Six of the Best Positions for Anal Masturbation

by Lucy

on Apr 24, 2022

Anal masturbation is a fantastic way of adding extra zing to your solo play and sex life. Whether you're an anal play newbie or a bona fide butt-fiddling aficionado, we have a line-up of the very best anal masturbation positions to make your pleasure-hungry backdoor nerve-endings sing loudly from the rooftops.

So grab your anal lube, take your pick from our top 6 line-up, and get your anal play adventures underway.

POTW Bounce to it
Bounce to It
POTW Reverse Park
Reverse Park
POTW Twist and Tease
Twist and Tease
POTW The Duel
The Dual
POTW Triple Delight
Triple Delight

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Written by Lucy. Lovehoney Editorial Team
If you think that an exciting sex life starts and ends with Missionary then Lucy, who has worked at Lovehoney for over a decade, is here to enlighten you with her ever-popular ‘Position of the Week’ blogs.
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Originally published on Apr 24, 2022. Updated on Apr 26, 2022