1. Jimmyjane Knead Me Dark Vanilla Sensual Massage Candle and Stone Set

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      1. Jimmyjane Knead Me Dark Vanilla Sensual Massage Candle and Stone Set

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    1. Product Description

      The perfect gift for a partner who needs a little relaxation, this Jimmyjane massager stone and candle set soothes the senses and relieves tired muscles. Indulge in a Dark Vanilla scent combined with the sensual contours of the porcelain stone.

      Jimmyjane Contour M Massager Stone

      Beautifully designed, the Contour M massage stone treats you to a different massage sensation every time you use it. Use the large dome for broad strokes across the shoulders and back or work on individual knots with the 4 small nodules on the opposite side.

      Warm it up or cool it down in water for divine temperature play.

      Jimmyjane Afterglow Massage Candle Dark Vanilla

      Indulge in the luxurious Dark Vanilla scent and melt the natural wax blend for a warm and silky massage. Enriched with shea butter, the moisturising oil leaves the skin feeling nourished and smelling delicious. When the candle has reached melting point, pour the massage oil onto your lover's skin with the subtle tapered spout of the ceramic candle holder, massaging it into their muscles.

      Ingredients: Soyabean oil, Shea Butter, Palmarosa Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Ambrettolide, Anisic Aldehyde, Anisyl Alcohol, Bacdanol, Cedarwood Oil Texas Light, Cedramber, Coumarin Delta Dodecalactone, Delta Nonalacton, Delta Undecalactone, Dihydromyrecnol, Dioctyl Adipate, Ethyl Vanillin, Eugenol, Gamma Decalactone, Gamam Dodecalactone, Heloptropine, Hexyl Salicylate, Iso E Super, Iso Propyl Quinoline, Methyl Laitone 10 TEC, Veltol Plus, Vertenex, Vertofix.

      Key Features:

      • Luxurious porcelain massage stone and scented massage candle set from Jimmyjane
      • Unique contoured shape of the massager treats you to a range of massage sensations
      • Combine it with the nourishing melted candle wax for a sensual massage
      • Massage stone is presented in a beautiful gift box
      • Candle is presented in a beautiful porcelain candle holder
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      Jimmyjane Knead Me Dark Vanilla Sensual Massage Candle and Stone Set 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Jimmyjane Knead Me Dark Vanilla Sensual Massage Candle and Stone Set
      2. Jimmyjane Knead Me Dark Vanilla Sensual Massage Candle and Stone Set


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    1. Deliciously erotic

      Reviewed: January 31, 2015 by Kitty_Blossom, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      This set is divine and one of the most luxuriously scented massage candles I have had the pleasure of using.

      My partner and I bought the set with the intention of buying further candles to indulge in, in the future. As they can be bought separately, I shall review them as such. However, this is a perfect pair!

      The stone:

      Smooth, hard and girthy, this side of the stone are perfect for those long movements. You can take it from the top of the shoulders, down the arms, down the back and my favourite, back of the thighs.

      This is such a sensual pleasure that makes for excellent foreplay or relaxation. The other side of the stone has four points to help knead out those pesky knots and provides a perfect firmness and agility to do so. I would advise to research a little on how to work out knots as it can be quite painful and not something to go into all guns blazing!

      Remember our skin is soft and squidgy, so work up the pressure to suit. The hat trick to this stone is the temperature play you can explore. I recommend warm wax with a cold stone - very pleasing!

      The candle:

      The scent is strong and will remain for days later. However, it is a delicate smell and not at all overpowering. If you don't like vanilla, however, I would suggest trying the other scent. I love vanilla, so I am yet to try the other. However, it is on my wishlist for the future!

      The wax melts with ease and can be poured directly onto the skin without causing a sharp burn. It burns at a lower temperature, so you don't have to wait long either.

      That being said, you do not have to rush as it does not solidify too quickly. The spout allows easy pouring and a little wax goes a long way. It is so silky it glides over the body with great ease, allowing your hands to explore the lucky so-and-so who is getting this ultimate treat!

      The residue is not as greasy or tacky like many massage candles, and I could have quite happily left it on as it nourished my skin making it supple and sweet smelling. However, after the massage turned to more vigorous things, I did have a shower and so washed it off with ease.

      Overall, it looks good, smells great and feels sensational. A must for any bedroom!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Nothing. However, black porcelain would also be nice.
      Bottom line
      Exactly what you want from a massage candle complete with stone!
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    1. Absolutely brilliant

      Reviewed: January 22, 2015 by greeny

      We were a bit hesitant using this at first, given that we were pouring hot wax onto each other, but we needn't have bothered.

      The candle smells beautiful, and the scent last so much long that you would expect (24hrs +).

      As a massage oil, it works really well, and much to our surprise it doesn't go hard or sticky.

      Not tried the massage stone yet, so can't comment.

      If in doubt, give it a try. You wont be disappointed.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything, from the smell to the feel of it.
      Nothing at all.
      Bottom line
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    1. Massage with Extras

      Reviewed: August 6, 2014 by StHubbins, a Straight Married Male

      If you don't like massages, candles, or romance, then stop here, because this is not for you. However, if you don't like giving massages because it's too tiring, then read on because this might just be perfect!

      For everyone else, this is a premium set with a massage candle and ceramic massager. This comes as two separate boxes rather than one gift set, but is in very nice packaging and would make a great gift regardless of sex or sexuality. This is perfect whether giving a massage for sore muscles or as foreplay.

      As it's two products, I'll cover them separately:

      Massage Candle:

      On opening there is an instruction on the inside of the lid saying "Melt Me", which is hard to resist because the candle smells amazing. It says it's dark vanilla, but it's not an overpowering vanilla scent and is a very warm relaxing smell which reminds me of expensive spas.

      The candle comes in a ceramic container that has an angled corner to use as a spout. This sounds simple enough, but this is why JimmyJane candles are the best. We've tried different brands of massage candle and getting the wax from candle to skin is usually the messy bit, but this container solves that. It is also subtle and attractive so that you can leave the candle out.

      To use it, you need to burn the candle for at least half an hour, or, more likely, forty minutes to completely melt the wax. You can then blow out the candle and massage away. Another benefit of the ceramic container is that it insulates the candle and the wax stays liquid for longer. You're not supposed to leave the candle lit when in use, but other brands of candles seem to solidify faster and need relighting and melting.

      The wax is hot, but not too hot to pour directly onto the skin and is a wonderful consistency for a massage. It doesn't become waxy at all and just feels like you have used a body moisturiser after the massage. Just for peace of mind, the wick is lead-free and the candle has no paraffin, dye, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, or animal products and hasn't been tested on animals. There is a fun twist to the packaging and instructions.

      Ceramic Massage Stone:

      And so, onto the stone. First off, this is not a hot massage stone, this is a massager. There are four nodes on one side and a dome on the other and this can be used either way up and with one, two, or four nodes at a time. Essentially the dome is used when you would use the heel of your hand and the nodes are used in place of fingers or thumbs. This is such a simple thing, but works really well. When used with the candle wax it glides over the skin and allows you to give a very thorough massage without tiring out your own hands. The stone can be heated or cooled, but quickly ends up at body temperature anyway, which we found perfect.

      This is an excellent set. It is all very high quality with a spa look and feel, but with a playful twist and I honestly can't think of any way that it could be improved.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Spa quality look and smell.
      Bottom line
      Very, very good massage set.
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