Lovehoney Position of the Week Cards

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  • Sex position cards for bedroom inspiration
  • Makes a great stocking stuffer, Valentine's surprise or anniversary gift for your partner
  • Small and discreet for sexy weekends away

Tell the Kama Sutra to beat it and try our 'Position of the Week' cards on for size. Featuring a smorgasbord of positions, from updated old favourites to totally new feats of acrobatics, these handy cards are perfect for a little sexual inspiration.

Each card has detailed instructions on how to maneuver your bodies into the position. There's also a star rating system which you can use to keep track of your favourites.

Based on Lovehoney’s popular ‘Position of the Week’ blog, these cards are the perfect stocking stuffer or cheeky gift for your lover.

With positions ranging from simple to challenging, these cards are designed with heterosexual couples in mind, but most positions can also be enjoyed with a strap-on or anally.

Customer reviews