1. Dreamgirl Beyoncé White Satin and Lace Corset

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      1. Dreamgirl Beyoncé White Satin and Lace Corset

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    1. Product Description

      Luxury white satin and filigree lace corset for a show-stopping look

      Independent women everywhere will adore the sleek satin and intricate filigree lace of this statement corset. Inspired by Beyoncé's famous Superbowl outfit, the simple white color scheme balances the bombshell shape and 'Flawless' embroidery.

      Though it fastens at the back with a full-length zipper, the front of the corset features satin lacing to boost your cleavage and show off a little skin. 8 plastic bones to the satin front and rear help to create a gorgeous hourglass shape, while the lace inserts to the sides and flattering lace skirt show off a glimpse of your skin.

      Position the lace cap sleeves off the shoulder for the perfect look, and you're ready to put your 'Love on Top'!

      Please note: When selecting your size for this corset, the satin and filigree lace are quite rigid so if you are between sizes, opt for the next size up.

      Key Features:

      • Luxury white satin and filigree lace corset for a show-stopping look
      • Non-stretch embroidered lace panels give a glimpse of your skin
      • Satin lace-up front shows off your cleavage
      • Stretch lace cap sleeves flatter your arms
      • 8 x plastic bones gently sculpt your figure
      • Rear zipper fastening is easy to do up
      • Complete with matching satin thong

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    Dreamgirl Lingerie Size Chart

    1. Dreamgirl Size UK/AUS USA/CAN EU
      Small 6 - 8 2 - 6 34 - 36
      Medium 10 - 12 6 - 10 38 - 40
      Large 14 - 16 10 - 14 42 - 44
      XL 16 - 18 14 - 16 44 - 46
      S/M 6 - 10 2 - 8 34 - 38
      M/L 12 - 16 8 - 14 40 - 44
      1X/2X 18 - 22 16 - 20 46 - 50
      3X/4X 24 - 26 22 - 24 52 - 54
      1X 18 - 20 16 - 18 46 - 48
      2X 22 - 24 20 - 22 50 - 52
      3X 26 - 28 24 - 26 54 - 56
      One Size 6 - 16 2 - 14 33 - 44
      One Size Queen 18 - 24 16 - 22 46 - 52


      Dreamgirl Size Bust Waist Hips
      Small 32 - 34 25 - 27 34 - 36
      Medium 34 - 36 27 - 29 36 - 38
      Large 36 - 38 29 - 31 38 - 40
      XL 38 - 40 31 - 33 40 - 42
      S/M 32 - 34 25 - 27 34 - 36
      M/L 36 - 38 28 - 32 38 - 40
      1X/2X 40 - 46 36 - 42 44 - 50
      3X/4X 46 - 52 42 - 46 50 - 54
      1X 44 - 46 38 - 40 46 - 48
      2X 48 - 50 42 - 44 50 - 52
      3X 52 - 54 46 - 48 54 - 56
      One Size 32 - 38 24 - 31 34 - 40
      One Size Queen 40 - 50 36 - 44 42 - 52
      Dreamgirl Size Bust Waist Hips
      Small 81 - 86 64 - 69 86 - 91
      Medium 86 - 91 69 - 74 91 - 97
      Large 91 - 97 74 - 79 97 - 102
      XL 97 - 102 79 - 84 101 - 107
      S/M 81 - 86 61 - 66 86 - 91
      M/L 91 - 97 71 - 81 97 - 102
      1X/2X 102 - 117 91 - 107 112 - 127
      3X/4X 117 - 132 107 - 117 127 - 137
      1X 112 - 117 96.5 - 101.5 117 - 122
      2X 122 - 127 107 - 112 127 - 132
      3X 132 - 137 117 - 122 137 - 142.5
      One Size 81 - 97 61 - 86 91 - 102
      One Size Queen 112 - 127 91 - 112 107 - 135

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      Dreamgirl Beyoncé White Satin and Lace Corset 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Dreamgirl Beyoncé White Satin and Lace Corset
      2. Dreamgirl Beyoncé White Satin and Lace Corset

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    1. AMAZING

      Reviewed: May 30, 2017 by Jax8908, a Straight Engaged Female

      Delivery was so quick guys! And to open my package and get exactly what you ordered was awesome!

      Thank you so much! Ordering, signing up and everything was so easy and no stress involved. Well done on such a great site!

      I will highly recommend this business to all of my friends!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      I love that i got exactly what the picture showed and described.
      Just the smell of the new product.
      Bottom line
      Absolutely fabulous.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Angelic white satin and lace corset

      Reviewed: October 29, 2016 by bondagegod, a Straight Married Male

      I regularly check the What's New page on the site and sometimes you get products that stand out and you know that you will own that item. When I saw the Dreamgirl Beyonce White Satin corset, I was in sheer amazement at its beauty and extremely excited that Lovehoney was now stocking it. I let my wife know about the corset and as soon as she saw the images she very much wanted to own it in white, as we already own the black Beyonce Faux Leather and Lace corset and it is one of our favourite outfit’s items in the bedroom.

      I was going to wait till December to purchase the corset in time for our wedding anniversary when Lovehoney sent me I an email offer for 25% off everything. It did tempt me to purchase the corset early than I had planned, but extremely pleased to have ordered the pretty white corset.

      My order was delivered by Royal Mail using the tracked 24 service that Lovehoney provide free with orders over £50. All Lovehoney orders you have complete discretion as the parcels are delivered in plain sealed packaging. You are kept informed of your order by email when it has been dispatched by Lovehoney and your kept informed of the parcel delivery via email by Royal Mail.

      I was slightly disappointed with the packaging by Dreamgirl compared to the black Beyonce corset. As the black corset arrived laid complete flat and it did have its own hanger, whereas the white corset was folded in half in clear packaging and didn't have its own hanger. While this made no difference to the corset as there weren't any creases in the material. I just felt that extra care and attention was missing from this particular Beyonce corset.

      We were both looking forward to seeing the corset on and how it is going to look once worn. The front panel of the corset has a lace-up front to emphasise the look of your cleavage. The strong laces do have plenty of length to them to be able to create a good looking bow and still a good amount of lace left to hang down the front of the corset. As my wife slipped on the satin corset she needed my help to fasten the zip up, which is placed on the back of the corset in the centre of the satin. Placed in the front and rear of the satin are 8 plastic bones, which creates a wonderful shape.

      The two panels of satin are joined together by lace inserts to the sides of the corset, which is finished off in style as the lace flows into a pretty lace skirt. There is also a lovely satin thong to complete the outfit. My wife preferred to have the lace cap sleeves on her shoulders rather than off the shoulder, both are more than suitable. It is just personal preference which one you prefer. She also slipped on a pair of white stockings that we had brought to accompany the corset.

      Once she was fully dressed into all of her lingerie the sight was truly mesmerising as all of my initial thoughts on the appearance of the white corset were confirmed as my wife looked a truly angelic figure standing right in front of me as the pretty corset looks really beautiful on. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I felt my breath was took away with the combination of the white satin and the wonderful lace up front to the corset, as the lace runs down the sides of her body to the wonderful lace skirt for a stunning finish to the appearance of the corset.

      Also my wife was taking in how the gorgeous white satin looked on herself as she felt particularly stunning as the corset held her in all the right places to enhance her curves to give a wonderful shape to her hips, bum and stunning shape to her cleavage. The corset does create a slim look which made my wife feel sexy. We own both the white and black Beyonce corset, and whereas the black gives her a powerful and dominatrix sexy feel, the white corset gives an innocent sexy feel.

      The one factor we did notice was there were a new smell to the satin that did require the corset to be washed before my wife could wear it during a session as the smell was too noticeable. Once washed the smell did disappear and was suitable to wear during our session.

      So once the corset had been hand washed, which the way Dreamgirl is recommended you to wash the outfit. We let it drip dry over the bath and finished the drying process off on the radiator. The new smell of the corset had now vanished and smelt lovely ready for my wife to wear during a session.

      We hadn't spoken about what kind of session we were going to have. My wife was looking forward to wearing the beautiful corset again and I was looking forward to the stunning look that the corset creates. As my wife lay on the bed waiting for me with the stockings that we also purchased to accompany the corset, it did add even more beauty to this already stunning piece of lingerie.

      As I joined my wife on the bed there was a special feeling in the air as the white corset gave of a very distinctive feel. It did feel like we were reliving our wedding night all over again as the corset gave of a bridal feel that would be suitable to wear on your big day.

      The mood of our session were very well set now as there was a very innocent feel to the lingerie that we were both feeling and as we got deeper into our session is was turning in to a very slow passionate lovemaking session.

      When picking a size for the corset, we weren’t sure which size to purchase as my wife is a size 12 but has just started to fit into a few size 10 clothes, so we thought it should be safe to pick size 10-12. As my wife first slipped on the corset she was slightly apprehensive to how the corset would fit, as she is still getting used to now fitting into smaller size clothes. When the corset was on she was truly amazed at how the corset fitted her body shape, and the size 10-12 fitted her perfectly and gave her a very slim look. My wife says she felt very good about herself at how impressive and sexy the corset was looking once on.

      There is a helpful note in the product description saying that, because of the satin and filigree lace, if you are between sizes then it is best to choose the next size up.

      Overall the white Beyonce corset is another dream piece of lingerie that is on equal standing with the black corset. They do offer different styles, though, as we have enjoyed both outfits in the bedroom as the black corset has become a bad girl outfit during our bondage sessions and the white is a good girl outfit during our lovemaking sessions.

      The white corset has added an extra special feel to our lovemaking session as the corset looks truly angelic to wear and gives my wife a stunning look. The corset will be an obvious choice for my wife to wear In December when we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The stunning innocent appearance of the white corset does gives you a bridal look.
      The new smell of the satin when the corset was new.
      Bottom line
      Truly angelic corset that is perfect piece of lingerie for a lovemaking session.
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes