Position of the Week:

The Door Jammer

Strap in and strap-on for some bondage fun with The Door Jammer. After warming up with some hands-on action under the comforter, you can take it to the bedroom door and rock your way to the land of the Big O. Enjoy the ride with a little help from a sex swing.

Position of the Week: The Door Jammer


One partner positions themselves in the seat straps of an over-the-door sex swing. The other partner keeps their feet firmly on the floor, facing their lover as they get ready to penetrate them with their penis or a strap-on dildo. The standing partner can take the lead here, controlling the angle, depth and pace of play throughout.


This exciting position opens the door to incredible mid-air play with minimal physical effort, so you can both relish the moment for even longer. With knees raised slightly above the hips and ankles secured by adjustable straps, the receiver revels in G-spot or P-spot stimulation. The giver can thrust slowly or quickly depending on your shared desires and mood. Good communication as always is key, especially when playing with strap-on toys and sex swings.


Go deeper into your Dom/sub fantasies by pairing your sex swing with a blindfold. Ideal for both bondage beginners and aficionados alike, a blindfold is a must-have for exploring sensory deprivation. By obscuring a sub’s vision, it heightens their sensations. Pair with nipple suckers for even more thrilling sensory play.

Make it even easier

If you or your partner use a mobility aid, this seated position could be great for you, particularly if you have difficulties with balance or standing for too long. Just be sure you have plenty of water-based lubricant or anal lubricant within reach.

Make it even better

If the giving partner is wearing a strap-on dildo, add some vibrations into the mix by slipping a bullet vibe into the harness pocket, providing extra delicious sensations to both the wearer and receiver. If the giving partner has a penis, a vibrating cock ring is perfect for delivering shared pleasure and could prolong your playtime.

You can reach for even more external sweet spots by using a mini wand vibrator. Compact enough that it won’t get in the way, this pocket-sized powerhouse delivers intense vibrations, as it cycles through 3 orgasmic pulsating speeds.

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