How to Eat Ass:
Tips and Techniques for A+ Analingus

Medically reviewed by Dr Megan Fleming on 01/08/2023

Putting a hole new meaning to the term ‘ass kisser.’

Analingus goes by many different names and terminologies - ‘rimming,’ ‘eating ass,’ ‘salad tossing,’ and, unfortunately, ‘tongue punching the fart box’ are just a few euphemisms for the sex act.

The practice once had a certain stigma to it of being dirty or perverse, but now positive pop culture references to analingus are just as plentiful as verbiage varieties, with highly respected musical artists proudly proclaiming their love for the act - think Jhené Aiko’s verse in “Post to Be” where she stipulates a lover “gotta eat the booty like groceries,” and Megan Thee Stallion’s clever claim in “WAP” that a partner who eats her ass is a “bottom-feeder.”

And if you’ve landed on this article, there’s a good chance that you, too, are ready to shed any shame society may place on analingus and swap it for unadulterated pleasure. With some help from our expert intel, you’ll be an ass-eating pro in no time once you’ve read up on all the juicy deets, like:

  • How to talk to your partner about booty munchin’
  • The value of ~cleanliness~
  • Anal anatomy
  • Rim job sex positions

And, most importantly, how to eat ass like a superstar!

What is Analingus?

Analingus is essentially oral sex for the ass! Really, it is the act of stimulating the anus with the mouth and tongue. While some people do slip their tongue inside their partner’s rectum when performing analingus, rim jobs typically only pertain to servicing the booty’s exterior (hence the word “rim.”)

Consent and Communication

Always ask before making a meal of someone’s ass! Just because your mouth happens to be near your partner’s b-hole, that doesn’t give you the right to smooch it. Be sure you have enthusiastic consent prior to rimming and recognize and respect the fact that said consent can be taken away at any moment for any reason.

And, of course, consent is a two-way street. Never pressure someone into giving you analingus, and never ass-ume that they will, either. I will forever be haunted by that Sex and the City episode where a man Miranda is sleeping with keeps shoving his ass in her face in hopes of her eating it (Season 4, Episode 6 - “Baby, Talk Is Cheap,” if you’re curious.) Don’t be like that guy - nobody should be like that guy.

But there’s more to discuss than simply asking, “Do you wanna?”. Lovers should have an open dialogue before, during, and after engaging in analingus. Consider the following talking points (and follow-up questions because the more thorough you are in communication, the better!) for healthy conversations surrounding rim jobs.

Questions to ask before analingus:

  • Have you ever tried analingus?

  • (If they have tried analingus before):

    • Did you enjoy it, and would you be open to trying it again?
    • What did you like and dislike about it?
  • (If they haven’t tried analingus before):

    • Would you be interested in trying it out together?
  • What can I do to make you feel the most comfortable during analingus?

  • What sort of preparation would you like us to employ if we were to explore analingus?

Questions to ask during analingus:

  • Are you comfortable?

  • Does this feel good?

Questions to ask after analingus:

  • Did you enjoy that?

  • How do you now feel physically and emotionally?

  • What did you like and dislike about that?

  • Would you be interested in doing that again?

  • Is there anything you’d like me to change up for next time?

Cleanliness and Safety

Personal hygiene is always a key factor when indulging in booty play, but especially so when ass eating is on the table. An unwashed puckered hole is unsafe to pucker your lips against as it can lead to the transfer of harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. So, before you put your mouth where the sun don’t shine, make sure your partner washes all external portions of their ass with water and mild soap.

Another safety measure to consider is the potential for STI transmission. You can reduce such risks by using safer-sex barrier methods like dental dams.

Understanding Anal Anatomy

It’s hard to know how to please the human body if you don’t know much about it! This crash course on anal anatomy should help you along your way to becoming an analingus superstar.

The exterior anal area is jam-packed with nerve endings (which is why anal play can feel so amazing!) and consists of four main parts:


(Informally known as: ‘butt cheeks’)

Sometimes also medically referred to as “glutes,” the butt cheeks consist of three muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Like most muscles, the butt cheeks respond well to squeezing and massage.

Intergluteal Cleft

(Informally known as: ‘butt crack’)

It’s what’s between the cheeks! This area is not touched regularly, which actually preserves the nerve endings here and makes it a little more sensitive than other fleshly areas of the body.


(Informally known as: ‘butthole’)

The anus is a wrinkled hole comprised of two rings of muscles - the external sphincter and the internal sphincter. The second highest concentration of nerve endings anywhere on the human body resides in the anus. (Can you guess where the highest concentration lives? That’s right - the clitoris!)


(Informally known as: ‘taint’ or ‘gooch’)

The perineum is a pressure point located between the anus and genitals.

Keep in mind that we’re here to discuss sex, not science, so we’ve kept this overview quite simplistic. There’s far more to anal anatomy than what we’ve covered, so if you’re interested, do some research and read up on all the nitty-gritty details of the booty from a reputable medical source (or ask your neighborhood sex educator).

How to Perform Analingus

Now that you have some background info on eating someone’s backside, it’s time to get down to the backdoor business itself!

Step 1: Rev Yourselves Up

Going from 0 to 100 is rarely a recipe for sexual satisfaction, so don’t forget to employ ample foreplay before devouring the main course. The more turned on you both are before analingus takes place, the more pleasurable it will be!

After engaging in plenty of standard foreplay (‘standard’ meaning whatever acts the two of you typically enjoy to get hot and bothered), you may want to spend extra time and attention providing ~anal foreplay~.

Since you’re now already familiar with ass anatomy (you’re welcome!), put that knowledge to use by giving love to each of the booty’s pleasure zones (that you and your partner agree upon, of course).

To stimulate your partner’s butt cheeks, you might try:

  • Kneading and massaging
  • Kissing, licking, and gently nipping
  • Sensory play with ice cubes or sex toys like feather ticklers
  • Giving them a light (or hearty!) spanking with your hands or impact play tools

To stimulate your partner’s perineum, you might try:

  • Wearing a finger vibrator and resting your now-vibrating finger against their gooch
  • Gently tickling or rubbing it
  • Using lubricant and a sensory-enhancing finger sleeve while lightly massaging

To stimulate your partner’s anus during foreplay, you might try:

  • Gently blowing onto it
  • Teasing it by running your finger in circles around the area, starting with a large circle and slowly closing in on your target
  • Lightly rubbing and massaging

And always make sure your nails are neatly trimmed and filed before playing with your boo’s booty to avoid any injuries!

Anal Foreplay Enhancers

Step 2: Get Into Position

Before you dine at a fine restaurant, you need to take a seat at the table, right? Likewise, prior to dining on your partner’s puckered pleasure hole, you’ll both need to assume a good position first. The best ass-eating sex positions will provide the giver with easy access to their lover’s b-hole and be easy to maintain for long periods of time for both parties.

Need a little inspiration? No worries, we’ve got your backside covered. We provide a few specific analingus sex positions in a later section, paired with ~tasteful~ illustrations so you know exactly what to do.

Step 3: Start Lickin’

You’ve done all the prep work - now it’s time to let your skills shine. The best booty lickers don’t just stick to one type of movement but keep a few in their arse-inal and switch between them.

PRO TIP: Vary your approach

All of the below analingus techniques can be performed in an assortment of manners. Play around with different methods of tongue forms (flat vs. pointed licks), pressures (firm, medium, and gentle), and speeds (fast, slow, and a combination of the two) to find what works best for you and your partner.

A few butt-munchin’ moves to consider:

The Straight Shooter

Lick the entirety of your partner’s crack from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, and repeat for as long as you both like.

The Side Swipe

Run your tongue horizontally across their anus from left to right and back again. Keep that same back-and-forth motion going without pausing or breaking contact.

Around the World

Lick around the rim of your lover’s anus in a series of clockwise circles. Feel free to switch things up mid-rim by reversing the action and performing the move in a counter-clockwise motion.

Many Moons

Start with your tongue at the left of the center of your partner's butthole and lick in a half-circle pattern on the top half of their hole until you reach their anus’s center-right. Return your tongue to its initial starting point and repeat the motion on the bottom half of your boo’s b-hole.

Step 4: Ask for and Listen to Feedback

Every body and booty are different - what feels great for one person’s anus might feel icky for another. Be sure to check in with your partner now and then and incorporate their responses and requests into your ass-eating sesh.

Bonus Step for Pros: Enhance Stimulation

While employing expert analingus techniques (like the ones you learned in this guide!) will make for a stellar rim job, adding stimulation to erogenous zones beyond the booty can up the ante and make for an unforgettable experience.

While your mouth is busy servicing your lover’s butthole, make use of your hands or sex toys to delight their genitals simultaneously.

To provide extra stimulation for vagina owners, you might try:

  • Fingering them
  • Playing with their clitoris
  • Having them or you hold a bullet vibrator or wand massager against their clit
  • Thrusting a dildo or internal vibrator inside their vagina
  • Having them don a wearable vibrator that doesn’t interfere with access to their booty

Extra Stimulation Tools for Vagina Owners

To provide extra stimulation for penis owners, you might try:

  • Stroking their shaft with your hand (a move known as the ‘Rusty Trombone’)
  • Playing with their testicles
  • Having them or you stroke their penis with a sex toy
  • Having them wear a ball stretcher (which can make their orgasm stronger and longer-lasting!)
  • Having them or you hold a vibrator against their testicles

Extra Stimulation Tools for Penis Owners

And don’t forget about yourself, either! Try wearing hands-free sex toys like butt plugs, wearable vibrators, cock rings, and nipple clamps to get while you give.

Rim Job Sex Positions

We made a promise to provide some stellar sex positions for eating ass, and when Lovehoney makes a promise, we always deliver.

Peachy Keen


How to do it:

Have the receiver lie face down on a comfy surface with their legs splayed. The receiver should then kneel or lie down between their partner’s spread legs.

Why it rocks:

‘Peachy Keen’ is the perfect rim job position for beginners that even experts often return to. It’s comfy and easy to maintain for both partners and requires zero effort from the receiver, so they can relax and fully focus on the amazing anal stimulation their lover is providing.

The Snail


How to do it:

Have the receiver rest on their knees and bend over, placing their arms on the bed or ground (or whatever other surface they’re bangin’ on) for support. The giver will then kneel just behind their partner and eat their behind!

Why it rocks:

With the receiver’s booty hoisted up, ‘The Snail’ provides supremely easy access to their asshole.

(PRO TIP: You can enhance comfort for the receiver by having them rest their torso on a sex ramp.)

The Rose Throne


How to do it:

Have the giver lie on their back. Once the giver is in position, the receiver should get on their knees and straddle their partner’s face.

Why it rocks:

Face-sitting positions give the receiver more control over pressure and intensity as they can move their body up or down depending on whether they’re craving more or less stimulation. This allows the receiver to be active in their pleasure and takes some pressure off the giver.

Analingus Aftercare

Relating to sex, aftercare refers to the actions taken post-play to keep all parties healthy in both body and mind.

Analingus Aftercare for Physical Well-Being

No matter how thorough you are in your hygiene prep, sex can be messy - even if everything looks squeaky clean, there are unseen bacteria lingering in your intimate areas. Said bacteria naturally spreads to other body parts during sexual activity, so it’s key to employ a thorough cleansing routine afterward to prevent infection.

A few good practices for physical health rimming aftercare:

  • A comprehensive oral hygiene routine, including brushing the teeth and tongue, using mouthwash, and washing the lips
  • Washing the face and hands
  • Showering
  • Washing the anal area of the receiver

Analingus Aftercare for Emotional Well-Being

The intimacy involved with sex can make some feel quite vulnerable after the fact, especially if it’s their first time trying something new like analingus. Recognize this potential and give your partner room to share their feelings and reassure and comfort them as needed. Likewise, you, too, should be open about your own emotions and practice healthy, constructive communication.

A few good practices for emotional health rimming aftercare:

  • Checking in and discussing how the act made you both feel - did it bring up any negative emotions for either of you? If so, it’s important to soothe the hurt party and make them feel heard and respected
  • Snuggling and cuddling
  • Exchanging words of affirmation

What Does a Rim Job Feel Like?

Curious about what analingus would be like for you on the receiving end? Well, since our bodies all respond to touch differently, there’s no clear-cut way to prepare you for what sensations getting your ass eaten will bring about. Rimming can feel differently based on the receiver's sensitivity and stimulation preferences, as well as the giver’s technique.

If you’re nervous about whether you’ll be a fan of getting your salad tossed before taking the plunge, you might ask yourself the following questions:

1.Do I enjoy having my asshole played with?

If you do, you very well may enjoy adding rim jobs to your anal repertoire!

2.Do I enjoy receiving oral stimulation on other body parts?

If the wetness and unique sensations that tongues and mouths can provide bring you pleasure elsewhere, those same sensations might be a winning combo when paired with your b-hole.

Another tactic for determining whether receiving analingus is right for you is self-exploration. You can simulate the sex act by pairing your finger, a tongue-like sex toy, or a rim job sex toy with plenty of lube and going to town on yourself.

Analingus Exploration Toys

That said, self-reflection and self-exploration aren’t a foolproof guarantee for figuring out if you’ll be a fan of getting your salad tossed - the only way to know is to try it. Remember that if you become uncomfortable during the act for any reason at all, you can always just stop!

Eating Ass is an Art

While it may seem like a strange outlook to some, we believe that analingus is a form of art. And just like other art forms, rim jobs take practice to master. If the owner of the first ass you eat doesn’t see stars as a result, don’t give up - stick with the anal course and try, try again (as long as all parties are willing, of course). Remember that master ass-eaters aren’t born; they’re made.

Top Anal Toys

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