1. Remote Control Vibrators

    Often egg-shaped for smooth insertion, remote control vibrators are operated by a controller separate from the vibrator, which makes them fantastic teasing toys for couples. Just decide who gets the vibrator remote control and where you're going to go to use it!

    Remote control vibes and knicker vibrators often deliver a huge range of speeds and vibration patterns so you can enjoy really enjoy the teasing before an intense orgasm. Take a look at our How to Use a Remote Control Vibrator to discover which one is best for you.

    The Latest Remote Control Vibrator Reviews

    Discover the remote control vibators that have been teasing and pleasing Lovehoney customers...

      • Tracey Cox Supersex Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator
      • Tracey Cox Supersex Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

      • Average Review 7/10
      • 390 reviews
      • PASSED TO CC Purchased this a couple days ago and arrived today. In hand it feels a bit powerful but one's inside it's not really that swell. Says it works up to 10 meters away, but when it was just over a meter away from the remote, it didn't work. Honestly did expect more from this.
      • Our Price $49.99
      • Lovehoney Seduce Me 10 Function Vibrating Garter Thong
      • Lovehoney Seduce Me 10 Function Vibrating Garter Thong

      • Average Review 9/10
      • 13 reviews
      • The thong looked amazing on my wife and nothing beats the thrill of seeing her in stockings. The remote control was easy to use and the vibrator fitted perfectly into the pocket for it inside the thong. She enjoyed the sensations it gave her and I found it a great turn on being in charge of the… Read full review
      • Our Price $49.99
      • Tracey Cox Supersex Couple's Kit (3 Piece)
      • Tracey Cox Supersex Couple's Kit (3 Piece)

      • Average Review 9/10
      • 8 reviews
      • Got this while it was on offer and it’s a good little bundle! The bunny ears and the cock ring are the best. The egg doesn’t do much for me. Plus it’s very temperamental if it’s going to work or not. Considering how expensive the individual parts are it’s a good little kit.
      • Our Price $89.99

    Common questions about remote control vibrators

    1. What is a remote control vibrator?

      A remote control vibrator is a vibrating toy where the vibrations can be operated by a remote control or an app. These kinds of toys are really popular with couples, especially long-distance couples, but they’re also great for anyone who wants a convenient handheld way to control their pleasure.

      The most popular remote control vibrators generally fall into two categories: insertable toys and external toys.

      Insertable toys have vibrators meant to be worn inside the body, like love eggs, butt plugs and dual-stimulation vibrators like the Lovense or We-Vibe lines of toys.

      External toys feature vibrators that aren’t meant to be inserted into the body, like cock rings and panty or thong vibrators.

      You can learn more about these toys from our guide to remote control vibrators.

    2. What are remote control vibrators good for?

      Remote control vibrators are great for adding a little spice to your bedroom routine. Hand the remote over to your partner and let them control your pleasure – the element of surprise is a huge turn-on for many. Depending on the range of your vibrator, your partner can even orchestrate your arousal from another room!

      You can also use remote control vibrators to engage in super-discreet public play. No one will know what’s hidden under your jeans but you and your partner, and the shared secret can be really exciting for both of you.

      Long-distance couples can especially benefit from app-controlled remote vibrators, which use wireless Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity to control the vibrating toy over very long distances (even on the other side of the world!) App-controlled remote toys enable you to play together even when you’re physically separate, and can add a lot of intimacy into long-distance play together.

    3. How can I use a remote control vibrator on my own?

      You can still get loads of enjoyment from a remote control vibrator during solo play. Particularly with insertable toys, using a remote to change the function or turn your toy off is often much easier than reaching around to find a button (which is often out of sight!) Not to mention, these days, companies are starting to incorporate advanced technology into their remote control toy designs so they can be synced with adult entertainment on your phone or computer, or even vibrate in time with your favourite music.

      Read the descriptions on remote control vibrators to see what kind of exciting benefits they offer, and give them a try if they catch your attention.

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