As the excitement for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games begins to build, Lovehoney is proud to stand in support of the health and happiness of athletes from around the globe. In line with the Olympic Village's admirable tradition of promoting safe sex among competitors, we've penned an open letter to Laurent Michaud, Director of the Olympic and Paralympic Village, extending a playful yet sincere offer.

Our proposal aims to complement the Village team's efforts by providing high-quality lubricant alongside the condoms already planned for distribution in the Olympic Village.

Here at Lovehoney, we believe in the power of safe and enjoyable sexual experiences—not just as a matter of health, but as a fundamental aspect of well-being and joy. We invite you to read our open letter below, reflecting our commitment to enhancing intimate moments.

Open Letter to Laurent Michaud, Director of the Olympic and Paralympic Village

Dear Laurent Michaud,

As the world's eyes turn to Paris for the upcoming Olympic Games, we at Lovehoney commend the Olympic Committee's continued commitment to promoting safe sex among athletes. The tradition of providing condoms to competitors, a practice dating back to the 1988 Games in Seoul, is a vital public health measure that aligns closely with our mission of enhancing people's sex lives through safe and enjoyable experiences.

With the recent announcement that 300,000 condoms will be made available in the Olympic Village, we couldn't help but ask ourselves, "Would you like lube with that?" Just as the Olympic Games showcase the importance of preparation and support in achieving excellence, we believe that sexual health and pleasure also deserve attention and care. As such, Lovehoney is offering to donate a generous supply of high-quality lubricant to accompany the condoms distributed to athletes in the Olympic Village.

At Lovehoney, we're not only advocates for safe sex but also for ensuring it's enjoyable. By providing both condoms and lubricant, we can further support the well-being of all athletes, ensuring they have the resources they need to enjoy intimate moments to their fullest, safely and comfortably.

This proposal is extended with the utmost respect for the athletes and the spirit of the Games. We believe in supporting peak performance, both on the field and in more private moments, with a touch of humor to lighten the mood in the highly competitive atmosphere of the Olympics.

We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with the Olympic Village to add an extra layer of care to the commendable health initiatives already planned for Paris 2024. Together, we can champion a holistic approach to wellness that celebrates both athletic achievements and personal well-being.

With warm regards and in the spirit of joyful competition,

Johannes Plettenberg

CEO Lovehoney

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