Top 8 Best Sex Dolls

Curious about getting your thrills on with a more lifelike sex toy? Innovative and stunningly-crafted sex dolls enable mind-blowingly realistic romps.

Unlike other sex toys and masturbators, sex dolls allow you to enjoy penetration and sex positions virtually identical to those you would enjoy with a partner.

Choose between the more affordable blow-up (inflatable) dolls, and their more state-of-the-art, ultra-realistic (and heavier) silicone counterparts, and everything in between. Read on to find the right sex doll for your taste and budget.

Best for realistic vibrations (blow-up)

THRUST Pro Xtra Naomi Vibrating Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll 134oz

Blonde hair, blue eyes, bountiful breasts: no matter how you look at it, Naomi's charms are hard to resist. With no detail spared, from her delicate eyelashes to her tempting vagina, ass and mouth, Naomi's an amazing lover just waiting to be discovered.

What customers say: "I find myself becoming aroused whenever I handle Naomi. The way her realistic nipples push against me coupled with her breasts being a different material to the body really helps them stand out. Her hands and feet are lighter than other dolls which means they don't overly weigh her limbs down.".

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Best for authentic play (blow-up)

Shy Camilla Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 112oz

Shy Camilla is no shrinking violet - blessed with large breasts, a 3D rotocasted head and a thrillingly lifelike textured pussy and ass. Featuring a removable bullet vibrator for heightened sensations, this lady demands to be deflowered

What customers say: "I bought this after being in a long-distance relationship for 3 years...and it is amazing. She is beautiful, and easy to use, inflate and use with the right lube. The private parts feel just as good as the real thing. I would really recommend.".

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Best for male sex doll (blow-up)

Gladiator Inflatable Male Sex Doll with 7 Inch Realistic Dildo 34.7oz

This Gladiator may be full of hot air but he is packing some serious weaponry. From a 7-inch realistic dildo penis (with vibrator), and soft, vibrating tongue, right down to his tight ass opening, muscles and pubic hair detail.

What customers say: "I’m embarrassed to say but wow this gives me an orgasm within a few minutes when my ex couldn’t! I bought this as I missed sex but don’t want another man just yet. Now I don’t think I’ll ever need a man, hahahaha!".

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Best for beginners (blow-up)

Kimmi Lovecok Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll 3.2kg

Kimmi Lovecok is the girl who just keeps on giving. From her beautifully crafted face, hands and feet, to her voluptuous breasts, real-feel nipples and moveable arms. Kimmi comes with her own bullet vibrator and ultra lifelike pussy and ass.

What customers say: "She looks amazing. Doesn't have that cheap comedy look you'd associate with a sex doll, she genuinely looks good. Her face, hands and feet are crafted beautifully, and you can interlock your fingers with hers, which is really nice!".

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Best for ultra-realistic luxury (silicone)

THRUST Pro Elite Roxy Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll 1587oz

So incredibly realistic, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Roxy was the real thing. This buxom beauty features soft skin, squeezable breasts and nipples, and 3 textured canals. She even has screws in her feet to support standing sex positions.

What customers say: "Has a great feel and is very lifelike. Definitely worth buying this product as it really spiced up the experience now that I have this great product. Not too tight as some products have a problem with, so I would definitely recommend this.".

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Best for versatility

THRUST Pro Elite Alicia Realistic Vagina, Ass and Tits Masturbator 264.5oz

A reet petite treat, Alicia, the super realistic medium torso, has pert bouncy breasts, a super slim waist and an uber lifelike feel. Delve into her deliciously textured vagina and ass and experience amazingly authentic pleasure alone or with a partner.

What customers say: "It’s excellent quality, the weight is perfect, and can be used in any sex based position including placing it on top.".

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Best for hands-free

THRUST Pro Elite Tiana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator 246.9oz

This intricately detailed, deliciously dark, male masturbator enables hands-free fun, and offers two enticing ribbed entrances. Both openings are perfectly poised for fulfilling those doggy-style fantasies with optimum visual appeal.

What customers say: "Great purchase, feels great, shape is on point, both holes are really nice, guaranteed fun. Blowing off steam with Tiana is easy. Working on stamina, blowing off steam or practising freak levels is hot.".

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Best for couples play

Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll 35oz

Perfectly designed for men, women and couples, this doll boasts a physique to die for. He is made entirely from Fanta Flesh for skin that feels as good as it looks. The dual-layered penis and textured anal canal are all part of the thrilling package.

What customers say: "Our first night had my wife riding ‘Brad’ reversed cowgirl while I ate her for some time, then she jumped around to ride him on top and wanted me to enter her arse, which I happily obliged. She said afterwards she had never felt so completely full.".

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