1. Sportsheets Lover's Prisoner Kit

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      1. Sportsheets Lover's Prisoner Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Who wants to be a prisoner of love? Everyone! 2 wrist or ankle restraints with long 42-inch connectors, a 14-inch rubber whip and a soft collar with attachable leash. Let the games commence!

      Restraints are made from soft velour material.

      The sexy and strong cuffs are adjustable up to 13 inches in length.

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      Sportsheets Lover's Prisoner Kit 1 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Sportsheets Lover's Prisoner Kit
      2. Sportsheets Lover's Prisoner Kit


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    1. Tied n Teas'd

      Reviewed: April 9, 2011 by Booties, a Bisexual Single Female

      The OH and I had been debating buying a soft collar and leash set for a while, so when we found this whole kit for just a few pounds more, we couldn't resist! For once, I didn't seem to mind the colour (red isn't normally my favourite!), in fact, it actually looks gorgeous!

      The kit came quickly and discreetly, as per LH postage, in a tiny little plastic box. I was hugely confused at first, as I expected it to be a lot bigger, but in actuality it is all just packaged sparingly (and cleverly!). As the material is flexible cloth it can be easily folded, wrapped up and stuffed into the smallest of spaces. This would make a perfect travel kit, or sneaky knicker-drawer hide! The box has the same photo as the product image, with a similar one on the back. Nothing too seedy, intimidating or offensive!

      Inside you will find:

      A soft velvety red cloth collar (sort of like the kind you'd put on a cat, would be good for costume play!) with metal ring and three "popper-style" fastenings. This is pictured on a man in the product image, and I would say it sort of lives up to this. When the three poppers are aligned as normal, the collar is a little loose around my neck (I'm a size 10-12 if this means anything to anyone!). It doesn't look ridiculous or hang down like a necklace, but I can fit my hand through it! I'd say my neck is about 13" around the thickest part (give or take half an inch either way) if anyone can be bothered to measure theirs! With this in mind, the collar could hypothetically be done up tighter or looser by connecting different poppers in different places. The thing is beautifully silky smooth and comfortable, much more so than a leather collar, however it doesn't restrict movement as much, so if this is what you're going for, the set might not be for you! The poppers are fairly strong; unless you have the neck of an ox, I doubt you'd be able to tear it off without hands! Despite the material being quite thin, it's really very strong!

      To combine with the collar; A tough fabric lead with a metal clip to attach to the collar-ring. It's quite long and reaches from the base of my neck to the top of my thighs, but if you want it shorter it can be looped around the wrist or held further down. I'm 5'6, so it may be shorter if you're taller than this too! The material is sturdy and hasn't broken or frayed as of yet! The fastening is also strong, so it can be used for tying up and restraining or for tugging and dominating. I don't personally like the feel of the material much, it's sort of like a seatbelt, but it's perfectly bearable and does the job. It can also be clipped to other cuffs and collars, so I couldn't ask for more, really!

      To complete the tie-up theme; Two matching black and red velvety cuffs. These fasten with a tough band of long Velcro. I was worried this would make them easier to break out of, but I have so far not found it possible. I do find, however, that if the end of the Velcro strap is left at the front of my hand where my fingers can reach it, I can untie it. The problem is pretty much solved by fastening them at the back and tying or holding the two hands away from each other though! Attached to the cuffs are two long straps of material similar to that of the leash. These can be used to tie (though it's more difficult to knot than some material) the hands to the bed, the door, each other, etc, or to just hold and control like a sexy puppet! The Velcro is highly adjustable, so it will fit most people's wrists OR ankles, Though I found I had to tie them almost the tightest they will go in order for them to fit my wrists (which are about 6")! The rope is also fairly long, so each limb can easily be tied to one post of a double bed!

      Finally; A tailed whip is included. I'm not a huge fan of whips in general, but I have owned a few, and find this one to be just not quite up to scratch, The body of it is made of plastic and feels very lightweight, and the "tassels" are more soft and tickly than stingy and dominating. I do think it's good if you're not into pain play but just want an extra bit of "kink" in the bedroom, however! In its defence, the thing has not broken yet, it just feels as if it might not last the test of time! It also comes with a wrist strap so that it can be used vigorously without being accidentally flung across the room (or is that just us?)... This also prevents control battles! To be honest, the whip does not bother me too much as it is "not bad" quality, and the cuffs and collar/lead alone make this kit more than worth the money... It's like an added bonus!

      Overall, I'd say this is the perfect kit for beginners. It's nice and soft, can be easily released if things get too much and doesn't look huge and painful and intimidating like a lot of bondage! The items can all be used very seriously, however the general feel of it is of lighter bondage; It functions, but is certainly not for the heavy-duty-sex-den in your basement. I would also highly recommend it if you're looking for a budget way of stocking up on bondage, want a cheeky little inconspicuous travel kit, or want to have a male sub! I find male subs are often rarer than female, but this kit seems to have been made with a lot of give to also accommodate those muscular male limbs! Definitely worth more than £25!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Strength. Value for money. Feel. Variety.
      Whip a little flimsy-feeling. Cuff/collar material a bit thin.
      Bottom line
      Perfect for beginners, or anyone into light bondage!
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