Top 10 Remote-Control Vibrators

Give your hot spots a treat and your hand a rest with these remote- and app-controllable vibrators.

Sextech is on the rise, bringing with it innovative ways to experience pleasure. Where we once had to rely solely on our hands to do the “dirty work,” we can now enjoy hands-free stimulation, have our partners take literal control of our pleasure, and even engage in seamless long-distance sex thanks to remote-controlled and app-controlled sex toys.

Not only are more and more exciting remote- and app-controlled toys coming on the market every day, but so are more and more subcategories of them, allowing all types of pleasure seekers to get their sextech on in their preferred way. Whatever it is that suits your fancy, you can find the remote or app-controlled version of it on this list!

Best for P-in-V sex

We-Vibe Chorus App and Remote Controlled Rechargeable Couple's Vibrator

Come together literally and figuratively with help from the We-Vibe Chorus, a wearable clitoral and G-spot vibrator that provides internal and external stimulation for vagina owners while still allowing for penetrative sex during use. The Chorus offers a supremely customizable experience – its adjustable hinge ensures the perfect fit for your body, the clitoral and G-spot vibrations can be controlled independently, and lovers can even create their own vibe patterns using the free accompanying We-Vibe app. Though the We-Vibe Chorus is an ideal match for penetrative sex, its play possibilities go far beyond that; the discreet, high-tech app also makes the Chorus a fab toy for public teasing and long-distance sex. Another fun feature of the Chorus is its unique Squeeze Remote, which intuitively heightens intensity as your grip grows firmer. We could go on and on about all the fabulous features of the Chorus, so just trust us when we say it’s something you’ll need to experience yourself to understand all the magic!

What customers say: "Intriguing power within a compact, inconspicuous wearable vibrator, enhanced by an exciting remote control feature, including the delightful squeeze-to-vibrate function! It's become a favorite, and we love brainstorming creative ways to spice up our experiences—like incorporating it into a dinner date!"

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Best for external stimulation

Lovehoney Secret Surprise 10 Function Remote Control Bullet Vibrator
$24.99 $34.99 You save: $10.00 (29%)

For clits, nips, and all other external hot spots, you simply can’t go wrong with a bullet, and the Lovehoney Secret Surprise 10 Function Remote Control Bullet Vibrator is a helluva bullet! Its sleek oval form is coated in smooth body-safe ABS plastic, and its waterproof design makes for a fab bathtime pal. Controlling the sex toy’s 10 vibration patterns and 6 intensity levels is a breeze thanks to the accompanying palm-sized remote control that fits discreetly and comfortably in the hand, boasting an impressive 9-16 ft range.

What customers say: "This bullet vibrator might be small but it's definitely mighty! Used between me and my partner as some fun foreplay. Even from another room, the controls work so well. It's so fun not knowing what is coming next when the control is out of your hands. Used alongside penetration, this toy offers so much clitoral stimulation. I've tried a few clitoral toys out and by far this one is the best."

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Best for G-spot joys

We-Vibe Rave 2 App Controlled G-Spot Vibrator

The innovative Rave 2 is a G-spot vibrator like no other, designed with an asymmetrical shape that completely changes how users apply pleasure to their internal hot spot. The We-Vibe Rave 2 is meant to be twisted once inside the body instead of the traditional thrusting motion utilized for most internal sex toys – this twisting allows for constant G-spot stimulation during use AND is far less tiresome than thrusting in and out! While G-spot stimulation may be the main draw of the Rave 2, this luxury vibe is no one-trick-pony, also providing rumbly vibrations to the nerve-rich vaginal opening for double the fun. The We-Vibe Rave 2’s customizable features allow for tailor-made bliss, thanks to its adjustable hinge that lets users find the ideal angle for their specific anatomy and the two strong motors’ ability to be controlled independently. Even further customization is available when the G-spot toy pairs with the free We-Vibe app, where users can create their own vibration patterns and even virtually hand over vibration control to a long-distance lover stationed anywhere in the world.

What customers say: "Don’t let the quietness fool you, this beauty packs a punch with wonderful deep vibrations. The design is sleek and I love the flexibility, it meant that I could bend it to the perfect shape to suit my body. I have been struggling for a long time to find my G spot. I have tried many G spot vibrators in the past without success. However, using this product I was able to find that sweet spot which led to my first vaginal orgasm. This may sound strange but it is something I have really been struggling with up until now. The controls are relatively intuitive although I did struggle to find the off button at first. I love the app controlled feature. It has a good range and doesn’t time out unlike remote controlled products I’ve tried in the past. I love the different vibration patterns and find it a lot easier to change between them on the app. My favourite part of the app is the feature that allows you to create your own vibration patterns. Perfect for playing with a partner or on your own. I found the app feature really simple to set up and didn’t have any problems getting it started. All in all a wonderful product that is definitely worth splashing out on, if like me you have been on the self discovery journey of the G spot."

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Best for hands-free penetration

Lifelike Lover Classic Rechargeable Remote Control Dildo 6 Inch

If you love getting pounded (or pounding others) but aren’t so keen on having to perform aggressive arm thrusts to achieve the effect you crave, then you’ll fall in love with the Lifelike Lover Rechargeable Remote Control Dildo 6 Inch; not only does the strong-hold suction cup base aid in hands-free solo rides, but it also allows for strap-on fun when used in tandem with a harness. The remote-controlled vibrating dildo is fully waterproof, and with 3 speeds and 7 patterns of rumbly excitement to explore, you and your new suction cup pal are bound to make a sexy splash. Just as the brand name implies, the rechargeable sex toy is a match made in heaven for those who want to pretend they’re playing with a real peen – no attention to detail was spared in the dildo’s design, featuring a raised head, veiny shaft, textured testicles, and a flesh-like hue.

What customers say: "The grith is a really nice size, nothing too extreme, but enough to be comfortable and enjoyable. Love the remote so strength and pattern of the vibrations can be changed without losing any momentum in the flow of activities :P . The feel is quite realistic and comfortably soft to touch but still hard enough for easy insertion."

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Best for penis pleasure

Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator

If you’re looking to accessorize your schlong with wonderful vibrations, all the while amping up your partner’s pleasure during P-in-V, look no further than the Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator. Boasting two motors, this premium penis sleeve stimulates the wearer’s shaft and their partner’s clitoris simultaneously, offering 10 thrilling vibration modes for couples to explore. Made from ultra-soft stretchy silicone, the Tracey Cox Edge Rechargeable Remote Control Penis Sleeve and Clitoral Stimulator can accommodate almost any size member whilst still offering the snug fit users want in a sleeve, and the pleasure product even adds a bit of extra girth to your johnson!

What customers say: "[ . . . ] When fully charged and turned to level 3 vibrations you get an amazing feeling in your cock and balls which really helps with your orgasm! Also as the clit vibratory is attached to you it meant me and the wife could try more fun positions whilst still getting full stimulation to her clit. For my wife she said the vibrations were strong, powerful and have full orgasm which normally she only gets from her love honey mini wand.. To top it off it’s rechargeable and you get a little remote to control the vibrations and power so you have full control over your partners pleasure"

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Best for public play

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Get ready to dive into exhibitionist thrills with the perfect-for-public-play Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator! Slip this sneaky vibe into the included panties or a pair of your own, and you’ll be wowed by how seamlessly it fits against your body; this incredibly comfortable sex toy features an ergonomic design - its saddle shape snuggles up against your vulva while a smooth protruding bump at its top ensures vibrations never miss your clit. The Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator’s 12 intensities and 8 patterns of rumbly vibration are inaudibly quiet, and its waterproof form means you can get versatile with your adventures. The toy’s petite remote control fits discreetly within your palm, and its intuitive 3-button control panel makes it breezy to switch the settings without even taking the remote out of your pocket.

What customers say: "A great way some fun foreplay. Let your partner take control with the remote. Very discrete and quiet but great vibrations for maximum satisfaction. As with all desire products, great storage case to easily tidy away."

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Best for dual stimulation

We-Vibe X Lovehoney Nova 2 App Controlled Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

What’s better than a high-quality sex toy that always hits the spot? A high-quality sex toy that always hits TWO hot spots! Meet the Nova 2, a luxury rabbit vibe with a thoughtful design that ensures your G-spot and clit get the treatment they deserve; the posable internal arm allows for can’t-miss-it G-spot targeting while the arced external arm maintains constant contact with the clitoris during use (yes, even while thrusting!). Whisper-quiet and waterproof, the Nova 2 makes for a fabulous climax companion, no matter the setting or situation.

What customers say: "I have a traditional rabbit that’s ‘ok’ but has never been my favourite toy, thought I’d give the Nova 2 a try as a different kind of rabbit as I was intrigued to try the app control. So glad I did. If you’re like me and has never really understood the hype around rabbit vibrators, give this a go. The flexibility is great and it’s firm enough but also soft to touch. Both arms can be manipulated to suit your shape. I’m new to using app controlled toys but thought it was easy to use and love that you can play with different sensations and strengths between the two arms."

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Best for prostate orgasms

Lovehoney High Roller Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager

Offering both vibration and rotation in one silky smooth pleasure product, the top-rated High Roller is sure to give your prostate a run for its money. The sleek male sex toy’s body is designed with the perfect curve for P-spot hunting, while its delightfully bulbous tip ensures stellar stimulation, using a circular motion to rub against its target and deliver the pressure your prostate craves. And the High Roller doesn’t stop at fabulous P-spot stimulation; its flared, textured base provides a perineal massage for an all-around amazing anal experience.

What customers say: "The rotations feel amazing. Perfect thickness and length. Powerful vibrations and fun pattern"

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Best for clitoral suction

We-Vibe Melt App Controlled Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

The We-Vibe Melt proves that not all clit suckers are created equal; its couple-friendly form, ability to be controlled from worlds away, and premium features set it apart from other toys in its category. The clitoral suction stimulator’s uniquely slim and ergonomic design easily fits between bodies during partnered play (no matter the position!), and its app-compatible nature makes it a good match for long-distance lovers, too. Users can enjoy the toy’s preset speeds and patterns via the intuitive button control panel if they prefer to keep things simple or utilize the free accompanying We-Vibe app for custom vibrations and more.

What customers say: "Wow. I've tried a few high quality clit suction toys now and none have been comfortable for sex with my partner. Until now! The silicone is so ergonomic and easy to hold, it didn't hurt my partner like bulkier designs have, has a long battery life, and the app is great for setting patters. It's definitely Worth the extra money for the quality. All my other clit suckers are collecting dust..see ya suckers"

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Best for anal adventures

Lovehoney Booty Shaker 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug
$29.99 $49.99 You save: $20.00 (40%)

With its 6 vibration speeds and 10 thrilling patterns, this remote-controlled anal plug will make your booty shake in the most satisfying way. Crafted with care and from quality materials, the waterproof butt plug features a tapered tip that aids in easy insertion, and its smooth silicone coating is body-safe and soft to the touch. The Booty Shaker’s flared base boasts a T-bar shape that not only prevents the plug from getting irretrievably sucked up your bum but also causes the anal toy to vibrate deliciously against your perineum for added stimulation.

What customers say: "The size of this plug is perfect. It was easy and comfortable to insert but also didn't fall out easily. The vibrations made it very enjoyable. I was shocked at quick I reached my climax with this toy. My partner really enjoyed the fact he was able to control the speed of the vibrations."

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