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    1. Cyber Pro Vibrating Male Masturbator & VR Headset

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      1. Cyber Pro Vibrating Male Masturbator & VR Headset

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    1. Product Description

      Ready to give your private browsing sessions a bit of an upgrade? Log on to the NSFW site of your choice and lose yourself in the ultimate virtual reality experience, courtesy of this vibrating masturbator and VR headset from Cyber Pro.

      Ease your way into the soft and pliable entrance and give in to the irresistible ribbing tensing around your tool with each thrust, using the hole at the base of the case to control the internal suction. Want to take your trouser play to the next level? Just power up the included bullet vibe to accelerate across the finish line.

      The Cyber Pro is compatible with most current Android and iPhone models, and all major VR providers, meaning your favorite porn stars are just a mouse click away. And with a 360° range and adjustable focal and pupil distance, you'll feel like you're the star of your favorite skin flick.

      Waterproof and easy to clean, the case has an ergonomic design for ease of grip, so you needn't worry about broken windows when you're going full throttle!

      Key Features:

      • Virtual reality headset with vibrating male masturbator
      • Compatible with all major adult VR content providers
      • 360 virtual reality experience for better-than-life experiences
      • Stroker features hole for included optional bullet vibrator
      • Stroker is waterproof, with a secure lid for storage
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      Cyber Pro Vibrating Male Masturbator & VR Headset 2 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Cyber Pro Vibrating Male Masturbator & VR Headset
      2. Cyber Pro Vibrating Male Masturbator & VR Headset


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    1. It works

      Reviewed: January 17, 2017 by Sum Sub, a Straight Married Male

      Lovehoney sent me a sample of this to test, and what I received was not in retail packaging, so I will skip the presentation preamble and get down to business.

      What you get is a masturbator that looks like a poor man’s Fleshlight, and a bulky VR headset.

      The masturbator is around 6 inches long, and made of that very familiar “real-feel” spongy texture that’s very similar to fleshlights, the LH Thrust range and any other number of masturbatory devices. It is contained within a rather cheap looking holder, with an equally cheap pop-off lid. Fortunately, the sleeve itself is much more solidly made - it’s as least as good at the any other brand.

      The orifice is non-anatomical, making it suitable for any sexual orientation, and it features a small air hole for added suction if you so desire, although you might need to think about how to get your finger/thumb over that hole when in use.

      The sleeve also contains a little divot for a bullet vibrator, which is supplied. It’s a basic bit of kit, made of see-through plastic, a nice touch so that your stereotypical man can see its workings. It has a single-speed, and is okay but nothing particularly special.

      Although it’s not special, it is enough to add some decent extra sensations to the masturbator. The divot is positioned at the end of the sleeve, so is just in the right place to stimulate your glans. I was expecting a bit of a clatter, but to my delight the sleeve does a good job of insulating the vibrations from the canister.

      You get a single sachet of JO lubricant, and that is enough for one use. The entry hole seems small, but the sleeve is stretchy, and will accommodate most girths. Inside the texture is, umm, well I suppose its stimulating, it’s nothing mind-blowing, but that’s probably since the vibes from the bullet are the main sensation. That aside, the bumps do do a good job of stimulating your head. And I think that’s the real truth with this masturbation sleeve; it’s good for head stimulation

      So, what of the VR goggles? I’m always a bit sceptical of things purporting to be VR, but here goes…

      You need to find yourself some split screen porn; where the same image is shown in two side-by-side windows. Once you’ve done that, flip down the hatch, open the latch, press play, position your foam inside the latch against the foam cushion, add in the insert to prevent unwanted phone travel, close the latch, snap the hatch shut.

      Realise you’ve left your phone on silent, so undo hatch open latch, remove phone, turn volume up. And then reverse. Although, my advice would be to use earphones, the wire of which will handily (just) fit through the vent.

      Anyway, once you’ve managed to get your phone in, which after a few goes is actually quite straight forward, you can put the googles on. The straps are broad, stretchy and adjustable and not uncomfortable. With the googles on, you look through two lenses at your phone screen.

      The lenses are adjustable for focus both forward/backward and together/apart, and I found it easy to get the image in focus. I don’t know how the fit would be for those wearing glasses, but without is comfortable; I am hopeful that the adjustable focus might work for those with minor short or long-sightedness.

      And I was astounded; not quite VR, but a real decent 3D experience, entirely immersive, and you completely forget that your phone is an inch away from your head. I’m genuinely impressed, and what’s great is that you don’t just have to watch porn on it. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5, it fit well, would easily take smaller phones, and has room for slightly larger too, but definitely not a tablet.

      So, we have a really rather decent VR headset, and a stroker which whilst rudimentary in appearance, is effective, and they combine to produce a highly enjoyable and completely novel masturbatory experience.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      It's a unique and enjoyable experience.
      Not much - maybe the cheapness of the canister of the stroker.
      Bottom line
      Definitely worthwhile. More 3D than VR.
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    1. A Nice Sampling

      Reviewed: December 25, 2016 by Toyjoyman, a Straight Going Steady Male

      First off, I will say that I have never used any virtual reality device or any adaptive headset like this one to use your phone as a gyroscope.

      I will review both parts separately then give my opinion using both at the same time.

      First off, the headset is quite simple. Flip it open, press the tab down and slide it to gain access to the phone holding foam. You can slot your phone in and make sure the screen is getting fully exposed to the lenses. Snapping the phone into place just requires you press the tab back down to lock it in, and your phone should hold very firmly and safely.

      The back then flips back up to the main piece of the headset and locks in. The straps are slightly iffy, not the most comfortable, but to be expected for a product in this price range. They can be adjusted like a harness can and should fit most, if not all head sizes as you can tighten the sides or back to suit your needs.

      They can irritate if the device is used for extended periods of tim,e but that shouldn't be an issue if you are only using this for VR porn.

      Now, for anyone without glasses, the headset fits well over the eyes, possibly with a very slight gap right at the bottom that you won't notice when watching anything.

      But with glasses, depending on head size, you will have to either wear contact or slip the glasses into the eyepiece before if your head is too wide.

      The groove for the nose to sit under can sometimes balance on the nose and cause some discomfort. I don't really have much of a large nose but I can assume that strap efficiency and tightness would help with the issue if worked properly. The lenses sit well over the eyes and give a very clear image when adjusted to your eye separation level (how far your eyes are apart) as there is a little wheel you can adjust to suit your dimensions.

      Watching experience:

      Now, depending on your phone, your experience will differ, but if you are using any modern phone you should have a good quality viewing experience, and the higher the resolution your phone can handle the better and more immersive you will feel when using the headset.

      The sound that comes from your phone seems to pass through the headset well, and although it doesn't cancel out anyone who isn't wearing the headset from hearing it, it's definitely quieter than with the headset on.

      There are sites that will provide free VR experiences with the use of an app (check android availability), although selection will obviously be limited.

      The phone gyroscope should allow you to track your head and give you a great immersive feel, depending on your screen resolution.

      Onto the stroker.

      I was sceptical at first as the stroker seemed to be relatively cheap-looking, and apart from the case it actually is well made. The toy has a real feel-like material that you can tell uses powder to maintain and doesn't get sticky (at least not at first). The inner chamber of the toy is ribbed mostly and has slight changes in tightness but generally gives a very head stimulating sensation as there is no major change in texture.

      The suction, however, isn't the most well designed. Covering part of the hole is slightly irritating as the hole is bigger than most toys that use a hole for controlled tightness. The best way to combat this is to apply some masking tape or any easy to apply tape over the hole and poke a small hole in the top, slip in with the sachet of lubes help and get a feel for the tightness of the toy, apply more holes to the tape to decrease suction, and find the perfect level for you.

      The sleeve feels very good once it's fully slick, and the tape trick works wonders once your member is sliding all the way in. It can be a very pleasurable experience if going fast as the ribs really rub on the sensitive spots of your head and heighten pleasure levels the tighter and faster you use it.

      The vibrator is actually very good to use. Most toys that provide a little vibrator to slip in never really provide strong enough vibrations, but this toy really tickles your head and shaft and will half the time it takes for you to blow.

      The batteries in the vibrator don't last particularly long, and having to de-sleeve the toy to take it out or put it in can sort of rush the whole experience and slightly ruin it. With patience and good suction, the combination of the ribs and vibrator will get you going with ease.

      Clean up is slightly irritating as I am longer than the toy itself so it ended up going on the inside of the casing (not the sleeve).

      Although after quickly rinsing both the toy and the case (after removing the tape) it was ready to go back together and drying took very little time.

      Now, together these toys can be very good indeed. Depending on how much you like to tease yourself and what you choose to watch, your pleasure levels can be varied. Going for a quick experience might not immerse you as much as having a woman parade around you and arousing you with how she teases the actor in the video, but it will still provide a great experience if you choose to stroke along with what happens on screen. I personally found choice in what to watch the main issue, but as it was a free experience I can expect it to be like that.

      Both together provide a great experience, and the better the phone the better the immersion, and that in turn should heighten your experience.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Multi phone capable, lens adjustment. Sleeve vibration, sleeve suction. Ribbed feel.
      Suction control isn't the best. Clean Up. Glasses hard to use, slight discomfort.
      Bottom line
      A great start to VR porn with a good toy to come with it.
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