1. Hannah Harper Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll

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      1. Hannah Harper Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll

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    1. Product Description

      Bring your wildest porn star fantasies to life with the realistic Hannah Harper inflatable sex doll. Complete with firm, perky breasts with real-feel nipples, a tight pussy and ass and lifelike detailing, she's waiting for your dutiful attention.

      Realistically detailed in every way, Hannah features all the finishing touches you need for a totally fulfilling experience. Velvet-smooth nipples, flowing hair and authentic eyelashes combine with her ladylike, painted fingers and toes and 360 rotational arms for the ultimate pleasure session.

      With a removable, temperature responsive Fanta-Flesh insert, Hannah is easy to clean and look after. Remove the real-feel insert and use independently as a hand-held male masturbator - perfect for packing into an overnight for when your love doll is too big to go with you.

      To get the most from your toy, always use with a generous squeeze of your favorite water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Lifelike inflatable Hannah Harper sex doll to fulfil your porn star fantasies
      • Realistic textured pussy and ass for penetrative pleasure
      • Accurately shaped face heightens lifelike experience
      • Lifelike breasts, hands and feet enhance real-feel play
      • 360 degree rotatable arms offer room to experiment with positions
      • Lifelike blonde hair and eyelashes for authentic love making
      • Includes foot pump and puncture repair kit - just in case!

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      1. Hannah Harper Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll
      2. Hannah Harper Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll


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    1. An affair with a love doll

      Reviewed: July 13, 2014 by lovetowank, a Straight Single Male

      I always find that awaiting a delivery from Lovehoney is filled with great anticipation and this was no exception, especially as the toy is made by Pipedream Extreme, one of the best sex toy manufacturers. I have previously used one of Pipedream’s large silicone doll masturbators but this is the first time I have ever used an inflatable doll of any sort.

      22, 33, 53 - no that’s not her vital statistics it’s the dimensions of the box it came in measured in centimetres! The box is very large due to the doll’s head being more solid and not inflatable but the advantage is that the face is much better than I was expecting as, to be honest, I tend to think of inflatable love dolls as being of a low quality and ugly but this is at the very high end of the range for this type of sex toy and is very pleasing to the eye with nice features including long blond hair (although I usually prefer redheads and brunettes). The quality of the materials used is definitely high but you do wonder whether there will be any punctures or leaks and to reinforce this impression there is a puncture repair kit included to deal with this eventuality.

      Reading the instructions, the suggested method to prepare the doll is to partly inflate it by hand using the supplied pump (don’t use an electric compressor as over-inflation will damage the doll) and then insert the vagina/arse masturbation sleeve and finally continue to inflate by hand to the desired amount. The recommended amount is approximately 90% of capacity.

      The instructions suggest that you let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating completely as the less air that is inside the doll, the less strain will be placed on it during use. All good advice, I feel, but getting the sleeve into the doll was quite tricky as the hole it has to pass through is very small.

      I expected to find inflation quite easy but the pump is not of the greatest quality and things didn’t go quite to plan as the nozzle had to be pushed in quite firmly and the noise the pump made was a loud wheezing sound so not the quietest toy if you are using it in a household occupied by others. Eventually the doll was inflated and she does look extremely good once this has finally been achieved. After all the effort to get her inflated correctly it wasn’t just Hannah who was all pumped up and ready to go, I was certainly now more than ready to give her a very thorough testing! It does seem a bit strange at first if you have never used a doll before but it isn’t long before the whole experience seems perfectly natural and is as close as you are likely to get to simulating sex without having a real partner.

      I made sure that I used a generous amount of water based lubricant on both the doll’s vaginal sleeve and also my penis. Don’t use silicone based lubes as these will damage the insert. I found it quite easy to enter, some sleeves can be too tight but this was easy for me to enter and I was soon doing what comes naturally and it really does feel close to real sex. I felt that the sleeve didn’t grip me quite enough and the sensations were not really strong enough to achieve a powerful climax and although I got plenty of physical exercise and sweated more than ever before while masturbating, it took a long time to reach total satisfaction. In fact from starting to inflate her, use her and clean and tidy up, more than three hours passed very quickly and in the most enjoyable way.

      This doll is very nice to look at while you use it and it certainly suits me as I much prefer a hands free method of masturbation. Having a doll is, for me, a secret I will not share with anyone and you do get a sense of being very naughty using it, almost like you are having an affair. If my girlfriend (not a blonde) found any of Hannah’s blonde hair in my bed when she visits, what would she think! Turning the doll over I used her rear opening and the experience was slightly different, possibly better than the front.

      When using the rear entrance the arse is raised higher than the front entry so it actually felt slightly easier, I thought, but it’s all down to personal preference. This is a two hole doll, there is no opening at the mouth so no blow jobs if that’s what you prefer, sorry, but there are other dolls for this. I thought the mouth could have been made of a softer rubber as it is quite hard and if you wanted to enhance the fantasy by kissing then the lips are not really all that comfortable.

      Of course, it is possible to use the doll in different positions, such as standing up although I haven’t tried it yet, I am sure that it could also be used in the shower as it is totally waterproof. I have read reports that others have found the doll soon develops punctures/leaks but as I have only had mine for a very short time and only used it once so far, I cannot comment on its durability but it does look like it should last a long time which is what you should expect when buying at this price.

      I was expecting there to be some noise from the doll when your body rubs against it but actually it is extremely quiet and very comfortable to use. The doll’s feet, hands and breasts are all made of a sturdier rubber rather than the vinyl used for the body and this adds to the overall realistic effect.

      The breasts are neither too large nor too small and they have nice soft rubber nipples if you like handling, licking or sucking them. One thing I would mention is that because the sleeve is one canal that passes straight through from front to back, any liquids will also pass through to the sheet below so as a precaution I placed the doll on a plastic sheet and this stopped any lube or cum getting onto the bed.

      Cleaning up after you have finished is simple in theory, deflate the doll, remove the insert and rinse it thoroughly in warm water, dry it off and use a sex toy cleaner and revive powder. However, if I thought it was difficult inserting the sleeve then removing it was even more difficult. As the opening is small and only large enough to take the narrow canal part of the sleeve, getting the larger ends of the insert to come back through the doll’s body is very awkward especially since you want to be sure of not damaging anything.

      Once this has been done then she will be ready and waiting for you next time. The next time will, I am sure, be very soon! This is a much simpler clean-up than my experience with large silicone masturbators which can be heavy and awkward to clean. This doll is light and easy to clean. I had expected that only the sleeve would need cleaning but in fact because the lube comes out the other side of the doll the lube gets on the vinyl body too. When the doll has been completely deflated it still takes up quite a bit of room due to the head being solid and not collapsible so you will need a good hiding place for it if you want to keep it away from prying eyes. The instructions suggest wrapping it in a lint free fabric.

      So would I recommend the Pipedream Extreme Hannah Harper Realistic Sex Doll? Oh definitely yes! But it may not suit everyone, after all getting used to having sex with an inflatable girl will not be for everybody. She (I can’t decide whether to refer to the doll as ‘she’ or ‘it’ as the experience is real enough to want to refer to ‘her’, ‘she’ and ‘Hannah’) provides the required amount of satisfaction and I really want to play with her again very soon. I love her face and hair, the blue eyes stare at you as you take her and her head moves up and down with each thrust so it is easy to fantasise that she is responding to your actions. It’s strange as I never thought I would think this way about it.

      If you have tried cheap dolls in the past then this is a huge step up from those and if, like me, this is your first foray into the world of inflatable dolls then this is a truly great place to start. I am sure that anyone wanting to try a sex doll for the first time will enjoy the Hannah Harper Realistic Sex Doll and all she has to offer and although Hannah is very expensive (after all, what girl isn’t expensive?) for an inflatable, she’s worth the price. Buy her, play with her and enjoy her!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Almost everything, well made, looks good - especially the head and feels great to use.
      Difficult to insert and remove the sleeve. Price is quite high.
      Bottom line
      A great product, looks more realistic than most love dolls.
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