Tracey Cox Kama Sutra

The world's best sex expert meets the world's greatest sex guide! Tracey's take on the Kama Sutra debonks the myths, shows what works, what doesn't and what's ohmigod-great. For adventurous couples and anyone who loves sex!

Choose from more than 100 positions and dozens of ancient but oh-so-effective techniques to transform your sex life from mundane to magnificent - a deliciously erotic visual feast!

Tracey Cox, the well-known international sex, body language and relationships expert, has dusted off the world's most famous sex text - and come up with a spin on the original that's clever, quirky and fun.

If you want to tell your lingam from yori, perfect the nine thrusts to Nirvana and wave goodbye to ordinary orgasms, Tracey Cox's unique, explicit and entertaining take on the Kama Sutra is just what you need.

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