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    Lovehoney's male masturbators will take you from zero to orgasm in no time! See our fantastic Male Sex Toy Guides to find the perfect sex toy for you.

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    Discover the male masturbators that have been teasing and pleasing Lovehoney customers...

      • Blow Job Master Thrusting Male Masturbator
      • Blow Job Master Thrusting Male Masturbator

      • Average Review 5/10
      • 78 reviews
      • Bought this as a present for my fiancé for his birthday. Course we couldn't wait to use it, so we pulled it out soon as it came. This was a huge disappointment. He said there's not enough friction between the inside balls and the sleeve. Said it felt "good but not enough to finish the job". I… Read full review
      • Our Price $79.99
      • Doc Johnson Super Sucker Masturbation Sleeve
      • Doc Johnson Super Sucker Masturbation Sleeve

      • Average Review 8/10
      • 27 reviews
      • The product arrived as always in discreet packaging and my partner and I were excited to try it out. Her hand often gets tired, so we thought this might help her in that department. The sensations are wonderful, and to mine and my wife's delight we found that covering the top hole creating a lot… Read full review
      • Our Price $16.99
      • Lovehoney Ultimate Nodules Reversible Double Stroker
      • Lovehoney Ultimate Nodules Reversible Double Stroker

      • Average Review 8/10
      • 201 reviews
      • First time using one of these being new to the sex toy scene. Two or three small squirts of lube into the stroker is enough I have never climaxed as much as I did using this! Used solo but will be using with my OH. Was a bit hesitant to turn inside out in case the silicone ripped, but with some… Read full review
      • Our Price $8.49
      • Lovehoney Ultimate Performance Male Sex Toy Kit (4 Piece)
      • Lovehoney Ultimate Performance Male Sex Toy Kit (4 Piece)

      • Average Review 9/10
      • 51 reviews
      • After reading so many positive reviews, we opted for this as it covered a lot of areas. This was my first induction into male sex toys as I thought they were a bit of gimmick. How wrong I was! The penis pump was most surprising; it felt very strange at first, but not painful and my wife was… Read full review
      • Our Price $59.99

    Common questions about male masturbators

    1. What is a male masturbator?

      Male masturbators are toys designed to stimulate and pleasure the penis. There are many different kinds of male masturbators – you can get strokers and sleeves, which in turn can be realistic or non-realistic; male vibrators; penis pumps; sex dolls and more.

      Male masturbators also come in loads of different materials. The most common are skin-safe rubber (like TPE and real-feel material), silicone and vinyl, and some companies have special names for their male masturbator materials, like UR3, Fanta Flesh and Cyberskin.

      Take a look at our guide to using male masturbators for top tips on enjoying a male masturbator.

    2. What kind of male masturbator can I get?

      Almost any kind of masturbator you can imagine. Fancy a blowjob? There’s a male masturbator for that! Want a portable vagina for indulgence away from home? Try out a pocket pussy! Looking for the supreme tightness of anal? There’s a stroker for that too!

      You can also get male masturbators that are molded from your favourite adult film stars; they’re ideal for indulging in your favorite fantasies. Fleshlight creates the biggest variety of strokers molded from real life, and offer vaginas, female butts, and male butts all crafted from real life adult entertainers.

      Don’t want a body part? No problem. There are also many male masturbators which feature a non-anatomical design for simple, satisfying sexy stimulation. You’ll find these listed as ‘stealth’ masturbators.

      Vibrating male masturbators add excitement to play by enveloping the head, shaft, or whole penis with satisfying vibrations. Many vibrators can be used without a stroking motion, making them ideal for prolonged pleasure, and other male vibrators are designed to be shared with your partner, increasing your pleasure together.

    3. How can I use a male masturbator?

      Because there’s a huge variety in types of male masturbator, there’s also a lot of variety in how you can use them.

      Strokers and sleeves are usually designed as a handheld way to simulate a sex act, like penetrating a vagina or butt, or having oral sex. Some vibrators are designed to be used as strokers too, but others are stationary and provide stimulation without requiring a stroking motion. Both vibrators and sleeves work really well with a partner, adding a new dimension to your play together.

      Larger male masturbators, like sex dolls, can be enjoyed hands-free. Full-body dolls often feature multiple entrances, meaning you can engage in simulated vaginal sex, anal sex, or oral sex with them. You and your partner can even indulge the fantasy of having a third participant in the bedroom by using a sex doll.

      Like with all sex toys, it’s important to clean your male masturbator after each use. Use a specialist sex toy cleaner and warm water to wash toys, and dust any realistic material with renewer powder afterwards to keep it feeling like real skin. Always be sure to store your toys separate from one another.

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