What is lube?

It's a fact that people who use lubricant have better sex - not only does the slippery stuff ease penetration, it also makes play much more enjoyable.

Contrary to a popular misconception, lube is for everyone, not just people whose bodies are struggling to produce natural lubrication. Even if you feel that your body is doing a great job without any assistance, you might be missing out on a whole load of extra pleasure without knowing it.

On top of that, since the anus does not self-lubricate, lube is an absolute must for all anal adventures.

Slide into this and more in our lube guide.

What is lube used for?

There's no end to the ways that lube improves your sex life!

- Reduces friction: lube adds moisture between the things you're rubbing together, which means less chafing and more pleasuring. No matter what sex act you're doing or what toy you're playing with, reduced friction is a blessing our orgasms will thank you for.

- It’s a safe way to amp things up: whether it's adding a hint of sweetness to oral sex or bringing a little extra tingle to your touches, lube is designed to be body-friendly, so it can join you in places where whipped cream or chocolate sauce can't.

- Boosts sensation: lube allows things to slip in and around with ease and feels amazing at the same time, so you can have sex without interruption.

Types of lube

There are many different types of lube, each ideal for different types of play. They are:

- Water-based lube is the most versatile lube and has a light, natural feel. It's safe for solo play, vaginal sex, and anal sex (but consider using an anal-specific lube for that), and compatible with all sex toy materials. Most water-based lubricants are also condom-safe, but be sure to check the label as some aren’t.

- Silicone lube is the longest-lasting type of lube you can get, and it's also waterproof, so it's perfect for sex in the shower. Silicone lube is excellent for solo sessions, vaginal sex, and anal sex, but should never be used with realistic-feel sex toys or silicone sex toys. Just like water-based lube, silicone lube is usually condom-safe, but always check the label to be sure.

- Oil-based lube tends to include skin-softening ingredients, like aloe vera, vitamin E, and almond oil, making it excellent for external solo play. We wouldn’t recommend using oil-based lube internally (in the vagina or anus), nor with condoms, and in terms of sex toys, it's only compatible with ones made of glass or metal.

- Flavored lube is ideal for adding a little something extra to oral sex and foreplay. Available in a range of flavors from fruity-fresh to decadently rich, flavored lube will be compatible with the same sex acts and toys as its base material (water, silicone, or oil). Most flavored lubes are water-based, making them brilliantly versatile.

- Anal lube, like flavored lube, can have different base materials, though they're most often made from water or silicone bases. Anal lube is set apart by its enhanced thickness, which provides longer-lasting, cushioned glide during anal sex and anal play.

- Organic lube is becoming more popular, especially for those concerned with the environment and those with sensitive bodies. Since their formulas can vary widely, it's important to check the label of your organic lube to see if it's suitable for what you want to get up to.

- Warming lube and tingling lube both bring additional stimulation to play, and are a quick and easy way to try something new in the bedroom. There's a vast range of stimulating lubes and gels available, all designed to awaken nerve-endings and enhance touch. Before using a tingly or warming lube on your most sensitive areas, try a little on the inside of your lip to get a sense of how powerful its stimulation is.

Which is the best lube?

While water-based lube is a great all-rounder, the different kinds of lube can suit certain sexual situations better than others. Check out which is the best lube for what you desire:

Best lube for anal and anal sex toys

Anal lube and silicone lube (this type of lube is thicker for a longer-lasting effect)

Best lube for sex and sex toys

Water-based lube and silicone lube

Best lubricant for women

Female orgasm booster

Best lube for men

Lube for men, water-based lube and silicone lube

Best lube for masturbation

Water-based lube and silicone lube

Best lube for beginners

Water-based lube

Recommended Lubes

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