very small size/lack of weight could be a negative.
      Bottom line
      Great both vaginally and anally, ideal for those looking for a petite penetrative toy.
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    1. Excellent introduction to metal

      Reviewed: June 14, 2016 by Morgue13-2, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      I'd been wanting to try a metal toy for a while. I like the idea of eschewing modern materials for certain roleplays, but I haven't become a glass fantastic and I wanted to see if metal was worth the price. As this was on special offer and came with free silicone lube that I was planning on buying anyway, it seemed like a good introduction.

      This is the most I've spent on a non-vibrating toy and I'd have to say if you can afford it it's quite worth the money. The packaging was too beautiful to throw away for one thing. The feel of metal is lovely, even for someone like me who turns his nose up at temperature play, something sliding in cold gives a pleasant shiver. It gets very warm very fast though and this quickly becomes erotic too.

      It's a good shape if you like penetration toys that are on the small side, perfect for anal use. The choice of different ends makes it versatile, but it has the downside that you can't as easily sit on it or otherwise hold it in place while you're busy doing something else. However, this problem is mitigated somewhat by it not being too long, and it's still far less of an issue than with some similarly shaped glass dildos that I found myself worrying I would snap in half; irrational or not, that sort of anxiety is not really a turn on!

      It's not as heavy as I might have liked, many people rate the weight as one of the appeals of metal toys, but this one was fairly light, though that has advantages too.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Material, shape, appearance and presentation are all great.
      Expense, also size and shape are versatile, but not the best for some applications.
      Bottom line
      Excellent choice for a luxury toy.
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    1. An excellent quality toy, but not the ideal shape and size for me

      Reviewed: February 21, 2016 by Ruby Red Slippers, a Straight Engaged Female

      I'd never tried a metal toy before but had been lusting after one for a while, so I was delighted to be given the chance to review the Farringdon.

      Looks and packaging:

      I think some sex toys look like modern works of art that should out on display instead of tucked away in a drawer - the Farringdon is one of them. It’s a beautiful piece that’s clearly very well made.

      I love the packaging for this toy, as it’s very luxurious but functional. The toy comes in a black cylindrical box with a red wax seal - it looks like the packaging for a bottle of expensive whisky. I reckon you could leave it in your kitchen and no one would guess what’s inside! Inside the box, you’ll find the Farringdon and a cloth storage bag with a discreet Crowned Jewels logo on it. I keep the toy in the storage bag and tucked in the box when not in use. I like how there’s no wasteful packaging as the packaging is minimal and functional.


      This toy is made of titanium-enriched aluminium, so it’s incredibly smooth to touch and is the only toy I can use without lube (although it feels even better if you do use some). The aluminium is non-porous, hypoallergenic and nickel free, so the Farringdon is completely body-safe. It can also be used with any kind of lube which gives it an advantage over silicone toys.

      Aluminium is also great for temperature play as it’s easy to heat up or chill and it holds the temperature well. When I took the Farringdon out of the box it was already very cold. I really enjoyed using it like this - which surprised me, as I don’t like cold glass toys. It also feels lovely when warmed up - smooth and warm is the perfect combination for me.

      How it feels:

      The Farringdon is like having two different toys, as one end is beaded and the other has a short, slim shaft and a fuller tip that tapers at the end. I enjoyed using the smooth end of the toy as it’s very comfortable to insert and move and the beaded end makes a good handle, so it can be held in place easily. I wish that the tip of the toy was bigger and more bulbous, as for me, it isn’t the right shape and size to give great G-spot stimulation. If it was more like the shape and size of the Lovehoney G-spot glass dildo it would have been ideal.

      The beads on the other end are very pronounced and I actually found it quite uncomfortable to use this part of the toy. The bead at the end of the toy is very small, so it wasn’t big enough to provide any G-spot stimulation, but I think it would be good for those who want to try it for anal use, as the first bead is so small and the size of the beads gradually increases. I think the Farringdon would have worked better for me if the largest bead was at the end, as a bigger bead could have provided great G-spot stimulation.

      As it’s a metal toy I was expecting it to feel somewhat heavy, but it was actually quite light. Some reviewers for Njoy toys (which are made of stainless steel) have said that they found them too heavy to hold, so I think the Farringdon would be a great option for those who love the feel of metal but struggle to hold a heavy toy. I was a bit disappointed though, as I really enjoy the heavy feeling of glass toys and I was hoping that this one would feel similar.

      Aside from it’s intended use, I found that the Farringdon works very well as a body massager. I heated in in warm water then tried applied massage oil, and it did a great job of relieving some muscle tension in my shoulders and legs. You can use it to massage hard to reach areas and it gives firm pressure, so I can use this instead of tiring my hands.


      While I enjoyed using it, the Farringdon didn’t make me see stars. I would have enjoyed it much more if it had a larger and more rounded tip and was a bit heavier. I much prefer my Lovehoney slimline glass g-spot toy (which is much cheaper than the Farringdon). That said, this is a really well made, good quality toy and I’d recommend it for those who enjoy the sensation of very pronounced beads, temperature play and a small curved tip for G-spot stimulation and who can’t (or prefer not to) use heavier toys.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Good quality, body safe, works well as a body massager and great for temperature play.
      Beads were uncomfortable for me, tip isn't big and round enough for good G-spot stimulation.
      Bottom line
      Well made, lightweight, great for temperature play but not ideal for G-spot stimulation for me.
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