1. Lovehoney Ignite Orgasm Gel 1.0 fl oz

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      This luxuriously light and silky smooth Orgasm Gel magnifies skin sensitivity which may help bring you decadently intense, amplified orgasms. Water-based with skin-tingling extracts, Ignite helps build sensations and heavenly arousal with every stroke.


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      1. Lovehoney Ignite Orgasm Gel 1.0 fl oz

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    1. Product Description

      This luxuriously light and silky smooth Orgasm Gel magnifies skin sensitivity which may help bring you decadently intense, amplified orgasms. Water-based with skin-tingling extracts, Ignite helps you to build sensations and heavenly arousal with every stroke.

      Apply a small dab of orgasm gel to your most intimate areas before play to unleash an ecstatic skin-stimulating experience.

      Perfect for enhancing intimacy alone or with a partner.

      Ingredients: Aqua, Propanediol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Argenine, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Menthol, Citric Acid, Ethylhexyglycerin, Pehnoxyethanol

      Key Features:

      • Seductively silky gel for heightened sensitivity and arousal
      • Skin-tingling menthol extracts can enhance circulation and may help to unleash intense orgasms
      • Can be used on the clitoris, penis, nipples and other sensitive spots
      • Luxuriously light, you only need 1-2 drops to glide effortlessly over the skin
      • Pocket-sized bottle is perfect for keeping in bed side drawer or travelling with
      • Free from parabens and glycerin
    1. Essential info

      • Condom safe: No
      • Organic: No
      • Veggie suitable: Yes
      • Who's it for?: For Either Sex
    2. What it does

      • How fast does it work?: Fast acting
      • Pharmacy drug type: Gel
      • What's it for?: Stimulator

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Ignite Orgasm Gel 1.0 fl oz 5 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Ignite Orgasm Gel 1.0 fl oz
      2. Lovehoney Ignite Orgasm Gel 1.0 fl oz


    1. Cool tingly goodness!

      Reviewed: April 18, 2017 by captainmeow, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I received this product as a secret tester, and as such knew nothing about the product apart from that it is an orgasm gel. I was delighted to receive it - I've tried a couple other orgasm gels before but have never really felt much satisfaction from them. Hence, I was curious to see if this product would end up being a staple in my toy box!

      Being a gel rather than a balm, it is a translucent liquid that has a similar consistency to silicone lubricants. It spreads very well and a tiny drop is all you need to cover a rather large area. It is very smooth and slick to the touch, yet at the same time not runny at all. Scent-wise, there's a very mild minty smell to it, but I could really only pick it up when I purposefully pumped a drop on my finger and sniffed it.

      In the name of science, I gave it a little lick too. It has a very pleasant minty taste to it, and before you ask, it thankfully doesn't taste like toothpaste or chemicals. Having said that, I've been battling a cold over the time I tested this and have been valiantly hoping to shake the cold but to no avail. So my sense of taste and smell could very well be dampened. Regardless, I still find it quite enjoyable.

      You might be able to guess by now what the sensation is like, judging by how minty everything is. I pumped a tiny drop and spread it over my clitoris. Within 1-2 minutes I could feel a cool tingling sensation seeping into my skin. Of the orgasm gels I've tried, this is honestly the quickest to act. The others have taken about 15-30 minutes before I began to feel anything at all which I found really frustrating. Needless to say, I really enjoyed how quickly this one acts! No need to plan ahead with this.

      To accentuate the sensation, all I needed to do was add a little more gel over the same area and within a minute I could feel a boost in sensation. I personally find it really pleasant and somewhat arousing as it makes me more aware of what I'm doing to it and my intentions. I found that I could also use this on other parts of my body, although the effect was greatest on the vulva.

      Being called an orgasm gel implies it brings you to orgasm - I think the name is a bit of a misnomer. I reckon it would be possible for some women to orgasm purely from the sensation and subsequent mental stimulation. However, orgasms for me have always been a bit of a challenge so I expected this to heighten sensations rather than cause me to orgasm.

      Having said that, this was certainly very pleasurable and helped put and keep me in the mood. It might not seem like much, but I am very easily distracted and this helps me stay focused as it were. I'm not certain if this is water-based, but I used it with my Satisfyer and Womanizer (both of which have silicone nozzles) and found no damage to either after use.

      The tingling sensation lasts for quite a while too, although I did notice that if it was rubbed off, the effect would wear off as well. So keeping this on hand for reapplication might be a good idea! I have sensitive skin and this didn't cause any reactions, which is a bonus (although I recommend doing a spot test before using). It cleans easily too and doesn't leave any sticky residue.

      All in all, I found this to be an excellent product. If you do prefer a warming sensation, then this wouldn't be for you. I enjoy the cooling sensation and its effects on me, but what sealed the deal was how quickly the sensation came on. Not having to plan is something I really appreciate!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Cooling sensation, quick acting, sensation lasts a long time
      Bottom line
      Excellent little product! Would recommend to those who like cooling gels
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    1. Pleasant Tingles

      Reviewed: April 16, 2017 by Lottie...., a Straight Engaged Female

      I received this product in return for my honest review.

      The product arrived quickly and discreetly as per all of my previous Lovehoney orders.

      Neither of us had used an orgasm gel before so weren't sure what to expect. As I was slightly nervous of the sensation I applied a little bit to my arm first but didn't feel anything at all, which to be honest reassured me that it was going to be unbearably strong.

      We used a small amount at first and almost immediately I felt some tingles. I described it to my partner as feeling slightly like menthol down there, which was actually very pleasant.

      We used a little bit more, maybe just slightly more than toothpaste amount, and it gave our foreplay an extra sensation for me. I really enjoyed the sensation and definitely felt like it made orgasms come so much quicker during foreplay.

      I couldn't really feel it during penetrative sex but I am more than happy with the effects during foreplay and giving him blowjobs.

      Overall an excellent product we will definitely keep using.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Tingling feels and sensations
      Bottom line
      Excellent product for a new sensation
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    1. Potent pleasure gel

      Reviewed: April 14, 2017 by Loulou25, a Straight Married Female

      Although I don't have too much trouble reaching orgasm during sex or play, I do like to use orgasm gel to make orgasms stronger and to achieve multiple orgasms. I have tried a few varieties with mixed results so was very excited to get picked to try out this new gel.

      Being an in development product at the time of this review, it arrived in a plain white bottle with a pump action top to squirt the gel out. The gel itself is completely clear, a fairly thick consistency and doesn't have a particularly strong smell. I couldn't really identify the smell as anything in particular but it certainly wasn't unpleasant.

      As a first test I squirted a small amount onto my finger and rubbed it in, almost immediately my finger tingled a little and felt slightly hot, this seemed like a good sign for things to come!

      I decided to first try it on my own. I applied a pea sized blob of gel onto my clit and gently rubbed it in. Within a few seconds, I was tingling and felt myself getting pretty aroused. I used my old faithful basic silver vibrator rather than any of my fancier toys and reached a good strong orgasm within a few minutes. Usually, this would be it, but I noticed I was still tingly and wanting more so carried on and within a few more minutes had the most amazing second orgasm, I couldn't wait to try it out during sex.

      We tried it again that night applying it during foreplay, as there was no label on the bottle we refrained from oral sex as we weren't sure whether it was edible or not. Again I became aroused very quickly and orgasmed with ease during foreplay, then on to the main affair and again everything was more sensitive and I had a really strong orgasm.

      Compared to other gels I have tried, this one seemed to be a bit more potent than most and really worked well for me.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Not sticky, didn't smell bad and worked really well
      Not sure if suitable for use during oral sex
      Bottom line
      One of the better gels I've tried, tingly and hot
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