Best Sex Positions with a Toy

Toys make everything better! Explore our most popular sex positions that incorporate toys.

The Great Assist POTW

The Great Assist

Embark on a hands-free adventure for your next solo session and allow a toy to make light work of your pleasure.

Kneel on the bed or sofa and place two pillows in front of you side by side. Wedge your chosen toy between each of the pillows and lean forward slightly to position yourself against, or into, your toy. You can use your hands for support, holding on to the headboard or sofa cushions to keep a steady pace. Dependent on the toy of choice, you can gently (or passionately) rock, thrust, hump or rub until you gradually reach the ultimate climax. This is a great position for exploring self-pleasure with little or limited need for effort.

Bondage Queen

The Bondage Queen

Partial to face-sitting? This variation takes the Queening oral sex position and makes it even more dominant with some cheeky bondage added in.

The submissive (giving) partner lies on their back with arms overhead. The dominant (receiving) partner cuffs their lover’s wrists to the bed and facing their feet, gently straddles the head below, being careful not to kneel on their partner’s shoulders. From here they can lean over to steady themselves on their hands while the submissive partner below licks, kisses and sucks their front or back door. The dominant partner is in full control of the situation here while the submissive gets full access to their partner’s crotch.

6 Positions Anal Masturbation_POTW-ReversePark-NBE

Reverse Park

This back-to-the-wall take on the classic doggy stance will drive you wild for more. All you have to do is to pull out your favorite suction dildo and enjoy the ride.

Place your suction dildo onto a flat surface, such as a wall or bed headboard and then resume the classic ‘doggy’ position on all fours. Before penetrating yourself, make sure your dildo is placed at the right height and angle for you to ride comfortably. You might find it easier to insert your toy first, then inch yourself closer to the wall/headboard until the dildo suctions itself into place. On all fours is a great way to enjoy deeper penetration. With the dildo firmly in place, it leaves you in control of the pace and force of your thrusting and hip movements.


Sensual Swing

What’s better than a mutual oral sex position? The addition of a sex swing! Incorporating this piece of bondage equipment into your next pleasure session is sure to leave a sweet taste in everyone’s mouth.

One partner lies back in the swing, so the straps are secured around their back, lower butt, and heels. The second partner, with their legs firmly planted on the floor, bends over and reaches across their lover, nestling their head between their partner’s legs. This puts both people in an elevated but traditional ‘69’ position. Perfect for those who just love to go downtown, The Sensual Swing is a great choice for all genders. Adding a bondage-inspired touch to an all-time favorite, it allows you to experiment by doing something that feels new and exciting to both of you.


Doggy Style

This 'all-fours’ position will take you both to orgasmic new heights all thanks to the simple but sweet addition of a toy for the receiver.

Resume the classic ‘doggy’ position, the receiving partner gets on all-fours while the penetrating lover kneels behind, placing their hands onto their partner's hips firmly as they thrust away. This position combines deep, front wall penetration with easy access to the clitoris for direct, constant stimulation. Adding a vibrator into the mix for the receiver expands the orgasmic potential of the position. Not only does the kneeling partner have plenty of control to initiate the pace and intensity of penetration, they can easily hold their favorite toy against their clit for added pleasure.

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