1. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

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      1. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      You're about to encounter an astonishing 20 patterns of waves and pulses and 5 levels of smoothly adjustable intensity. So go on, lose yourself in an oasis of intimacy with your Desire Wand Vibrator, and surrender to the blissful sensations it offers.

      Experience velvety glide and comfort as you pleasure yourself - or someone else. Silken silicone envelopes your new toy, from its smooth, curved head and along the length that conceals the mighty powerhouse.

      The broad head and flexible neck have been lovingly crafted to introduce your clitoris - or wherever you choose to massage - to extraordinary external stimulation.

      You have guests, children or thin walls? No problem - although it's powerful, this wand is surprisingly quiet compared to other models. Worried about it turning on unexpectedly? Don't be, because there's an integral lock to save your blushes.

      The bottom line, as it were? Sheer magic, whether you opt for solo play or hand it to your partner for shared gratification.

      Want to enhance this wand-er into wonderland? Then all you need is lots of water-based lube.

      Desire is a collection of luxurious sex toys expertly designed by Lovehoney with only one thing in mind: ultimate sexual happiness.

      Please note that the current box and manual state that the wand is USB rechargeable, but it is in fact plug powered and rechargeable.

      Key Features:

      • Luxurious silicone wand vibrator for intimate, sensual massages
      • 20 patterns of waves and pulses and 5 levels of adjustable intensity
      • Fully charge for 3 hours for about 3 hours of play
      • Plug-in power with option for recharging
      • Features travel lock for peace of mind during transit
      • Comes with a luxurious locking zip case with a hole for the cord for discreet charging

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator 9 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator
      2. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator


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    1. Rock Your Body Right

      Reviewed: August 19, 2017 by Dulce

      Oh My Bod! The Desire Deluxe Rechargeable Magic Wand has it going on to get you going on and on and on again! Of!

      Why the high praise? I used this beast to give my love a tremendous back rub, then turned him over and used it to ;) "blow" his mind!

      Fantastic barely covers the massive smile on his face when I asked, "Money well spent?"

      I'm blushing beet red as I type this. Oh you better believe he got me back! He made sure I experienced all the settings, and when I could hardy take anymore he gets in the mix.

      All Im gonna say is we wrapped it up with big bang. ;)

      Home alone I've taken this through all the paces - even its most intense mode - and it left me tingling long after.

      It's super easy to clean. After I lightly wiped it down I used the LH toy cleaner spray and let it dry before putting it away. It's such a powerful item to have, and I absolutely love that I can store it in the black zip case it came with.

      Huge thanks to the genius who made this Deluxe Wand a Rechargeable one, because I burned through all my spare batteries here. I'm glad I didn't have to steal batteries for my Wand. This beauty gets all the stars!

      I was trying to see if this wand is compatible with attachments and it doesn't seem to be since the material is silicone. Still, this power item proved it has the magic to make my body sing and that's more than worth it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Mighty vibe power but soft silky feel.
      Bottom line
      The joy stick that keep on giving.
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    1. Oh, Ohh, Ohhhhhhhh

      Reviewed: May 11, 2017 by LuvnLifeLady, a Straight Single Female

      Those are the words I say several times a day and even more at night now thanks to this beautiful purple wand.

      It looks and feels like a dream. Holding it you notice it's more solid feeling than a vibrator. It also has a soft feel to it, very easy on the hand(s) to hold. Rechargeable, so no wires to get in the way of play. Plug it in for 3 hours (though mine only took about an hour to fully charge) and you'll have 3 hours of play time. Though if you're able to use this for 3 hours straight, I want your autograph!

      3 push buttons in the middle that are very simple. Top one increases the speed (5 settings), bottom one decreases speed and turns off, while the middle one changes patterns.

      Being one that doesn't have the easiest of times getting there, I figured I'd need the top speed. Umm, wrong. I'm lucky to get past the lowest speed setting up to the next level. After several of those, I did try the top speed again and wow, it was a good thing I was alone in the house.

      For the purpose of this review, I paired this with one of my Njoy stainless steel toys. Touched this to this exposed steel and the world turned 1000 different colours then promptly exploded. The things I do in the name of research!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Weight, ease of use, power, wireless, flexible head, relatively quiet, zipper case.
      Bottom line
      A must-have addition to any toy collection.
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    1. A total different wand experience you will desire

      Reviewed: February 9, 2017 by Ms.HideAway

      While not new to sex toys, I wasn't a person who had also used a full-sized wand that often historically. While I enjoyed the vibrations for a sensual massage I had often struggled with the use of this category of toy for orgasm because I would often go numb or feel like the sensation was too intense. But in the past year, I really become a wand lover in learning how to use the toy more effectively with my body and with attachments in order to finally experience the intense orgasms this type of toy really can deliver.

      I own several popular models of full sized wands that I was ready to compare the Desire wand to for the purpose of this review. So when applicable I may mention other products for those who own and want to compare, but this toy is really a stand out on its own for the following reasons:

      - Perfect Packaging. The packaging really offers a luxury toy experience. The full-size elegant box for this product is perfect for gift giving. The wand comes with a storage case in black. This is a nice vinyl-looking material with a full-size zipper and carry handle at one end. This case is perfect for storage and travel and houses the wand and charger.

      - Silky Silicone. The silicone material is so body friendly and hygienic. This is super smooth and feels incredible against your base skin and when held in your hand.

      - The colour purple. The colour is so regal. I love the deep purple as it is sexy and doesn't scream sex toy if you leave it laying about.

      - Rechargeable. This wand offers all the power of a plug-in wand with the requirement for an outlet or a cord getting in the way. This feature has enabled me to use this toy with a free range anywhere in my home, hotel rooms and even in the car... don't worry I wasn't wanding while driving.

      - Powerful Plus. I tend to prefer the solid vibrations and then work my way up settings with a wand. This one packs a punch as the lowest setting is more like the low-medium on my dial turn style wand. So if you need something softer in vibrations I would not try this toy. On the highest setting, I am literally shaking from pleasure.

      - Patterns of Pleasure. Now I am normally not into patterns, but this wand offers such a variety and some I have never had before that I have found myself cycling through to a few that really offer an amazing experience.

      - Travel lock. Seriously this has it's own mention because this is brilliant. No worries of this toy going off in your luggage and let me attest with the rechargeable feature and neutral design this is my favourite accessory for relaxation while travelling.

      Overall, this is an incredible toy to use. The push buttons are easy to manipulate and trigger without being too sensitive. Indicator lights help you see if you are cycling through and when the toy is fully charged. The head of the massage is also fairly flexible.

      This wand lives up to the experiences I have had with my plug-in style wands as far as the strength of vibrations for sure. While it is slightly less noisy this is not a toy that is overly quiet to use either.

      I find the weight to be manageable, as there is some size to this wand but nothing that causes fatigue. I have experienced "wand weight fatigue" more with my Doxy die cast because it is all metal in the handle.

      If you love wands, the Desire Deluxe Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator is a wonderful addition to your collection and experience. To me it not a replacement to the wands I already own and enjoy using but a new experience and sensation I am thrilled to have. This is also my go-to for travel.

      If you have never purchased a wand before, this is worth every penny as you get the full range of power, with bonus patterns and a silicone toy for an affordable price. This would be a perfect gift for your partner and something you both will enjoy.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Patterns and travel lock.
      Not a deal breaker but puts off more noise than I had hoped.
      Bottom line
      Incredible luxury wand with everything you could desire.
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    1. The luxury you've always desired

      Reviewed: January 29, 2017 by RetroSpazzKat, a Bisexual Married Female

      First off I would just like to thank the great people at Lovehoney for selecting me to test out this amazing toy. As always Lovehoney's shipping was quick and discrete, they always manage to ship their orders off so quickly!

      Now let me just tell you that in my personal experience with the Lovehoney brand has left me speechless on many occasions and this wand is no exception! I find that many other brands just don't seem to show as much effort in their products as Lovehoney does. This is why Lovehoney has become my personal favorite sexual brand.

      At first look into the package this luxury wand comes in its own leather storage case that fits both the cord and wand which is an amazing touch to the product. We all have our hiding places but it adds to the appeal of a product when it comes with a case for a more discrete storage.

      As for the wand itself its a romantic royal purple all over featuring an engraved logo and three buttons for the control on the front. The overall feel of the wand is one of luxury, the head of the wand is made of a silky smooth silicone which literally helps it glide over the body even without a massage oil or lubricant. This wand seems to have a bit more weight to it than my other wand in my collection which helps it sink into those sore muscles and sweet spots even more! The neck of the wand is very flexible helping give it a more fluid motion over the body. The overall use of this wand for my partner and I was effortless.

      The controls are easy, the top button is used for scrolling to a more intense vibration while the bottom eases the vibrations down and turns off the toy. The middle controls the pattern of vibration. I found it easy and fast to scroll through the intensity levels by holding down either the top or bottom button.

      The overall noise level of the toy isn't too bad considering the power it gives off and I found this wand to be much more quite than that of one purely made of plastic. The lower lettings do of course offer a more discrete level of noise but the more powerful setting do let out more of powerful buzz.

      At first thought I was sure this being a toy that is charged instead of plugged straight into the wall that it would hold less power throughout the session but I'm more than glad to say that this wand is beyond powerful. The first setting of power is very intense by itself that I couldn't imagine this toy not meeting anyone's power expectations. It honestly one of the most powerful toys I've ever been in possession of and its defiantly just as powerful as one that features a plug.

      I can not find any losses with this product, it just has it all. The power is amazing, it's luxury in design and feel. It gives you the intensity of a  corded wand with the freedom and flexibility of going cordless! I defiantly recommend this to anyone looking for a powerful wand for their collection.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Intesity, smooth feel and luxury design
      Bottom line
      Best wand on the market!
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    1. I just didn't know

      Reviewed: December 20, 2018 by littlelovebird, a Straight Married Female

      Let me start with this: I have a great rabbit that I love. It works very well for me, and I didn't think I'd need anything else, ever. WHOA was I wrong. I just didn't know!

      This wand from Lovehoney's luxury Desire collection is beautiful. It arrived in their usual discreet, brown box packaging. After opening the box, I found the elegant Desire Deluxe Rechargeable Magic Wand box inside. Its box was dark, with a picture of the wand on the front, shown in actual size. I opened it up and found the nice storage bag, the wand, and the charger.

      The wand itself is a gorgeous purple colour (I may be biased as purple is my favourite!). The handle is smooth, and the buttons are well-placed and easily accessible. Even with my small hands, I am able to get a firm grip on the wand and press the buttons with one hand.

      The silicone on the head is silky soft, and a touch of lube improved the experience even more.

      The vibrations from this wand are seriously powerful! While it took some adjusting and playing to find a pattern that tickled my fancy. I didn't need to turn the strength any higher than the lowest setting!

      I love that this wand is rechargeable and doesn't need to be plugged into an outlet to use it. The battery life seems good so far, and I like that I can charge it discreetly in its storage bag. The bag is a nice touch, and it will keep my new toy protected for travel and storage.

      The only downside to this toy is that it is a little bit on the heavy side. I know this is true of most wands, and this is definitely lighter than some other ones out there. I happen to have a bad wrist on my dominant hand, and it did tire me out slightly after just a few minutes of play. Not to worry as I'm sure my wrist will strengthen with time. I'll excuse my frequent use as strengthening exercise!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Well built, discreet storage appreciated, love that it's rechargeable!
      A bit heavy.
      Bottom line
      This is a must-have for those looking to invest in a magic wand toy!
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