How to Give a Handjob

Have you ever been in the middle of giving a handjob and suddenly thought, am I doing this right? Or maybe you’ve found yourself questioning whether it even feels good for your partner as your hand gets more and more tired? Well, you’re not alone.

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Position of the Week: The Bargain Hunter

Scream with delight as you bag yourself a Lovehoney Black Friday bargain while riding your way to that special place. The best kind of double whammy if you ask us. The Bargain Hunter position lets you keep your finger on the pulse to get the hottest Black Friday deals ever, while indulging in a bit of hop on, grind and ride time.

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Position of the Week: Looking Glass

The Looking Glass position is wonderfully intimate and gives each partner a direct line of communication about the what, why and where of intimate pleasure. Self-pleasuring is often thought of as a one-person activity, but inviting each other to watch as you masturbate opens up a whole new world of teaching your partner about yourself and what it takes to get you to that special place.

What will you discover when you look through this Looking Glass?

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This Week on YouTube: How to attach stockings to suspenders

We love stockings - they are the perfect finishing touch to sexy lingerie looks. However, keeping them in place can be a real pain, plus there's nothing sexy about struggling to get them on for 20 minutes either.

Join Annabelle and Brenna as they break down exactly how to attach your stockings to a suspender or garter belt.

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