Lovehoney's Anal Sex Toy Guides

From butt play basics to advanced anal techniques, our guides explain which anal sex toys are best, how to use them safely and how much fun you can have with them.


Top 10 Anal Sex Toys

Find the bum-loving toy that's perfect for you.

Our handy guide to the top 10 Anal Sex Toys will lead the way through our plethora of anal pleasure products to help you find the anal toy that's perfect for you.

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Ultimate Guide to Butt Plugs

Discover why these small but mighty toys are a quick way to expand your orgasm.

Butt Plugs are one of the most recognisable sex toys, yet are often missing from the average sex toy drawer. We're here to teach you how to use a butt plug, which styles of butt plugs are most popular and what butt plugs work best for different bodies.

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Beginner's Guide to Anal Sex Toys

Anal Play is Awesome. There. We said it.

If anal play is something you’re interested in exploring, read on to discover our top tips for maximizing pleasure. With proper preparation and slow progression, it can be a completely new (and potentially more intense) way to climax.

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