Earthly Body Naked in the Woods Massage Oil 8.0 fl.oz

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  • Vegan-friendly massage oil with all-natural ingredients for sensual, soothing massage
  • Residue-free with a silky glide for smooth strokes
  • Enriched with almond oil, hemp seed oil and vitamin E

As fresh and as exhilarating as running naked in the woods, this all natural massage oil is vegan friendly and petroleum free. Enriched with almond oil, hemp seed oil and vitamin E, this moisturizing oil glides like no other.

Made with natural body-enhancing ingredients, this is a massage oil that will soothe even the most sensitive of souls. The moisturising and nourishing mixture hydrates the skin while providing the kind of glide that is normally reserved for professional massage therapists.

Residue-free and super silky, you'll never want the massage to stop.

Simply dispense a little of the 100% natural oil mixture into your hands, warm in the palms then spread over the skin, working the lotion into aching muscles and tired tendons.

Please note: This product is NOT suitable for those with a nut or sesame oil allergy.

  • Essential Info

    • Allergen Warning: Contains Nuts
    • Pharmacy Features: Suitable for Vegetarians
    • Pharmacy Function: Massage
    • Pharmacy drug type: Oil

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