1. Lovehoney Deluxe Massage Wand Couple's Gift Bundle (4 Piece)

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      Experience magic with this amazing value orgasmic wand gift set, including the new Deluxe Plug In Massage Wand and its turbo-charged vibrations. a lockable toy case and two tantalizing his and hers wand attachments add extra wow to this brill bundle.

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      1. Lovehoney Deluxe Massage Wand Couple's Gift Bundle (4 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Experience magic with this amazing value orgasmic wand gift set, including the new Deluxe Plug In Powered Massage Wand and its turbo-charged vibrations. A lockable toy case and two tantalizing his and hers wand attachments add extra wow to this brill bundle.

      The Deluxe wand is a powerhouse of pleasure boasting 20 incredible pulsating patterns and 10 super strong speeds. A thick, smooth silicone head, complete with flexible neck, massages the contours of your body, making it a perfect accompaniment to full-body massages and couple's foreplay.

      The G-Spot attachment, made from soft silicone, instantly transforms your want into a G-spot massager with pinpoint precision. It's also great for anal play and can be used to reach those backdoor sweet spots.

      The clear Hummer Attachment turns your toy into a stimulating sleeve stroker, filled with nubs and ridges, and powered by the intense vibrations of the wand. The different textured ends offers an array of sensations and stimulation.

      To keep your magic toys neat and tidy, and safe from prying eyes, the set comes with a lockable faux leather sex toy case. The case has pockets to organise your toys, an open base to offer discreet charging and twin zips which can be sealed with padlock for extra protection!

      With everything you need for his and her fun, this unisex bundle is great for a magical night in.

      Key Features:

      • Deluxe Massage Wand Bundle for powerful intimate massages for him and her
      • Plug In powered Massage Wand offers 20 intense patterns of pulsation and 10 speeds
      • G-spot attachment transforms wand into a precise G-spot stimulator
      • Textured male attachment turns wand into a vibrating male stroker
      • Lockable sex toy case safely and discreetly stores all your toys
      • A great kit to introduce wands to your couple's play
    1. How it measures up

      • Base diameter: 2.5 inches
      • Circumference: 8 inches
      • Length: 13.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Firm
      • Material: Silicone
      • Texture: Smooth
      • Waterproof: No
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Built in - push button
      • Power Type: Mains powered
    4. Essential info

      • Duration: 180 minutes

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    1. Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Couple's Gift Bundle (4 Piece)

      Experience magic with this amazing value orgasmic wand gift set, including the new Deluxe Mains Powered Magic Wand and its turbo-charged vibrations. a lockable toy case and two teasing his and hers wand attachments add more wow to this brill bundle.

    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Deluxe Massage Wand Couple's Gift Bundle (4 Piece) 4 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Deluxe Massage Wand Couple's Gift Bundle (4 Piece)
      2. Lovehoney Deluxe Massage Wand Couple's Gift Bundle (4 Piece)

        You save:
        $42.96 (22%)

    1. Essential for Every Home

      Reviewed: January 20, 2019 by HappyPeaches, a Bisexual Married Male

      My SO was a bit scared to use this product despite the amazing reviews. Despite the initial fear, the results of the experience with this vibrator are amazing.

      I found that my SO will use this at all hours and even got rid of a vibrator that had been apart of their collection for a very long time. I've really enjoyed the sleeve as it makes for an intense experience and also able to enjoy hands-free fun.

      Highly recommended. I searched through reviews of many other brands and types of wands and if you want the best go with this type from Lovehoney.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The consistency, length of the cord, easy to clean.
      Everything is very easy to use, clean, and store! Nothing to dislike.
      Bottom line
      Amazing! A must-have.
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    1. Perfect for every couple

      Reviewed: November 14, 2017 by RetroSpazzKat, a Bisexual Married Female

      As alway, Lovehoney had this order dispatched and on its way in no time flat.

      This bundle includes a sleek and stylish black body wand with beautiful silver accents. Along with an attachment for the lucky guy and gal and a beautiful leather case to keep it hidden away discretely.

      Aside from the beautiful appearance, the wand is definitely luxury. This is a plugin wand, which means you will never have to worry about it being charged, it's always ready to go, which is perfect for being spontaneous. The cord is very lengthy and allows for plenty of room.

      The controls on the wand are simple. It has three buttons, the top and bottom controlling the speed and strength of the vibrations whilst the middle lets you scroll to the perfect pattern.My favourite feature is that you can adjust the speed of any vibration pattern! This made it easy to keep not only mine but my husband's toes curled in complete ecstasy.

      As far as the noise level goes the wand does give off a good buzz but nothing too loud, at worse it could compare to some hair clippers at its highest setting.

      The woman's attachment is slimline not having much girth but its curve definitely makes up for that. My husband had no issue with pinpointing my G-spot right away with this attachment. And the small ridges at the base targeted the clit with no trouble what so ever making this attachment a definite pleaser!

      As for the male attachment, it features one tighter end with ridges with the other end being a bit looser with some bumps. At first, my husband was a bit sceptical of having a vibrating sleeve but as soon as we gave it a go his mindset change right away. A plus is that the sleeve is short enough to tease in some oral as well for added pleasure.

      And last but not least the case is perfect for this bundle being able to fit both attachments and the wand with ease. It even features a divider to keep the toys separated and has plenty of room to fit in massage oils or lube if you are packing for a trip.

      All in all this bundle is a great value and will have anyone more than pleased. With the wide selection of power, it makes the perfect fit for both newcomers or power play couples.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Perfect attachment selection and power!
      Bottom line
      The perfect bundle for any couple!
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    1. Sheet Gripping, Lip Biting, Thigh Clenching Mutual Fun

      Reviewed: November 3, 2017 by Ragnar Lodbrok, a Straight Married Male

      We were kindly sent the Black version of Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Bundle LHUS LHCA (US/Canadian plug) by Lovehoney to trial and provide our honest feedback on our overall impressions of the product and our experiences of using its contents.

      The Deluxe Wand Bundle arrived in Lovehoney’s usual discreet packaging inside which the contents were separately contained within their constituent boxes/plastic wrapper.

      Lovehoney Deluxe Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator –

      Our First Impressions

      The box, in which the Wand Vibrator is contained, is covered by a plastic bag to protect it from any moisture – handy if your product is left in a safe place by Royal Mail and you’re unavailable to take delivery of this mains powered product. The wand comes in a Lovehoney branded box complete with a life-size photograph of the vibrator on the front and a “How to Use” list of instructions on one of the sides, and “Head to Toe Treatment” - information on possible uses and applications - on the other side. The vibrator sits in a protective, clear plastic sleeve inside the box.

      Our first impression of the actual wand vibrator was that it more resembled a microphone than a sex aid! Ironic really, as we were unaware that this attractive-looking piece of kit would soon have my wife hitting the high notes!

      On handling the wand for the first time, we both commented on its weightiness (1lb 5oz/600g) much heavier and, measuring 13” in length, much bigger than any other vibrator we have in our collection. We both felt that the long, tapered body looked non-threatening and that it was attractively designed. The sheen of the plastic, gunmetal grey body (powder-shot in appearance), contrasts with the black silicone head and the shiny, silvery plastic bands, and give it a quite dynamic and sexy quality. We were particularly pleased to discover that the smooth silicone head was seamless, thus avoiding any discomfort when in use. The three control buttons are simply arranged in a linear fashion and are recessed within the body of the wand. Our first impressions of its overall appearance were that it looked quite an attractive piece of kit that has a luxurious appearance to it that we associate with quality.

      The 2.4m cable fixed to the handle of the wand in this bundle, terminates in a US/Canadian two-pinned plug therefore, being resident in the UK during our trialling of this product, it was necessary to attach a US appliance to UK plug adaptor in order to allow us to use it. After attaching our adaptor to the cable, it was time to discover what magical properties this wand had to offer us.

      This was our first experience of a mains-powered vibrator, and having read extensive positive reviews of this (and similar) products, we were both keen to put the wand through its paces.

      1. Lovehoney Deluxe Wand – My wife, Lagartha’s experiences

      We both decided that I should be the first to trial the qualities of this wand and I looked forward in eager anticipation of being on the receiving end of what it promised to provide me with (according to the reviewers’ experiences I had read about!).

      I decided to experience what the wand’s head alone could do without the application of any lube. I switched the wand on to its lowest vibration setting and I purposely decided not to use the middle button for the “pattern/wave mode”, but instead just concentrate on the basic mode of vibrations. I was immediately impressed by both the quietness and the slight vibration emitting from the wand’s handle.

      The smooth, velvety, silicone material of the wand’s wide head provided a satisfying drag as I gently stroked it against my vulva for a couple of minutes. This motion, coupled with the low, rumbly wave of vibration, provided a pleasurable sensation coursing through me and I soon felt that I was gradually getting into the right mood to enjoy even more powerful vibrations this wand had to offer.

      Usually, as a prelude to sex, and as part of one of my masturbation routines, I often enjoy setting my vibrators on a low/medium setting and directing the vibrations over my labia applying a continual slow stimulation before concentrating more pinpointed action on my clitoris.

      I found that the wide, flexible head of this wand (unlike the smaller and narrower heads of conventional vibrators) allowed me to apply pressure to a greater area of my labia and provided me with greater pleasure and fulfilment – more than any other of the vibrators in my collection.

      I soon found that I lusted for even greater stimulation and decided to apply water-based lube sufficient to cover the entire top half of the silicone head before continuing the action. I gradually increased the vibration mode to discover the deeply satisfying sensation each flick of the + button provided me with. There was a discernible growl from the internal motor, but not sufficiently loud enough to cause any distraction from the task in hand.

      I only managed to reach the fifth vibration level during the five minutes of my first use of the wand. The pressure I was able to exert on my labia, whilst rubbing the head in a circular motion, was something I’d never previously experienced before with a conventional vibrator, and the increased and powerful accompanying vibrations of the wand, resulted in my experiencing very pleasant and nerve-tingling sensations right through to my clitoris.

      Soon I was tipped over the edge and I lost complete control of myself and (something I have not experienced in a very long time from a toy) I writhed about with the wand clenched between my thighs as I experienced an enjoyable and satisfying orgasm! Wow! My “arrival” most often takes much longer to achieve, so I was immediately impressed with the magical qualities of this wand and of its ability to force my orgasm.

      During sex, whilst we have been trialling this wand, I have particularly enjoyed being penetrated by my husband, whilst I use the wand’s vibrating and flexible, wide head for the extra stimulation of my clit and labia. The powerful vibrations have never failed to send waves of pleasure coursing through my sex to produce some sensational orgasms and satisfying release.

      Using the wand in its “head-down” position between my legs, I am easily able to hold and control its movements comfortably and accurately - even when my excitement gets the better of me and I begin to writhe in consummate ecstasy. My only (minor) criticism is that the three buttons could be more clearly marked in a contrasting colour (white?) as the symbols on them are not quite as prominent as they could be as they blend into the black background.

      The cable is sufficiently long enough to reach our bed and affords unrestricted use as described above. As a precaution against my unplugging the cable, my husband has provided an extension cable which he has left under the bed – just in case I became too excited and require extra cable length!

      On the occasions when he has been present to witness my use of the wand, he has witnessed how its powers have transformed me into a quivering, but very satisfied, lady. He loves to see how I succumb to the wand’s magical powers and submit to its spell.

      Cleaning the wand’s head is easy and straightforward. Very importantly, in order to avoid electrocution, you must always remember to unplug the wand from the electricity supply before any cleaning operation is carried out. Crucially, I avoid any excess water (or other liquids) coming into contact with the wand as it this is a mains electricity-powered vibrator and is not fully waterproof. To ensure any excess lube is removed, I use a warm, damp, cloth and an application of anti-bacterial soap, before giving the silicone material a thorough wash and rinsing off with warm water. To finish off, I give the entire surface area an additional thorough coating of sex toy cleaner spray before rinsing off later and leaving it to dry. Being manufactured from silicone, I try to avoid wiping the attachment dry in order to avoid attracting any unwanted lint.

      In conclusion, I am never fazed by the weightiness, or noise levels, of the wand when I have used it. Yes, I do detect vibrations in my hand whilst I’m holding the shaft of the wand, but none so intense as to cause my hand and arms any discomfort. Likewise, my pubic area. I have not encountered any numbness caused by the application of the wand’s powerful vibrations, I have only derived sheer, blissful pleasure.

      These first, very satisfying, experiences gave me the desire to explore the wand’s delights further and I decided to fit the accompanying Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Silicone G-Spot Head Attachment for this purpose.

      2. Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Silicone G-Spot Head

      Attachment – My wife, Lagartha’s experiences

      After my first use of the wand and I had become sufficiently “warmed up”, I was able to fit the G-Spot Head Attachment over the wand’s head with ease. I found that I did not require the use of any lubrication in order to fit it as the silicone material of both the head and the attachment enabled a smooth attachment and a secure and snug fit.

      Before attaching the G-Spot Head Attachment to the wand, I realised that it was necessary to line up the wand with the attachment’s curved shaft correctly to allow better access to the control buttons once in use. To do this, I positioned the wand with the head facing away from me and the control buttons pointing upwards. With the attachment’s opening lined up with the head of the wand, all that was required was for me to ensure that the curved shaft was pointing back towards me and below the underside of the wand’s shaft (the opposite side to the control buttons). Once this was achieved it was time for me to enjoy the magical qualities of the wand and its attachment!

      For my first use of this attachment and the wand, I lathered a fair amount of water-based lube along the curved shaft and laid on my back. I set about gently rubbing the tip of the shaft along the folds of my vagina and found that the sensation I felt was like any of those I usually experience with my other vibrators... until I turned on the power! The gentle vibrations on Level 1, whilst quite pleasant, were not sufficient to get me to where I wanted to be. Moving from the lowest speed to the next, the increased sensations I experienced as I applied greater pressure from the tip of the shaft to my labia, was soon having the desired effect I was seeking. I was only able to reach Level 5 (I think that this was where I reached – my mind was elsewhere at the time!). The low rumble of the wand, on its lower speed settings, provided satisfying and blissful sensations over the entirety of my pubic area. With a further increase in speed, I directed the tip towards my clitoris and, within a couple of minutes, I was unable to control myself as I became lost in the throes of a powerful orgasm that had me writhing and grabbing the bedsheets. The sensation I felt was one of the most intense I have ever experienced. The vibrations from the wand are sufficiently powerful to radiate down the shaft of the attachment allowing for perfect stimulation of the intended target.

      I have since used the shaft internally several times as a means of locating my G-spot, though I have yet to accomplish this. As the shaft has an insertable length of 3 inches, perhaps it just isn’t long enough to reach the desired area. However, the adventures I am enjoying on my journeys of discovery, accompanied by this wand and its G-spot attachment, are providing me with such sensational orgasms and feelings of sexual satisfaction and fulfilment the likes I have never before experienced!

      Once I have (or my OH has) inserted the shaft in my vagina, I especially enjoy the sensation achieved when I have rubbed the three ridges on the cup against my labia and clitoris, or I have ground my sex against them. I also enjoy rubbing the nipple/nub at the rear of the attachment’s cup, for pinpoint stimulation against my clitoris. I normally use a dildo/vibrator inserted internally with the simultaneous use of a bullet vibe on my clitoris, but the design features of this attachment and the extremely powerful vibrations provided by the wand, I find perfect for ensuring sensational orgasms every time. The design allows for one hand free to apply extra pressure of the shaft/head, or for your hand to do as your mood desires!

      On separate occasions, I have particularly enjoyed the sensations I have achieved through rubbing the vibrating tip across my perineum and the entrance to my anus as a prelude to vaginal and anal sex. The powerful vibrations I experience from such an application, always guarantee to send me into raptures in a very short time.

      As for cleaning this attachment, (as in cleaning the wand’s head), it couldn’t be easier. Very importantly, I always ensure that I never use the wand for vaginal play after using it for anal play. Crucially, to avoid electrocution, I always unplug the wand from the electricity supply before any cleaning operation is carried out. I also ensure that the attachment is removed from the wand before any cleaning commences. When removing any excess lube, I use a warm, damp, cloth and an application of anti-bacterial soap, before giving the silicone material a thorough wash before rinsing off under warm water. To finish off, I give the entire surface area an additional thorough coating of sex toy cleaner spray, and later rinse it off before leaving it to dry. Being manufactured from silicone, I try to avoid wiping the attachment dry in order to avoid attracting any unwanted lint etc.

      3. Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Male Masturbator Wand Attachment - Lagartha’s Experience

      I often feel sorry for my husband in that he’s the one who misses out on all the pleasure I receive when I use my vibrators for solo play, or when he uses them on me and he is in control of them. I like to see the look of approval on his face as I work myself into an orgasmic frenzy as he looks on. I also derive mutual satisfaction from pleasuring him, especially during our bondage play!

      How novel of Lovehoney then to let the boys share in the pleasures of a mains powered vibrator via the Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Male Masturbator Wand Attachment that is part of this bundle of joy?

      Our first impressions of this Male Masturbator were that it had interesting design features. We were particularly struck by the nodules, ridges and stimulating textures the attachment had and of its ability to stretch. Another interesting feature we noticed were the two different diameters of the tubes at each ends of the sleeve (1” and 1.5”).

      We decided that I’d take charge of the wand during my husband’s first use and just I loved that I was finally able to take control of a vibrator and let it loose on my husband’s anatomy for a change. Masturbating him using a male masturbator, rather than the hand-job/blowjob I usually give him, would be a whole new experience for both of us and we were excitedly looked forward to it.

      Firstly, I found fitting the attachment to the wand’s head was straightforward enough. By rolling the sleeve up slightly and placing it on the wand’s head, I could then pull it down and over the head to get a tight fit. Then I rolled the up-turned sleeve back over the head. The TPE material of the attachment makes for a tight and snug fit against the silicone coated head of the wand without the application of any lube. I also chose to fit the tube/sleeve perpendicular to the side of the wand’s shaft housing the three control buttons as (I found later) it allowed me to make better use of the speed and wave buttons whilst I used the attachment to work on my husband’s erect shaft.

      Once I had got his circumcised, average sized, penis to full attention, I applied a generous coating of water-based lube to the entirety of his shaft. Slowly, I applied sufficient pressure to enhance his experience and keep him hard. Next, I chose to fit the 1-inch diameter cuff end of the attachment (the one with internal rings) to the end of his penis. The tube being so narrow, I found that it was a very tight fit, but with a little perseverance and prolonged effort, the shaft of his penis finally became fully inserted.

      I began by switching the vibration speed to Level 1, but when he told me after a minute that it wasn’t really doing a great deal for him, I decided to increase the speed and experiment with the wave feature. I also began to stroke this end of the attachment up and down his shaft whilst simultaneously increasing the speed and intensity of vibration.

      Ragnar’s Experience

      Whilst the flexible TPE internal rings of this end provided some drag against my glans and shaft, and the wand’s vibrations were quite pleasant, I didn’t find that they gave me any mind-blowing sensations. The sleeve was a tight fit, but it did not cause me any discomfort. Interestingly, I discovered that the most intense sensation I derived from this end of the attachment was from the rings of nodules at the entrance to the tube when they were placed directly on top of the glans of my penis. I also found that I experienced the best, satisfying sensations when the vibration speed was turned up to 3-4 and the rings of vibrating nodules (sitting on top of the end of my glans), stimulated the nerve endings of both my glans and frenulum (the underside of my penis’s head). I was surprised that the lower and higher speeds didn’t provide the same satisfying sensations as those in the middle range.

      The wider (1.5”), opposite end, containing the nodules I found was better and provided me with greater stimulation and satisfaction. When my wife had applied further lube to my erect penis, she found it much easier to fit it into the wider aperture at this end of the attachment. It was also easier to slide the attachment up and down my erection and the sensations that the nodules provided me with, I consider were more satisfying. Again, I experienced the best, more satisfying sensation when my wife turned up the vibration speed to 3-4 and experimented with the wave features. I found it strange that I derived the greatest satisfaction from the mid-range of vibration speeds than those at the top and bottom ends of the range. Whilst she held the attachment in one hand and the wand in her other, she simultaneously moved the attachment up and down my erect penis and, after a couple of minutes of sheer bliss, I was unable to resist the urge to ejaculate.

      It was particularly good that my wife took charge of the wand and decided upon which of the vibration modes she was going to subject my penis to. When she has been in charge during subsequent uses of the wand and handled the Male Masturbator Attachment, she has been able to bring me to the edge of orgasm before switching the wand’s vibes off and releasing me from the masturbator’s pleasures. This teasing is especially delightful when she has decided to indulge in a little bondage play and restrict my hands and legs from spoiling her fun!

      Cleaning this attachment is simple and straightforward. I always remove the attachment from the wand before cleaning. Being manufactured from TPE, this item is completely safe in water. To remove any excess lube from the internal and external areas, I use a warm, damp, cloth and an application of anti-bacterial soap, before giving the silicone material a thorough wash before rinsing off under warm water. To finish off, I give the entire surface area an additional thorough coating of sex toy cleaner spray, and later rinse it off before leaving it to dry.

      Overall, I am impressed by the Male Masturbator’s design features and of the different dynamic sensations they are able to provide me with. When the wand’s vibrations are added to the mix I have experienced the most enjoyable orgasms. Wow!

      4. Lovehoney Magic Wand Deluxe Soft Storage Case – Our Thoughts and Impressions

      The qualities of the Lovehoney Magic Wand Deluxe Soft Storage Case we found impressive. Our first impressions were of how stylish it looks. From outward appearances, it looks so discreet and innocent that you’d never guess what its real purpose is for!

      The black, faux-leather material it is manufactured from, gives it a look of luxury and quality - and one any Lovehoney Deluxe Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator is deserving of. The outer shell is embossed with the Lovehoney trade logo.

      Other features of the Lovehoney Magic Wand Deluxe Soft Storage Case that we were particularly impressed by, are:


      The case’s dimensions allow for the storage of the all the contents of the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Bundle: Lovehoney Deluxe Wand (cable, plug and adapter for this LHUS LHCA version); Silicone G-Spot Head Attachment; and Male Masturbator Wand Attachment.


      We particularly like the lockable double zip feature that, when padlocked, provides extra security and prevents any unwanted attention as to the clutch bag’s contents!

      Internal Dividers

      The dividers, whilst allowing for storage of the bundle’s attachments, we found are helpful for the safe storage of bottles of lube. The main compartment can also accommodate additional vibrators/bullets as well as or any additional kit as we require (subject to bulk and size).

      Open Base

      We are particularly impressed by the feature that allows for the discrete charging of any of our rechargeable vibrators, should we decide to take any of them away on a trip with us. The case’s base has small apertures at the bottom of each end that allow us to run cables from any of our discreetly stored chargeable vibrators to the mains, or USB power supply without drawing any unwanted attention.

      All in all, we are very impressed with this case. We feel that it is stylish and well designed for the purpose of the safe, and secure, carriage and storage of the Lovehoney Deluxe Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator, its attachments and any additional toys and intimate items.

      5. Overall Impressions of the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Couple’s Bundle

      The magical properties of the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand Couple’s Bundle have helped to transform our sex lives and it has provided us with mutually satisfying and sensational sexual pleasure.

      The magic of the Deluxe Wand - and its attachments - is that it has provided us (both individually, and in a shared capacity), extremely satisfying and pleasurable experiences.

      The bundle’s contents are thoughtfully designed and they have provided us with a high degree of pleasure and fun. They are manufactured to a very high standard and we consider them as luxurious accompaniments to the sexual pleasure we both enjoy.

      We particularly like the wand’s versatility; its aid in enabling us towards enjoyable sex; and as an aid to enjoyable full-body massage.

      We feel that this wand, and the other items contained in this bundle, exceeded our expectations and that they have enhanced our mutual and individual sexual pleasure. In short, the bundle is our perfect go-to package where all the aids, necessary for our mutually sexual enjoyment and fulfilment, are handily contained all in one place – all ready to go!

      Luxurious and Magic!

      Pure magic!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Versatility - vibrator, masturbator, massager. Powerful vibrations for satisfying orgasms.
      Control buttons could be marked to make more prominent.
      Bottom line
      Our perfect go-to sex aid package for our mutual sexual enjoyment and fulfilment.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes