lovehoney position of the week - hot squat

Position of the Week: Hot Squat

Are you ready for the Hot Squat? Designed to give you so much more than pert buttocks, this position will see you wave goodbye to the gym as you get those hot spots singing and those glutes working hard for one helluva climax showdown.

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Position of the week - the close up

Position of the Week: The Close-Up

A cuddle with the naughtiest and most pleasurable of intentions, The Close-Up allows you to get up-close, very personal and in a prime position to please. Go slow or turn it into a fast and explosive sex session – you decide.

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13 Toys for the Most Common Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are imagined scenarios that arouse us, and almost all of us (a whopping 95%) have had one. Plus, a lucky 50% of us have one every single day!

We have them most commonly when we're daydreaming, masturbating and when having sex. And the best bit – lots of us are fantasizing about the same or very similar things.

Most of us fantasize about things that fall into three main genres: group sex, novelty, and power/control.

Having sexy fantasies enhances our masturbation and sexual experiences and they're a fantastic and healthy tool to rehearse, anticipate or explore future or past experiences.

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The Sexual Happiness Podcast S2.E5: How Can I Be More Dominant in the Bedroom?

Maybe you think of whips, chains, and PVC, but what is the driving force behind sexual dominance play? What is meant by the terms 'safe word' and 'sub space'? Is fetish wear a necessary element? And, if you want to try power play, how do you overcome your inhibitions or initiate a discussion with your partner?

This week's guest, comedian, presenter and one-time professional Dominatrix, Desiree Burch, joins Sammi and Nick to talk about the intricacies of power play in the bedroom and the reasons why people find such intense pleasure and release from the sub /Dom experience.

Alongside this hot topic, the team share some little-known sex facts (drunken fruit fly sex anyone?) and the answers to your questions.

Got a question or subject you want us to cover? Email us at You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and Spotify, with new episodes released every Friday. Subscribe to stay up to date!

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