1. Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator

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      1. Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      Develop pro performance solo to control length and intensity of sex with your lover. Blewit's discreet pleasure and performance masturbator is densely lined with sensitive skin-soft bobbles for maximum stimulation and stamina gains when training.

      Choose between the tight or extra-tight entry rings and tailor the level of suction to suit your session. Gripping the non-slip case in either hand, build up to extended stretches on the higher intensities, then focus on developing core techniques for extending your last power that you can transfer to sessions with your lover.

      Once finished, simply rinse through and leave your Blewit to air dry through its ventilation holes.

      Ensure you savour each stroke by lubing up with a good squeeze of water-based lubricant before and during use.

      Key Features:

      • Blewit male masturbator for pleasure and stamina building
      • Soft textured lining simulates intercourse for an effective training ground
      • 2 interchangeable entry rings - choose between tight or extra-tight
      • Ventilated unit allows for discreet in-case drying and powdering
      • Suction cap top for precision manual control of internal pressure

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      Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator 26 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator
      2. Blewit Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbator


        Sorry, sold out!

    1. I definitely Blewit

      Reviewed: September 2, 2018 by VRTrooperFURY, a Straight Engaged Male

      The name of the product says it all. It's true. I blew it.

      Before ordering this product I was contemplating buying a Fleshlight when I happened upon the Blewit. After seeing the price I decided to read the reviews and thought wow! This sounds amazing! I ordered it straight away.

      Within a couple of days it was here in a discreet brown box. Thank you Lovehoney for your amazing customer service! :)

      Couldn't wait to try it out, so I didn't.

      The design of the box is awesome on its own and then you open it and you are greeted by this slick blue beast, lighter than it looks, which is a plus. Quick instructions leaflet is very handy! Tells you everything you need to know. The additional ring is a great option too, making it extra tight. After unscrewing the ventilation housing your ready to go.

      So after applying lube to both penis and the opening to the Blewit, I plunged it in and OMG! I almost came straight away. I am training myself to control my ejaculation using Kegel exercises, and oh boy. Is it hard to control it using the Blewit? Yes it is! It took everything I had to hold it back. After 20 minutes I was done! I blewit! Amazing orgasm and I felt I could have gone again! Incredible!

      And then came the shameful bit. Cleaning it. However! It's very easy! Unscrew the suction cap and pour water through it for a couple of minutes shake out excess water and leave to dry. I recommend leaving the ventilation housing and suction cap off during drying and lying down by an open window. Dries better this way. First time I left it drying with the housing and cap on and it didn't dry properly and smelled a bit funny...other than that this product is amazing. I highly recommend it. Thank you Lovehoney!!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Sleek and discreet design, easy to hold and use.
      Lube dries out quickly maybe? But honestly? that's probably my lube!
      Bottom line
      Feels incredible, outstanding value and quality. Easily rivals the Fleshlights.
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    1. Blow away wow

      Reviewed: September 1, 2018 by Miss.hot.stuff

      I got this for my partner to try out now. He is in o toys just as much as me. We are always honest with reviews, good or bad with out being too long and boring.

      Right when he got home I showed him what I gotten him. He was really excited to have a new toy. The packaging was lovely. Comes in a nice box, so easy to store and keep your toys clean and safe. The look of this, you really wouldn’t know it was a sex toy. It’s very big, so this would suit any men all sizes of penises large, thick or long. Anyway, down to business.

      He popped a little bit lube and got down to business. He was blow away with how good it felt and he didn’t take long at all to finish. He said it’s feels just like the real thing he said, but more loose then my vagina, but still very good and probably one of his best toys yet. What more could he sa .

      He went and cleaned the toy, put the air cap on and popped on the side - really no one else would know what it is in the house. It was easy to clean out and this morning it’s dry again, so if he wanted to use it again he could do so. Doesn't take long to dry out like some he owns.

      So if you're looking for something that’s fells like the real thing, this is very good toy. If you're worried if your penis is too small, big or thick, then don’t. This toy would fit any men’s penis and just be as satisfying. These my parter's words.

      Also wanted to add that this toy is very quiet.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      Great. Amazing.
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    1. Absolutely amazing feeling

      Reviewed: February 7, 2017 by PBackster, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I had previously bought 2 cheaper masturbators, one from the Lovehoney range and one from the Doc Johnson range. While they were nice, I wanted something better.

      I had researched a few for a while and I wasn't a fan of the look of Fleshlights. They seemed a bit tacky. This one I liked the look of. It didn't look at all like a sex toy and that was important for being in a shared house and having to clean it.

      It arrived quickly and discreetly as usual with my Lovehoney purchases. I have ordered quite a few items before but this product I really felt the need to review. (More on that in a bit.)

      I liked the additional supplied ring which I used straight away as I like tight toys. Upon first use, I made sure to use plenty of lube as suggested. I teased myself inside of it and my God did it feel good. As the lube started to spread more inside it I thrust deeper and it felt amazing.

      I pushed myself deeper and it just keeps going. A downside I had with the other toys, I kept popping out the end, which can be novel at first but the feeling of this toy taking all of you. I think I am an average-slightly above average length and I just kept thrusting deeper and it took all of me without me reaching the end. A real bonus.

      The nodules stimulate every part of you and it wasn't long before it I was right on the edge of orgasm. I had to hold the Blewit still. If I moved slightly I would blow my load. I rested for a few seconds then started again slowly.

      This didn't last and I exploded inside. It was so good. I haven't had an orgasm like this with a toy before. It felt so intense.

      The cleanup was slightly easier than other toys but you cannot take the inside out (or at least I haven't yet) which means you can rinse it straight through and leave to dry with the top cap off.

      Once It was dry I used some refresh powder I had from a previous free sample and it made it as good as new. The next time I used it and washed it again, it hadn't properly dried through so I might get some more powder to help the drying and cleaning process.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feels amazing. Very stylish. Good suction feature.
      Can be a little tricky to clean.
      Bottom line
      Great male masturbator. Perfect go-to toy when you need some fun.
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    1. Blewit Away

      Reviewed: January 27, 2017 by AHusbandsPassion, a Straight Married Male

      So, as with most penis masturbators, use is pretty simple. I recommend lubing the penis and the Blewit before use with your favorite lube.

      The Blewit does lining is silicone, so please use a water-based lube if you want the product to keep its longevity (and you will). I use the tighter of the two rings and it feels fantastic.

      I can feel the pattern inside the Blewit the slower I go, and I really enjoyed using it just on the tip in short strokes.

      You can use the Blewit for increasing your stamina and learning how to control your orgasms if you'd like to work on that. It's also great for a good ol' fashion wank session by yourself or if your partner wants to give you a handjob.

      We get the most use out of penis masturbators when my wife is on her cycle and doesn't want to have intercourse, or if she's just not into it that night and decides to jack me off out of the love in her heart.

      It's great for teasing the user with fast and slow strokes. It also feels good to push it down as far as you can and you feel the deepest parts of the sleeve. Another great reason for these types of products is ease of cleanup.

      Some are easier than others, but there is never a problem on where to ejaculate and you can avoid any confusing "Is that hair gel?" scenarios. To clean the Blewit, just unscrew both ends and rinse it out with water.

      You can also remove the sleeve for a good deep clean, which is probably good to do on occasion. I love the ease of cleaning on the Blewit!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy grip, easy cleanup.
      Bottom line
      My favourite male toy available right now.
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    1. Sure blew it

      Reviewed: October 26, 2016 by watty5000

      My first review on this site.

      I had to comment on this because this is by far the best toy I have bought.

      The feel of this thing is amazing. Makes it better with the two tightness rings provided.

      There is hardly any noise when using this this, and I like it how you can close the air control, giving you extra suction.

      This works perfect with lube, as you only need to apply it once really and it doesn't absorb up or dry out like it does in some toys.

      This is great using alone or getting your partner to use it on you.

      Buy far the best toy and for the price is a no brainer. You won't be disappointed!!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy to grip, easy to clean and dry out.
      I would like to buy extra size rings for more tightness.
      Bottom line
      Excellent. A must buy!
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