How to Use Female Orgasm Boosters

Amplify sensitivity with one of our sensual orgasm balms, gels, lubes or supplements.

Are you wondering how to increase female libido? Well, orgasm boosters could help.

For most women, the key to orgasm is direct stimulation of the clitoris. Packed with nerve-endings and a one-track mind for pleasure, you'd think giving the clitoris what it wants would be easy? Unfortunately, many of us know from experience that just isn't the case. But don't worry, orgasm boosters could really help.

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Above: Find out how using an orgasm booster could enhance your pleasure.

Choose the perfect Orgasm Booster for you

Orgasm boosters come in the form of gels and balms that can be applied to your clitoris, labia, nipples, or anywhere else that needs a boost. With an orgasm booster working its magic, you'll soon reach a more intense and satisfying climax. Orgasm boosters also come in the form of supplements you can take.

Orgasm gels

Orgasm gels are perfect if you want a silky-smooth liquid to slip over your clitoris. Often containing menthol for an instant tingle, orgasm gels also use arginine, a natural ingredient that increases blood flow to plump your clitoris and increase sensitivity.

“This little bottle will give you an intense orgasm in seconds! Before we used this I struggled to have intense orgasms. No more with this!.” -Lomaxo

Easy to apply, these orgasm creams combine instant wow-factor.

Clitoral balm

Clit balms are little pots of magic and because they look just like a lip balm in your bag, they're a great way to play on the go.

“Just a tiny dab was enough and once we got going my mind was blown. Amazing sensation.” -IndigoTango

Combining tingling menthol and peppermint with rich moisturising ingredients (such as almond oil, coconut oil and shea butter), clit balms nourish as well as please.

Tingling lubes

If you find you enjoy the tingling feeling a clitoral balm gives and want that sensation over a larger area, a tingling lube will be ideal for you.

“This is my GF's favourite lube. It tingles just right. And a gentle blow on it with a cool breath makes her scream for more.” -BiCliff

As a 2-in-1 product, you'll also be able to use this as a personal lubricant to slick up sex as well as add a tingling kick.

Apply a small amount to your intimate areas

Orgasm boosters are effective and easy to use. Simply apply to your favourite spots before playing with a toy or lover and you'll soon feel a growing tingle that makes you more aware of your body and heightens your sensitivity to touch.

“Now this is the part where I strongly advise anyone using it: less is more hahaha. Just a tiny dab was enough and once we got going my mind was blown.” - IndigoTango

Some people find the tingling sensation very intense, while others can’t get enough. You don’t need much, so use sparingly and build from there. For gels and lubes a pea-sized amount is plenty. For the balms, apply the same amount as if you were putting on lip balm.

Get your lover involved

While many women choose to use orgasm boosters during solo play, they’re also a great addition to sex and foreplay with your partner. Try rubbing a small amount onto your nipples, labia and clitoris and have your partner gently blow on the gel. This will help to stimulate your nerve-endings and promote blood flow.

“The first time I used it was with my partner and the sex felt, yep, you guessed it – amazing. We both came really hard and fast!” - Luscious20

Or, rub your booster onto your clitoris before penetration – the boosters should cause it to become engorged and easier to stimulate during sex.

Arousal enhancement supplements

A formulation of herbal extracts and natural aphrodisiacs, supplements may help enliven and maintain sexual vigour, vitality and performance for women.

“I took one and about 30 minutes later I'm dripping. Really wet wet wet! Amazing! Haven't been so wet in ages, and the sex, well what can I say... mind-blowing.” -Lady MD

Most supplements help female arousal by stimulating blood flow, energy levels and sexual arousal.

Recommended Female Orgasm Boosters

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