Suite Encounters Hotel Sex Stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Bubbling champagne, crisp white sheets and indulgent bubble baths: there is something about booking into a hotel room that inspires lust and passion. Rachel Kramer Bussel has collated 20 of her favorite hotel sex stories for this literotica anthology.

Prepare to have a yearning for room service after reading this collection of erotic short stories.

Take a sneaky peak at what goes on behind closed doors with this scintillating compilation of erotica.

The perfect book to take on your travels, editor Rachel Kramer Bussel hopes "you'll be inspired on your next vacation, staycation or work trip to engage in the spirit of these sexy stories".

Featuring stories by:

- Delilah Devlin
- Donna George Storey
- Tenille Brown
- Ariel Graham
- Anna Meadows
- Remittance Girl
- Emily Moreton
- Suzanne Fox
- Suleikha Snyder
- Lily K. Cho
- Justine Elyot
- Elizabeth Silver
- Erobintica
- Tahira Iqbal
- Steve Isaak
- Valerie Alexander
- Andrea Dale
- Ellie Vokes
- Michael A. Gonzales
- Rachel Kramer Bussel

210 pages.

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