1. Glass Intimo Akiko Multicolour Textured Glass Dildo

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      1. Glass Intimo Akiko Multicolour Textured Glass Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      With deep ridges and swirling waves, this glass dildo offers textured stimulation and versatile play with a swollen tip on one end and a slender tip on the other. Enjoy double the fun with this beautiful sex toy from Glass Intimo.

      Wonderfully cool to touch, this glass sex toy also boasts an array of exciting textures and to tips to choose from to maximise your play and pleasure opportunities. The slender tip is perfect for those who are new to sex toys and graduates to a thicker shaft in the middle for fulfilling sensations.

      Indulge in thicker, fuller sensations and awaken your G-spot with the rounded tip, enjoying its bulbous curve and applying slight pressure so you can work your way up to an explosive orgasm.

      A sachet of Pjur Original Super Concentrated Bodyglide lube is included for extra slippery play. A drawstring storage pouch is also included to keep the glass dildo safe and clean when not in use.

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      Glass Intimo Akiko Multicolour Textured Glass Dildo 2 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Glass Intimo Akiko Multicolour Textured Glass Dildo
      2. Glass Intimo Akiko Multicolour Textured Glass Dildo


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    1. Just lovely

      Reviewed: October 18, 2013 by FrozenAngel, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I love this dildo, it is so beautiful. The pictures on the website don't really do it justice.

      Let's start with the first, the packaging. The packaging on this dildo is fantastic. It looks beautiful and makes the item look and feel that much better. For some reason LH hasn't shown the packaging that comes with the item. It's a beautiful black windowed box, with a magnetic clasp. Looking through the window of the box you can see this beautiful multicoloured dildo bedded on a silver satin-like display. I was so excited when I saw the item. Due to the picture I was just expecting a dildo, and a bag for it. Nothing like what came through my door that day, and the moment I saw it I was in love with it. Packaging in my opinion makes all the difference with items, it lets you know if you're getting a classy item or something not as great. And this is definitely classy item.

      The dildo itself looks amazing, with all the different colour textures. Before playing with it I liked to roll the dildo around my inner thigh. It felt lovely, and made me want it inside me even more. It wasn't long before I had to have it inside me.

      With this being glass, either end is acceptable to use and I did try both. The smaller end felt fantastic, you could really feel the different textures and it wasn't long until I was climaxing. Though I prefer the larger end, I prefer that fuller feeling. Added with the textures I was reaching multiples in minutes.

      I love this dildo. It is so beautiful, looks stunning inside the packaging and out, and also comes in a handy protective bag. I wish more of the glass dildos came with their own bag. This item checks all the boxes for me, and I'm very glad I just took the plunge and purchased it. It is perfect for both beginners to glass and experienced glass enthusiasts. Glass is definitely the way forward for dildos, and this is a lovely asset in my ever growing glass collection.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      You need this in your toy box.
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    1. My first glass toy

      Reviewed: October 20, 2013 by Kinky&Curvy

      I'd been debating on getting a glass toy for a while and when seeing this in the sale and with it going to be discontinued I couldn't wait any longer and bought it.

      I was incredibly excited to get my first glass dildo after having a debate with a few more experienced glass toy users. They convinced me glass is a must have sex toy material.

      On receiving the toy I didn't expect it to be in such a 'fancy' box as on most products on Lovehoney the packaging is shown but it was just an added extra surprise. :D

      The box is sleek and black with a magnetic opening and a window to show what's inside... So my advice would not be to leave it around somewhere.

      The box has the make of the glass dildo name all over it in huge writing down the side and on the top of the box it reads ' The Art of Erotic'.

      On the back of the box there are a few guidelines or 'product notes' In four different languages including English. These notes explain how to handle the toy, not to drop it (obviously), that the toy can be heated in a microwave, chilled in a fridge and is dish washer friendly. I find it very useful because to heat up this toy I would have probably boiled some water and stuck it in a pan haha.

      On opening the box you are met by a sachet of Pjur Original Super Concentrated Bodyglide lube which if you can be allergic to certain lubes I would be wary of... Unfortunately for me I got too excited on opening the toy and wanting to try it out that I forgot to test a little and I had a bit of a reaction so be warned.

      As well as a sachet of lubricant you receive a black drawstring storage pouch and I got a little piece of card that I guess may explain the toy but it wasn't in English.

      The glass dildo sits on a light silver/grey satin cushion that is attached (I believe glued) into the box which had two little string hoops to keep the toy in place.

      The toy itself I think is a beautiful piece of glass with a bulbous end and a shaft of deep swirls for extra sensation. It's made up of four beautiful colours - blue, black, orange and white and is perfect for both males and females.

      As far as sex toys go I think even for glass it's a very lightweight toy, which is always handy during play as you don't want to get a tired wrist.

      It's easy to clean. I had been using wipes that I use on all my toys, however I found that it left the glass feeling a little sticky so I believe some warm water and soap is the best choice for cleaning.

      On using the toy I loved the fact that even without placing it in the fridge It was cold to the touch and being a vibrator girl myself I've never had a cold sensation down there and it's a pretty good feeling. :p

      It is also possible to warm the dildo up but I prefer the coldness against my body temperature. I haven't yet put it into the fridge/freezer but I can't wait. :D

      It did bring me to orgasm through G-spot stimulation but with a lot of effort. My hand did get tired after a while and I even had to use a bullet for clitoral stimulation to get me going. I think I'm so used to vibrations that that's what works best on me unfortunately.

      However I believe it is perfect for a massager, especially with the ability to alter temperatures. I would love to have this rolling over my body. I have yet to try it with my OH though so we'll see what he thinks. :D

      Overall, I'm not entirely convinced glass is for me. It is a beautiful piece of glass and I do love the ability to change temperatures but I think this will be more a massager than a 'personal' massager.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      The colours, the ridges, the ability to change the temperature.
      Allergic to lube and unfortunately I'm still a vibrator girl at heart. :/
      Bottom line
      First glass toy, pretty but ineffective.
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